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Chapter 3: Em's P.O.V.

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Flying on a jet plane.

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It was the worst ride in my whole life, I continually got sick as Sam, and Chad laughed at me. I finally got them back when they decided to eat my supper, I told them I puked in it and they puked themselves. Suckers.
As we exited the plane I was feeling way better than I had in hours.
"Hey num nuts," I called to Sam, we had our own nicknames for each other. "Get my luggage. It's the black one - you know - with my name on it."
"Yea, yea Fitz, I know which one it is."
"Finally." I mutter. "Hey Chad get off that phone, I don't think your girlfriend wants to hear from you after that incident you pulled the other day."
"How do you know? She might be worried about me."
I slap him on the back, "Trust me, I know from experience. Wait until she calls you and forgives you."
Chad stares at me, a questioning look on his face, "How would you know from experience? oh I see. Hey Sam! Fitz is telling me that she's had a relationship before, ha it doesn't get funnier than that."
Sam turns from where he's standing in line at the cargo holder, "Who would date you Fitz, was he retarded?"
Laughing to myself, "Someone who didn't want to be with the likes of you. How does it feel to know that I could go out with any girl you tried to hit on?"
"Haha Fitz, that was one time, how was I supposed to know she was a lesbian?"
"When she was batting her eyelashes at me, dumbass."
Chad covered his mouth with his hand "Oh I think you just got Fitzed, again."
I turned towards Chad, "Shut up Chad I could have had your girl too, if I was lesbian."
"OH! Look who's getting Fitzed now..." Sam yelled through the airport.
"Shut it Sam, at least I can get some pus...OUCH!" Chad screamed as I slapped him "What was that for?" he asked rubbing the back of his head.
"I didn't like your language. You know Chad, if Sarah asked you to lick her feet you would." Sam snorted unbecomingly. "And by the way I don't see you getting any at the moment."
Chad glared at me, "So? She's PMSing, that's all."
"Oh really? You don't think it could have been getting drunk at her 24th b-day party, with friends and family over?"
Chad started rubbing his head again, as if I had hit him again, "It could be that too." He mutters.
Sam strolled up with all of our bags, throwing Chad his duffle bag he says, "Can we stop talking shit to each other and go find Denise? She's probably worrying out in the parking lot if she has the right Airport or not..."
I laugh grabbing the handle of my bag, "Yea, your right. Let's go I'm hungry." I say as I hear my stomach grumble.
"You're not lying." Chad says as he pulls down his huge 80's-like glasses. "Lets find somewhere to eat."
"Alright now we're talking my language: food." Sam says as he picks up his bag, and my guitar.
"Oh god, Chad. It's going to be a long week." I mutter putting on my Clandestine glasses.
"Fitz, I know you want to run away with me. Chicks can't resist me." Sam says, a stupid grin on his face.
"Correction, Sam, male dogs can't resist you. They seem to always to know which one's the bitch." I say as I start off in the direction of the door.
"Haha good one, Em"
"That wasn't even funny Fitz." Sam mutters
"Well if the shoe fits..."
"Where have you guys been? I've been in this parking lot for at least an hour..."
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