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Chapter 6: Em's P.O.V.

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Strictly business?

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"Hi Emily, how are you."
"Oh. I'm fine. We were coming to see you. Except you weren't there."
Pete smiles, "Well I'm here now, so..."
I nod dumbly, "Yea you are..."
Pete smiles at me, and I'm mesmerized. Denise nudges my side. "So... like shouldn't we be inside talking about this?"
Finally it registers that we were in the parking lot, "Oh yea. Hold on I'll park."
Pete laughs and says "There's a space over there." Pointing at a black convertible.
"Oh, thanks."
As we get out of the car I notice the Clandestine emblem on the hood. "Hey Denise it's the car from..."
"A Little Less Sixteen Candles a Little More Touch Me." She says in a mere whisper.
"Yea, I got it from the shoot. They were going to send it to the junk yard so I volunteered to keep it. It's my baby." He says lovingly as he rubs the hood.
I laugh "If it was your baby so much why don't you bathe it once in awhile." I say as I look at the smear marks and the mud covering the car.
Pete shrugs.
"Lets go inside where they have air-conditioning." Denise says encouragingly
We walk into the building and Pete goes straight to the secretary. As soon as she sees us with him she is taken aback, suddenly getting up.
"Uh... Mr.Wentz lunch over so soon?"
Pete looks at her. "Why didn't you take these ladies name down?" He questions.
She peers around Pete at us. "I thought they were civies sir." She says.
"They are not civies..." Pete stops as he notices Denise's clothing. Waving his arm, "That doesn't matter anyway, next time I expect everyone's name taken down even if they're dogs. Otherwise I won't have to go to lunch anymore because I'll have a designated PB & J person..."
"Understand?" He interrupts.
"Yes sir." She says as she sits back down.
"Good," he turns and motions for us to follow him down the hallway.
As we pass the secretary she glares at us. Childishly I stick my tongue out at her. Denise laughs at my foolishness. I shrug.
"Whatever." I mutter.
Denise nudges my side. "Em..."
"What?" I say
Denise whispers, "Do you notice how everyone is wearing suits and Pete is wearing skater clothes?"
"No, I didn't notice." I laugh as I picture Pete in an Armani suit, which was not a very sexy sight, much to my displeasure.
Pete stops by a door and opens it, "Here we are: my office." He motions us to go before him.
I enter first and immediately my eyes rivet to the Morrissey picture above his desk, next to it was a picture of P!ATD, Gym Class Heroes, The Hush Sound, and Lifetime.
Pete shuts the door behind us. "Have a seat." He says pointing to the chairs before his desk.
"If you want a drink, there's some in the mini fridge."
I get up and open the door to the fridge. The first thing I see is peanut butter and jelly, and then I notice the bread on top of the bar. I turn around, "What? No uncrustables?"
"No, they didn't have any so I had to buy the stuff to make it myself."
Pete looked put out, Denise laughed outright at his expression.
I sighed, "Maybe we should get to these business matters."
Pete coughs. "Yes we should." He sits behind the desk.
I ask the question that was running through both of our minds. "Why do you want us to sign with you?" Denise nods agreeing.
"Well," He starts "We love the way your music is presented, and lets face it you guys have something unique, something that the other bands we have signed don't."
Denise and I smile; we liked that answer.
"Oh, how stupid of me, I didn't introduce you two."Pete this is Denise Flores, my best friend/ bass player."
Pete's eyes widen, "You're the bass player? Gosh you're so small."
"You aren't so tall yourself, Pete." Denise comments back.
I smile. She always gets sassy when someone says something about her height.
"And to think I thought you were the nice, quiet one in the group."
"No, that's me." I say sarcastically.
Denise snorts, "Yea, and I'm in love with Patrick." She mumbles this where only I can hear.
"Did you know, Pete, that my friend here has a huge crush on Patrick?"
"Why you son of a..." Denise exclaims.
Before I could defend myself from her anger, Pete bursts out laughing.
"Patrick? My Patrick? When he hears this he will..."
Denise groans, her head falling into her hands.
"No Pete, you can't... I didn't mean... Oh god I did it again didn't I?" I question Denise.
She lifts her head and glares at me for a second before her hands cover her face again.
"Hold on," says Pete as he gets up and quits the room.
As soon as Denise hears the door close, She stands up.
"I can't believe you would blurt something out like that."
I shrug. "Denise I didn't mean to, I just... you got me...ugh." I slump down in my chair; all of a sudden I felt a headache coming on.
"Well, Em why don't I just insinuate that you saw his package, online." Her eyebrows rise in question.
I sit-up, "You wouldn't ..."
"I would." Denise turns away from me.
"I'm sorry Denise, he won't tell him I promise, and if he does you can kill me."
Denise faces me; "You promise?" a slight smile forming on her lips.
I smile back, "Scouts honor." I hold up two fingers, and then I realize it's three. Denise falls back into her chair and we both burst into laughter.
The door opens and Pete walks into the room smiling, "Ok I'm back. I had to go do something."
He sits down at his desk.
"Uh do you want me to close the door?" I ask as I see it still hanging open.
"No I have someone..."
"What the hell you bother me in the middle of a session for...?"
Patrick stops in the doorway as he realizes the room was occupied.
"Oh I am so sorry, I didn't realize other people were in here."
I smile as I hear Denise groan again.
"It's alright."
Patrick smiles, closing the door. He crossed the room and stood beside Pete's chair.
"Patrick, This is Emily and Denise, they're part of First Mistake."
I watch as Patrick's eyes widen. "You're in First Mistake?"
I nod "The one and only. I'm the lead singer and my friend is the bass player."
I motion to Denise. Patrick's eyes land on Denise. "Well it's nice to meet you guys. Where's the rest of he group?" He questions.
"Oh, there at the hotel. They were too tired to come." Denise comments; I nod. "They aren't, how should I say this, business types."
"Basically they're idiots." I add.
Denise rivets on me. "Em..."
I shrug.
Pete chuckles, "Neither are Andy, and Joe."
"So what song did you like most?" Denise asks.
"Well, we both loved Imperfect by Reputation, it was a totally hot song." Pete says leaning back in his chair. My eyes trail down his body. He had on a black clandestine hoodie with low ride girl jeans.
You would think that if a guy wore girl jeans he would look kind of gay, but for some odd reason he looked sexy, it made me want to take...
Patrick asked me a question; Denise had to nudge me to get my attention.
Patrick was staring at me like I had antlers or something.
"I asked how you get your voice to go over the those notes like that."
I smile, and crook my finger at him. "Come here." He leans down and I barely whisper in his ear. "They say I have a girl's voice."
Pete snorts in laughter; Patrick face was comical. Denise was glaring at me.
"What...?" I say to her.
"Good lord Emily couldn't you hold back your sarcasm for at least one minute?" She questions.
"No, then I would be acting weird."
Denise rolls her eyes at me.
I watch as Pete picks up a remote and pushes a button. To our delight our music is playing.
"I threw my inhibitions out the same window you snuck into last night..." Patrick sings, and at the bass solo Pete starts acting like he has an air guitar copying the melody.
Denise and I chuckle. Pete pauses it. "That is hot as shit and we would love for you to join our label."
Pete shuffles through some papers on his desk Picking up a packet he leans over the desk, handing them to me.
"You can skim over it and sign at the bottom."
"Oh, there's no..."
"Excuse me can we have a moment alone?" Denise says, pulling me to the door.
"Yea, we can wait." Pete says as Denise closes the door behind us.
"What are you thinking Em, we could sign away our lives."
"Yea Pete and Patrick are plotting to put us into their harem." I joke.
Denise crosses her arms. "No but we could sign it and be made to sing whatever they want. Do want that?"
I sigh, running my hands through my hair, "No, I guess not."
"And have you even thought of Sam and Chad? You know they're part of this band too."
"Yea, yea I hear you Dee, lets go over it than."
Dee nods; I turn and open the door.
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