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Chapter 1: Em's P.O.V.

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It's official.

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Emily's P.O.V.

I wait in the Wal-Mart checkout line. The line is voracious, at least 15 people wait before me. (I know this because I've counted at least a dozen times!) I sigh as I look down to the items in my hand: only a romance novel and a 20 oz bottle of coke. If I didn't need both of them so badly for the plane I would leave. But I needed something to occupy my time, even if it was caffeine and smut. I didn't like planes at all, even though Denise, my best friend, laughs at me constantly for never having been on one. But ever since 9/11 who can blame me? I was supposedly going to Chicago, to try to get our band signed to a label. Denise went up a few days ago to get us a hotel room and try to get us an appointment with a record label, maybe Fueled by Ramen, or Island. The top of our list was Decaydance, but that was only a dream.
Now that I think back on our decision I realize it was a bad choice to send Dee up there. She couldn't tell left from right. But I couldn't go because I had to work and I couldn't get off, and Sam, our drummer, had to stay with his mom for a while. She's overprotective, which I find cute and adorable. It's funny to see a 25-year-old drum player who is covered with tattoos and piercings be kissed and fawned over by his mom. Even though it escapes his humor. Oh, and then there's Chad, who was to drunk to go. It was only a party, so don't think he does it all the time. No, he went to his girlfriend's birthday party and got drunk, I thought it was hilarious, even though his girlfriend didn't. Life is funny, Denise would have been our last choice but because of the circumstances, she wasn't so...let's just say we had to connive her into going first. We had a hard time, she wouldn't budge an inch so I had to do the guilt trip thing telling her she would ruin our chances, but it was ok because we only have been creating music for 5 years and this was our last chance. I kind of felt bad afterward; but it was like one of those second things, that don't last long. Yea, I got over it. Well, I think I left out the most important part out, our band...
My pocket starts vibrating instantly, telling me someone's calling, I immediately know its Dee when Patrick Stump singing "So Sick" by Ne-Yo comes on. She is obsessed with him, I swear. I flip it open
"Hey babe what's up...?"
"Nothing I'm trying to get back to our hotel at the moment, damn flimsy directions"
I laugh out loud; it figures that she doesn't know where she is. "So what are you calling me for I don't know where the hotel is."
"Haha Em, you know that's not funny. I know I can't remember where I'm going. I didn't call you for that anyways, I called to tell you Island wants us to sign to their label."
"Are you shitting me!" I say, realizing that I yelled that when the lady in front of me turned around and gave me a dirty look. I just smiled back.
"No Em I 'm not. They want to see us tomorrow at 4, so you better get Chad and Sam on the plane tonight or we won't sign."
I laugh into the phone "Oh my gosh Dee, we've made it, First Mistake made it, Oh my god"
Denise laughs. "Yea, yea but don't get your hopes up. You never know... Hey I'm going to have to go I can't find the damn exit."
"Yea ok. Gosh Denise, I'm about to explode, you hear me..."
"Yea I hear you: 'about to explode'... where's the exit dammit?"
"Ok I'm going. Oh and Denise..."
"The exit sign is the big green thing on the side of the road..."
I flip my phone off before I could get cussed out, as I slide my phone into my pocket I do my "happy dance" without realizing that im still in Wal-Mart. Before I could stop myself I feel a tap on the back of my shoulder.
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