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Chapter 2: Em's P.O.V.

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Pete Wentz at the checkout line.

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I turn around, just realizing I probably hit the person behind me.
"I'm so sorry I..." Words fail me as I gaze into, none other than, the eyes of Pete Wentz. Oh lord, I mutter to myself, only Emily could make herself look like a complete and total idiot in front of the guy she had been crushing on ever since she was 15. "Umm... I'm sorry I didn't realize... I could have... Oh lord," I stutter out making me look more of an idiot than I already was.
He just smiled "Its OK. I happened to be ease dropping on your conversation so... I should probably be the one apologizing."
I take a gulp, me, Emily, actually gulps in front of Pete Wentz. And the one time I had to be at a loss of words would have to be in front of the one and only person I've had a crush on forever.
"Hello, are you listening?" Pete waves his hand in front of my face, to get my attention.
"Uh... yea sorry I just... umm yea.... You're Pete Wentz." Could we sound more of an idiot? "I like your guys, I mean your eyes." Yes I could!
Pete's eyebrows rise "Yea I like my guys, eyes too, they happen to be my best feature."
My mouth drops open "I really didn't mean your... your..."
"My what?" he asks, a slight smile forming in laughter.
"Your... you know." I say glancing down to his low ride hip huggers.
He looks down too, "Oh you mean my..." I cover his mouth with my hand before he could blurt out the rest of his sentence. "Yes, I mean that." I hiss, looking around me to see if anyone overheard. Seeing no one I turn to gaze into his soft carmalized brown eyes. When I see them sparkling with laughter I drop my hand instantly. "This is not funny." I say crossing my arms, my items in my right hand.
"Yes as a matter of fact it is, this is the most interesting conversation I've had in weeks, months maybe."
"Right" I mutter to myself.
Pete takes a step forward "No it is. Don't become embarrassed."
"Too late for that," I mutter to myself.
"What did you say?" He questions me.
"Oh... uh I said why did you tap me?"
Pete steps back. The grin that was on his face slips off and he looks down to his turquoise green converses. "Yea, I kind of was eavesdropping on your conversation, and I heard you say that you were part of First Mistake."
"Yea, that's correct. I'm the lead singer." The butterflies in my stomach start acting up, just like before I go out on stage.
Pete's expression changes yet again, he all of a sudden has a eat shit and grin look. "I can't believe this we've been trying to get a hold of your band for weeks now, Decaydance that is, we heard your demo and we wanted to sign you to our label."
"Whoa there buddy! You want First Mistake to sign your label?"
Pete nods, before hooking his hands in his jeans, he brushes his hair to the side.
"We tried calling I think it was a Sam Bane, or Wayne whatever, but we always got his voicemail."
Damn you Sam, I knew we shouldn't have let you give out your number. I raise my hand to meet his. "Before we go further I think you should know who I am, name's Emily Rodriguez, my buds call me Em or Fitz for short, I'm the lead vocalist, and mostly the songwriter."
Pete shakes my hand "And I'm..."
"Yea I know who you are, don't ask its long story, like your music though."
Pete shrugs "Patrick's the musical genius in the group, I only write what I feel."
I nod "Me too."
"So are you going to come check us out in Chicago?"
Before I could answer the person at the cash register taps my shoulder. "You're next ma'am"
"Oh, I'm sorry I was a little preoccupied."
The lady looks a Pete and smiles before saying, "Can't blame you." Or at least that's what I think she says before turning around.
I shrug and put my stuff on the rubber counter. Taking out my wallet I turn. "We will definitely look you up when we all are in Chicago."
Pete nods, "OK, we look forward to seeing you." I notice he puts a new Gem digital camera on the counter.
"Old one broke?" I comment.
Pete looks up in surprise, "Yea some dysfunction or other, how'd you know?"
I hand the Wal-Mart lady money and pick up my bag. "From experience." I say, winking at him I turn and walk towards the metal detectors.
"Ma'am your change." The lady calls from behind me. "I raise my hand and say over my shoulder "Give it to the next person in line, he's going to need the money to buy a new camera when the new one breaks too."
Without saying anymore, I walk out of Wal-Mart into the sunshine outside. It was going to be a wonderful plane ride.
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