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Chapter 4: Em's P.O.V.

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On our way.

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"It's lovely to see you to Dee" I say handing her my guitar case.
Denise rolls her eyes at Sam who blew her a kiss. "How's my favorite bass player doing?"
I throw my bag into the trunk, "Hey Chad give me your cell."
Chad hid his cell phone behind his back like a child. "Why do you need it?"
"Because I do. Give it here, now." I say holding my hand out.
Reluctantly Chad places his phone in my hand.
I hit the redial button and wait for someone to answer.
"Chad?" Sarah says.
"No, its Em, just wanted to let you know he's alright and everything, I knew you would be worried."
"Oh thanks Em, I was starting to think the plane crashed cause he hasn't called me yet."
I laugh glancing over at Chad, who at the moment was pouting in the back of the convertible like a 3-year-old.
"Trust me he tried. But anyways, do you want to talk to him?"
"Does he look like he suffered enough yet?"
I glance over at the frown on his face. "Yea he looks horrible."
"Good maybe that'll teach him, hand him the phone."
"Ok bye gorgeous."
I walk over to Chad and hand him his phone. "Here, it's your girlfriend."
Chad takes the phone. "Baby?" I start listening to the one-sided convo. Smiling.
"I know, I miss you... I'm sorry, no I am... I didn't... Yes, baby... No, baby... Alright. Bye."
I laugh at the pitiful look on his face. Chad glares at me "I can't believe you called her."
"I did it for you, I saw the way you were staring at the phone. I knew you were going to end up calling her, so I did for you."
Chad rolls his eyes. I turned to Sam, and Denise who were arguing over which way the luggage should be put into the trunk.
"Hey guys, I need to speak to all of you."
Denise comes over, "What is it, we have to be at the company in 2 hours." She says checking her watch.
Sam drapes his arm around Denise's shoulders.
"Chad come here, you need to listen too."
I hear Chad grumbling, but in no time he is standing beside Sam his hands in his pockets.
"What is so important?"
I cross my arms nervously, "Well ok here it is I met Pete Wentz in..."
I relate the whole story, not wanting to leave anything out.
"...and he's asked us to sign his label." I say finally. I stare at the blank look on Denise's face. Sam looked horrified, and Chad looked bored.
I shrug "If you guys don't want to sign we..."
Before I could go on Sam Picks me up and swirls me around in the air. "Yes we've got it, we're in for the whole deal."
Denise starts laughing and Chad starts smiling.
"Put me down you meathead." I scream as Sam swirls us in circles.
Finally, after what seemed like an hour, he sets me down onto the convertible's trunk. I peer around his big shoulder at Denise who was hugging Chad.
"So what do you think?"
Denise pulls away from Chad and steps up to me.
"Why didn't you tell me sooner?"
"I wanted it to be a surprise..."
Denise hugs me... "Emily do you know what this could mean?"
I pull back and look into her eyes. "Yea our boredom finally paid off."
Denise laughs "Yea haha."
"Well I don't know about you guys but I can't go tonight I'm to tired..." Sam said; Chad nodded in agreement. "In addition to being hungry."
Both of our mouths drop in unison "Can't go?" We say together.
They both nod. "You guys go. You two are the smart ones anyways, we need to rest."
Denise and I shrug "OK, whatever."
I take the keys from Denise.
"Everyone get in. To the hotel we go." I say hopping in the front seat.
Chad and Sam hop in the back and Denise sits beside me. Starting the car, I hear Patrick Stump's rendition of "So Sick"
I look over to Denise, "Gosh Denise, again?"
Dee shrugs at me, blushing when Chad and Sam laugh. To my amusement they both start singing along, Denise soon joins in. Like I said, I think to myself, it's going to be a wonderful trip.
Backing out I say..."So where's the hotel?"
Denise has a quizzical look on her face, and laughter starts up behind me.
"Don't worry I'll find the hotel..." I sigh.
Denise and I pull up to the Decaydance building. I look at Denise and sigh.
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