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Chapter 9: Em's P.O.V.

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A night to remember.

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We enter the club. We all decide to go to the bar.
"What do you want to drink?" Pete asked, as I sat down on one of the bar stools.
"Uh... just water please."
Joe sat down on my right. "What, no alcohol? Wait. You are of age right?" He questions.
"Would I be here if I wasn't?"
Joe shrugs. Turning to his right to say something to Sam.
Pete sat down on my left. "Are you sure you don't want a beer or something?"
"No I don't drink." I say hoping it wouldn't become a big deal or anything.
Before Pete could say anything the bartender sets two ice waters before us. I give a pointed look at Pete when he grabs one and takes a sip.
"What? Oh, I don't drink either." He says smiling.
"Oh and to think I almost felt bad for being the only one who doesn't drink/"
"Almost?" He questions, turning around on his stool.
"Almost." I say as he leans against the bars counter.
"Hey Em, lets go dance." Denise said appearing out of nowhere.
"Uh... how about no?" I say motioning my head at Pete to give her a hint.
"Aw, come on Em. " I need a dance partner."
"Have you been drinking Denise?" I question as I notice she wasn't being herself.
"No Sam gave me a flavored water though."
"He what?" Pete started laughing again and I glare at him.
"This is not funny."
"Come on Emily, please." Denise begs.
I roll my eyes "Ok whatever, I'll be back."
Denise grabbed my arm before I could say anymore.
She pulls me out onto the dance floor. Before I could even mutter a syllable Denise started dancing.
"Oh yea, Come on Emily you've got to move it, move it." She says, quoting a song from Madagascar.
I cover my eyes with my hand. Moaning to myself. "Denise, please."
I turn and call for Sam, who at the moment decided to hit on one of the girl bartenders.
"What do you want?" He asks as he comes over.
"Denise wants you to dance with her." I say.
"Alright, I always knew she would come around." He said as Denise started "backing it up on him." I shake my head walking away.I sat down at the bar again.
Pete sits down beside me, "I didn't see you dancing out there."
I shrug, "I don't dance."
"Why not?" He questions.
"Well because I don't know how." I said laughing at myself because I sounded retarded.
"It's ok. I'll teach you." He said, standing up.
I shake my head. "Uh, I don't think so. I saw all your moves in your Dance, Dance video."
"Come on Emily, It'll be fun." He said holding out his hand.
Before I could mutter a word I hear a commotion. Turning to my right I see a group standing around Patrick.
"Oh no." I say running towards them. Pete was right behind me.
"Kiss him, Kiss him, Kiss him." The group around Patrick called.
I push my way through the crowd. Please just don't let it be... too late. My worst fear had come true.
Denise had grabbed Patrick and started passionately making out with him.
"Denise no..." I say, trying to make a grab for her.
Sam blocks my way.
"Fitz come on, she's only having fun."
I glare up at Sam.
"Sam I don't want her..."
Sam interrupted me. "Aw, you want to make out too?"
I shake my head backing up, "Sam not now!" I tell him, I cringe as I see Denise still kissing Patrick.
Before I could move out of Sam's way he picked me up and tried to kiss me on the mouth.
I slap him so hard, I feel his head pop back. He let me go and I started to slide to the ground. Sam was rubbing the side of his head.
"Damn Fitz, I was just kidding." He exclaims.
"Just kidding, Just kidding? I'll show you kidding..." I stand up about to make a move for Sam.
Someone grabbed a hold of me from behind.
"Emily let him be I think he was just messing with you." Pete says into my ear.
I merely nod, "Whatever!" Pete let me go, and I walk past Sam, glaring. "This is a nice impression about us huh?" I question Sam.
Sam shrugged guiltily. "I didn't mean anything by it."
"Yea." I grab Denise as soon as she came up for a breath from kissing Patrick. "Denise slid into my hands suddenly throwing herself all over me. Before I could do anything I feel her body go slack as she passes out.
I shake my head. I turn to Patrick to apologize. He looked quite funny - hat was crooked, and he looked like he was still dazed from Denise's kisses.
"Patrick I'm so sorry. She's drunk, she would have never done any of this if she was sober."
Patrick just nodded, still a little shaky.
Damn, Denise must be a rockin' kisser if she got Patrick riled as bad as he was.
Pete pushed through the crowd, and asked me if I was ok.
"Yea I'm fine, but we have to go back to the hotel." I said nodding to the sleeping form in my arms.
"That's ok... where's Patrick?" I motion with my head to the form at the bar.
Pete turned and burst out laughing.
"That good, buddy?" He questions.
Patrick glares at him as he fixed his hat. "Shut up Pete."
"I bet she wasn't as good as I am huh?" Pete questions, wiggling his eyebrows.
Patrick rolls his eyes."Oh yea she wasn't as good as you." He says.
Pete smiles. "I love you." He says.
Patrick rolls his eyes. "Yea I love you too."
"Hey can someone help me to the car?" I ask
Pete turns around "Yea I'll help."
Patrick went to go round up everybody.
I gaze into Pete's eyes. "Let's go." I say.
As we get to the hotel, Denise woke up claiming that she needed to go to bed, and then she puked all over Sam's shoes as she got out of the car. I couldn't say he didn't deserve it.
I say good night to everyone, and take Denise to our room.As I sat on my bed combing my wet hair, I look over to Denise, who had finally went to sleep after protesting about getting dressed for bed. I sigh to myself Tonight did not turn out as I had expected it too. And how was I ever going to explain to Denise that Sam got her drunk because he wanted her to loosen up. I guess we'll see what tomorrow brings. I set my brush on the table between the beds. Cutting off the light I snuggle under the covers. As long as a mob tomorrow didn't chase us, nothing could go wrong.
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