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Chapter 8: Em's P.O.V.

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First impressions.

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Crossing the room I open my bag and take out jeans and a t-shirt. I head over to the bathroom.
"You aren't taking a shower are you?" Denise says; she was digging in her suitcase for clothes and hair products.
"Yea, don't worry I'll be ready."
"Yea... right." She mutters turning away from me. I shut the door giving her privacy so she could dress.
Five minutes later I come out of the hot bathroom, my hair was up in its usual ponytail. I had on a plain white tee, and my hip huggers on. I look around the room, for Denise. "Where could she be?"
The hotel room was empty; I set my dirty clothes down beside my bed. Maybe she went to get Sam and Chad. I pick up my wallet taking out the hotel key, and some cash for tonight. I pick up the keys to the convertible, deciding to wait for Pete in the parking lot. I open the door.
I caught Pete right before he was about to knock. "Oh hey." I say.
Damn he looked good. He had some tight jeans on, and a brown Hurley shirt with a clandestine hoodie pulled over the top, his Clandestine emblem necklace glistened from the hall lights.
He was smiling, god it just made you want to drop dead.
"Hey, I was just about to go find..."
My cell phone ring interrupted me, "Oh excuse me." I turn around picking it up off of the side table. "Hello?"
"Hey Em, we're in the parking lot with Patrick, Andy, and Joe. Pete's coming up so be ready."
"He's already here, we'll meet you in 5 ok."
I slip the phone into my pocket. "I almost forgot to bring it." I say snatching up my purple Hurley hoodie I had bought a few weeks ago. Pete smiles. "Yea I have to remind myself to bring my side-kick every morning. Otherwise it will sit in the pants I had on the day before."
I walk out letting the door close behind me. "I don't know what I'd do without Dee, she usually reminds me about things, I forget stuff all the time. It was funny when we were first getting started because she use to worry I wouldn't remember the words to our songs."
Pete laughed, "Now that's funny, I don't have to deal with that I just have to remember the notes we play, Patrick's the one who has it the hardest cause he has to remember all the lyrics and keep them in beat with the melody."
"Yea it's pretty harsh, but I love it. Especially when the fans are screaming at the top of their lungs and singing your lyrics out of beat. Its hot."
Pete smiled. "I don't know what I'd do without them, they get annoying sometimes but most of the time they're hilarious."
"So how did your camera work out?" I asked as we got to the elevator.
Pete looked at me questionably. "Camera?"
I pushed the down button, and faced him. "Yea, you know the one you were buying in Wal-Mart when I met you."
Pete's mouth formed in an O. "Oh, yea you were right. It broke."
I laughed as the elevator doors opened; stepping in I pushed the 1 button. "I told you so. Did you get a new one?"
Pete shook his head, "No, I haven't had the time yet. I was planning on going to the mall tomorrow.
My eyes widened, "So were we."
"That's cool. Hey we should go together." He said
I shook my head. "I don't know. Don't you need a break from us?"
Pete stuck his hands in his pocket. "No I'm cool. It'd be sweet, we should all go, I'll show you around."
I shrug. What the hell? "Ok but I have to see what Dee thinks."
We walk out into the hotel lobby. I see Sam hitting on the hotel maid, and Chad sitting in one of the lounge chairs.
"Hey guys, I thought you were out in the parking lot with Dee?"
Chad stood up, "No she told us about 7 minutes ago to wait here.Well, she's in the parking lot." Chad shrugged.
"Oh, um Chad, this is Pete Wentz. Pete this is our other guitar player."
Pete waved, "It's nice to meet you."
I smile this was going good, I thought to myself,
Chad turned around calling to Sam. "Hey man stop hitting on the damn maid and get your ass over here!"
Sam gave him a disgruntled look when the maid walked off shaking her head. Jogging over he placed his arm around my shoulders, giving me a sound kiss on the forehead.
"Chad why did you have to ruin my game, man? One more minute and I would have had her digits."
I roll my eyes at Pete leaning over I whisper to him. "He always blames us because he can't ever seem to get some girl's number. It was funny at first and now it's just pitiful."
Pete smiled at me and I winked back. Turning around I pat Sam's stomach "Its ok Sam you still have me."
Sam's grip tightens on my shoulder visibly. "Well then maybe we should go up to my hotel room for a quickie." He said wiggling his eyebrows up and down.
"Right...Sam, I would like you to meet Pete Wentz. Pete this, unfortunately, is our drum player Sam Bane."
Pete stuck out his hand. "I heard you were a kickass drum player."
Sam took his hand with his free one. "Well, you heard right."
I clap my hands together, "Come on guys enough with the introductions and compliments we all know we roc, so lets go party."
Pete nodded "Good idea."
I lift Sam's arm off of my shoulder, giving him a knowing look. He just winked at me.
I sigh; Sam was Sam.
I follow Pete and Chad, who were talking about Star Wars.
Sam grabs my hand as we walk out of the hotel.
I merely look at him, "Sam this is not the time to play 'love,' ok?"
Sam gave me a look letting go of my hand. "Damn Fitz, why all of the sudden bitch? Oh my God, you're not PMSing are you?"
I roll my eyes, "No. I'm not. I just don't want Pete to think we're an item."
Sam's eyes widen, "You like him?" he yells. Pete and Chad turn around.
"Like who?" Chad asks.
"Fitz likes..." I cover his mouth with my hand.
"No one, Sam is being retarded again."
Chad and Pete look at each other and shrug, turning around we start heading for the parking lot again.
I give Sam a disgruntled look and walk away.
I didn't even know my feelings anymore. One second I have the total hots for Pete and the next I thought of him as just a friend. Tonight I was hoping I would get at least a little idea by being around him so much, we'll see...
I spot Denise and Patrick standing beside Pete's Clandestine car before anyone else.
I wave hoping they see me. As we get closer I see Denise looking embarrassed, now what could she be uncomfortable around Patrick for? Oh god, Denise liked him. I laugh to myself; ah this was going to be one heck of a party.
"Hey Patrick." I say waving, "How are you."
"I'm good, and you?" He said ducking his head; I think I was making him uncomfortable.
"I'm fine. Where's Andy and Joe? I want to meet them."
"Oh they're in the car." He said pointing to the one behind him.
I walk around opening the right side back door I sit down.
"Hey guys." I say as Andy and Joe stare at me. Joe was sitting in the front passenger seat and Andy was sitting in the drivers.
Joe waved, and Andy said hi.
"Well, I guess you're wondering who I am, I'm Emily, you know one of the people you followed this afternoon.
Joe opened his mouth to say something; I just shook my head, cutting him off.
"It's ok I'm kidding." As soon as the words left my mouth, Andy sighed.
"Pete made us do it, he wanted to make sure he found you if you didn't show up today." Joe said as to explain their actions.
"It's ok, I thought it was quite funny, you know after I got over the shock of course."
I lean up between the middle of the seats, getting Andy's attention.
"I've a question for you. Do girl vegetarians give head, you know cause it is considered meat..." Andy and Joe look at each other and burst out laughing.
Could I have broken the ice any easier?
"What's so funny?" asked Pete as he slid into the back seat beside me.
"Nothing, I was just..."
Joe interrupted me. "She asked Andy if girl vegetarians give head, because it's considered 'meat'."
Pete's mouth drops open, and his eyes widen.
"You asked if...?"
"I was just kidding, I didn't mean... oh god." I say, my head dropping into my hands.
All of a sudden I hear Pete's laughter. "That's the funniest shit I've ever heard, I wonder if they do, what about it Andy do they?" he questions pounding Andy on the back.
Andy turns around, "Actually they do...?"
"Do what?" Denise asks as her and Patrick stick they're heads in the car.
"Vegetarian girls give head." Says Joe
Denise's eyes widen like saucers, her attention immediately turns to me. "Emily you didn't." It wasn't a question.
"Well I had to, I always wondered."
Denise shakes her head at me. "Emily give me the keys to the convertible. We're going to follow behind you guys."
"Oh ok." I dig into my pocket' and reach past Denise's outstretched hand; I toss them to Patrick. "You better drive, Denise gets lost all the time."
"I can certainly follow a damn car."
Overhearing Sam and Chad burst into laughter. "Right. Just like the time Emily asked you to drive behind her to Sanford and you got lost not even 5 minutes into the trip."
Denise turned around glaring at the both of them until they shut up.
"She was going to fast."
"Right 55 was the speed limit, babe." I reach over Pete to shut the door before Denise could say any more.
As I bring my hand back I look at Pete. He was staring at me as if I had just proposed to him. "Oh I'm sorry that was rude, I didn't mean to reach over you like that."
"Uh... yea is that a Clandestine tattoo on your back?"
"Denise has one too." I said, "She made me get it."
Pete raises an eyebrow "Made you?"
"Yea she put me in a straight jacket and tied me to the table."
"No we went together one night, one of my 'spontaneous actions' again." I said, doing a hand gesture.
"Can I see it, I didn't get a good look."
"Umm... sure I guess."
I turn around lifting up my shirt. Looking over my shoulder I say. "It's not as big as yours but it's hot anyways."
I feel his finger trace the edge of the heart, I shiver. This was not happening.
I feel his hand pull away and I lower my shirt sitting back against the seat. I cross my arms.
"I like it; I made sure it they put in all the details so it would look all right."
Pete nodded. "It looks like a miniature of mine. It is totally hot though."
"Yea me and Denise went I got it because I wanted to conquer my fear of needles." I shrug, "It worked."
Pete smiled, "Yea after I got my first one it was like an addiction, you know, every time I felt horrible or when I was bored I went and got a new one.
I nod, "Yea, I don't think I would have done it if I went by myself so I took Dee with me, of course I had to con her into one. But yea, at least I don't regret mine like some people do."
"Yea, I only regret one of mine. I got it when I was 15 and every time I take my shirt off or something it raises up from the heat."
"Oh... geez I couldn't stand that. I would freak."
Pete shrugged, rubbing his arm.
Joe suddenly turned around. "Hey have you ever seen Release of the Bats?"
"Uh..." I break off. Oh no.
"Joe shut up. Of course she wouldn't have seen it."
I shake my head. "Actually I have."
Joe points a finger at Pete. "Boo and Yah!"
I laugh, Pete looks at me. "You've seen it?"
"Yea, unfortunately, I have. Denise made me watch it through the first time of course. All the other times we watched it because we were bored."
Joe started laughing. "Haha Pete haha."
Pete was still staring at me with disbelief. Then a smile formed on his lips. "What was your favorite part?"
I start blushing. Oh yes, Emily great time to get embarrassed.
"Hmm..." I say trying to play it off. "Where are we going Andy?"
"Don't change the topic Emily, what was your favorite part?"
"Uh..." I mumble something underneath my breath.
Pete leaned closer to me. "I didn't hear you."
I look at him square in the eye. "Eating ball sweat."
Pete raises an eyebrow. "Seriously."
I look away, "Uh no, I'm kidding I like Bedussey though."
"Ok we're here." Called Andy as he parked.
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