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Chapter 7: Em's P.O.V.

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It's settled then.

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"What do you mean you like...?" Patrick was saying as we walk into the room.
"Oh... your back." Pete exclaims; interrupting whatever Patrick was about to say. Patrick's back was turned to us.
"Yes, and we've decided that we're going to discuss this with our other band members."
Pete nods, finally Patrick turns around his face was beet red. Pete digs into his pocket and brings out a card, he hands it to me.
"On the front is the number to my office phone, and on the back is my cell, call me whenever."
I nod, and put it into my back pocket. Why was it all of sudden hot?
"We have to go. It was nice meeting you." Denise says pushing me out the door. "Yea bye." I say; she shuts the door behind us
Later that night we are in our hotel room. As soon as we left I called Sam and Chad and we had them come over to our room to go over the papers. We all had agreed to what it said and had signed.
Denise just got out of the shower; she was towel drying her hair, as she came out of the bathroom.
"Have you called him yet?'
"No!" I say; I was still sitting on the bed messing with the card he gave me.
"Why not?" She asks as she sits on the bed across from me.
"Because I'm nervous." I finally say out loud.
"You, nervous? Emily just call him."
"No, why do you have an attitude all of a sudden?" I question.
"Because my friend blurted out that I like Patrick."
"Get over it, Dee."
"Fine." Denise gets up slipping on her shoes and grabbing her purse.
"Where are you going?"
"I'm going to Taco Bell, I'm hungry and stressed."
Denise opens the door; before she closes it I call out. "Get me one, I'm hungry too."
"Yea right..." The door closes behind her.
I sigh; just call him, I tell myself.
I pick up the phone my hand poised to dial. Immediately I hang back up. "Oh come on Emily. He is only a guy." I blow out a breath. Picking up the phone I dial the number to his office.
"Hello, this is Pete. Currently I'm out..." hanging up, I look at the card again, my finger running over his writing.
Phone in hand I dial the number, but before the second ring I hang up. Dialing again, before the third ring my courage runs out yet again.
Just do it, I tell myself. I dial again, this time a girl answers
"Listen here you son of a bitch don't call me again or I'll..."
"Uh... sorry I needed to talk to Pete." I interrupt.
Was this his girlfriend, I didn't know that he had one.
"Hello is this Emily?"
"Yea this is her. I just called to say we all agreed to the terms and we've signed the papers."
Denise comes in and sees me on the phone. "Is that...?"
I nod, "Put him on speaker phone."
"That's hot..."
I push the speaker button and hang up the phone.
"Yea... can you hold on a second Pete?"
"Uh... sure."
Denise came and sat across from me. "What happened to Taco Bell?" I question her.
"It was closed, besides I wouldn't have got you anything anyways." Denise informs me.
"What do you mean, wouldn't have gotten me anything, What the fuck, Dee? Get over it dude, Pete won't tell."
"Tell what?" Pete asks.
"Patrick that Denise likes him."
"I wouldn't."
I cross my arms, "See I told you he wouldn't."
Denise throws her hands up in the air. "That's beside the point, you still shouldn't have said anything."
"It was an accident, a slip of tongue. It isn't like I planned the whole thing."
"I agree with Emily, Denise. She has a point." Pete says.
"Shut up Pete." Dee, says
"Don't tell him to be quiet, he seems to see that I didn't do it on purpose."
Denise raises her eyebrows "Oh really what was all that talk about you going to tell them everything we ever said."
"I agree with Denise on this, you shouldn't have aid that."
"Stay out of it Pete." I say, "I was goofing off Dee, you can't really think I would really do a thing like that."
"Oh whatever, Emily" Denise says climbing on her bed.
I stand up. "No not whatever, Denise if you feel this way than I don't think that we should be in a band together anymore."
Pete butts in again. "Whoa the band can't..."
"Shut up Pete." We both yell at the phone.
"Ok Emily, if you want to be that way then it's on. What about the thing you were telling me driving back to the hotel hmm?"
"Denise..." I warn
"Weren't you saying something to the point of...?"
"Dee, I'm serious this isn't even funny."
Denise rolls her eyes "Well I guess I can forgive your whore-like self."
My mouth drops open. "Denise!" I exclaim.
Denise sits up on the bed and giggles.
"So this isn't the end of the band?" Pete calls from the phone.
I roll my eyes. "No we always fight like this, we're just messing around."
"Well let's celebrate, we'll go to a party or something."
I gaze at Denise; she shrugs. "It'll be fun."
"Okay whatever."
"I'll be there in 10 minutes."
"Wait don't you need the name of our hotel, and our room number?"
"Uh... well see uh... I had Andy, and Joe follow you from the airport, and up to your room. Besides you happen to be staying in the same hotel we are."
"Wait, wait you had Andy and Joe follow us?"
"Yea, ok ill see you in 10."
"But..." I hear the dial tone. I look at Denise. "He had us followed."
Denise shrugs, that's not important what am I going to do about my hair in 10 minutes?"
I roll my eyes, "Here we go." I mutter.
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