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Chapter 5: Em's P.O.V.

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Let's make it happen.

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"It's going to be one heck of a meeting." Denise nods and looks down to her outfit. "Emily!" She exclaims.
"I look like a poser." Her pitch raised in horror. I skim over her clothing. What was wrong with the tee, or her white and silver bartskull belt and black beanie?
"Oh no you don't"
"Are you sure?"
"Yea, we look totally fine."
I grab the keys out of the ignition and glance down to my ensemble. I looked like a blind person who couldn't find any clean clothes this morning. I was wearing a turquoise tee with the phrase "I am totally awesome (agree or die)" with a hot pink studded belt; jeans with holes on the knees and my busted Clandestine shoes ended the whole outfit.
Oh yes I looked sexlicious. Right...
I grab my black purse and motion for us to go.
"I hope he's there." I say; Denise nods in agreement.
I watch as she starts to fumble with the magnetic clasp on her FOB bag.
"Denise this is not the time to start getting nervous."
Denise glances over. "Not the time, Emily do you realize that this moment could change the rest of our lives...?"
"Yes I understand this I'm just trying to be a little confident here, the least you could do is try to look like your not nervous. Take a deep breath maybe it will help."
At the end of the parking lot we turn right to go up the huge steps of the building. There were two double doors on each side of the wall. I was guessing one was the entrance and the other was the exit. We turn to go into the one on the right; I open the door and motion for Dee to go first. She glares at me, but enters anyways. Before I walk in I glance up at the tip of the building. God it was huge.
I take a deep breath before walking into the air-conditioned waiting room.
It looks kind of boring, I think to myself, as I look around at the flowers and little figures on the wall. There was a huge comfortable looking couch to my right, and a small settee' on my left. In the far end of the room there was a cut out in the wall where they made a desk for the secretary, who at the moment had a phone stuck to her ear as she typed away to the keyboard.
I stop beside Denise who had turned to me as soon she entered the room.
"Here we go" I comment and head towards the secretary's desk.
"Excuse me ma'am." I say; the lady dismisses me with a wave of a hand.
"Excuse me." I say more loudly, maybe the lady didn't understand English.
Finally after what seemed like hours she hung up the phone.
"Yes what may I do for you today."
"Well you could start with being..."
Denise grabbed my arm and gives me a look. "Don't get rude."
I shrug and turn back around.
"Uh... yea we're here to see Pete Wentz."
The lady glances from me to Denise and smiles.
"Currently Mr. Wentz is out."
I smile, back to the smirk on her face. "Well he has requested that we come and see him, so we'll wait."
The secretary picks up her keyboard and lifts some papers, "What is your name?"
"Emily Rodriguez, and Denise Flores."
She slams the keyboard on the desk so fast we both jump. "There is no Emily or Denise on the list so you two may leave."
"But he..."
Denise grabs my arm again "Lets just go, Emily."
"No, lets leave."
I shrug "OK. Whatever."
As soon as the doors close behind me I stop.
"I can't believe this he isn't even here."
Denise grabs my arm, and starts dragging me towards the car. "If we hurry we can still make it to Island records.
I roll my eyes, "Yes Pete might be there." I say sarcastically.
We stop at the car and I throw my purse into the back, then dug into my pocket for the keys.
"Well, let's go make it happen."
I start the car and PCD comes on. I put the car in reverse and shut the radio off.
"All I wanted was to snuggle up to that big hunk of a ..."
Denise's eyes widen, and she shakes her head cutting me off.
I stop the car, waiting for the person in front of me to back out.
"What? You're acting like your seeing a ghost."
Before she could say anything a voice sounds behind me.
"Maybe she is looking at the hot emo kid who stopped by your car."
My breath inhales, it could not be.... I turn around. Yes it was.
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