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Chapter 11: Dee's P.O.V.

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Back to the hotel.

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Patrick points to the door in front of him after we make it through another flight of stairs.
"This is your room, right?"
I reach into my back pocket.
"Holy snaps," I whisper breathlessly, "I don't have my hotel card key."
"That's why there's a thing called knocking."
"And there's also a thing called Emily and she isn't exactly going to be giving me hugs and kisses for waking her up at six in the morning." I explain.
"If you want, you can stay in my room for a little bit." Patrick offers.
"Patrick!" I mock teasingly, "I am not that kind of girl!"
"That's not what you were saying earlier." He grins devilishly.
I hit him playfully on the arm.
"That's not funny! So, where is your room anyway?"
"Just down the hall. C'mon I'll show you. And don't worry, I have a key."
I stick my tongue out at him. Patrick slides his key near the hotel room's door handle and a green light flashes.
I step into their room quietly as Patrick motions me to sit down. He puts a finger to his lips and tip toes towards Pete asleep on the bed.
"LEWIS!" Patrick yells as he jumps on top of Pete.
"Dude, what the fuck?!" Pete groggily mutters.
"Nothing, just to tell you Dee was here."
Patrick looks back at me.
"She didn't want to bear the wrath of Emily."
"Yeah-yeah...okay." Pete yawns.
The bathroom door creaks open and Emily steps out of the steamy bathroom.
"Thanks for letting me borrow your shampoo Pete, Denise decided to be a bi-"
"Emily?" I ask bewildered.
"Oh. Hey, Dee."
I look at Pete, then Emily, then back at Pete. Patrick still sitting on Pete's bed just gawks at the current situation.
"Okay, did I miss something?" I say throwing my hands up in defeat.
"No. Nothing happened." Emily sighed. "But, I should be asking the same thing about you. Where were you?"
"Around." I answered vaguely.
"With Patrick?" Emily asked wide-eyed.
"I just met up with him at the pool. I didn't know he was going to be there and- wait, why am I explaining myself to you?"
"Because you are my lesbian lover and I have to know where you are at all times." Emily says placing her hands on her hips as she tries to hold in her laughter.
I burst out laughing and Em likewise while Pete and Patrick exchange confused glances.
"Hey, since we're all up, why don't we all go out and eat?" Pete proposes to Patrick.
"Sounds good to me. What do you guys think?"
I put my arms around my stomach to mask the growling sound coming from it.
"I think Dee might be thirsty." Emily jokes.
"Shut up! Anyways...Yes, Pete I think that'd be a great idea. I'm starving! We just have to get a hold of Sam and Chad before we go...just in case they want to come."
"Yeah, we might want to see if Joe and Andy are game for it too." Pete agrees restlessly.
"Or we can go just the four of us." Emily recommends.
I look at Emily and give her a look.
"Can I talk to you really quick, Em?"
Emily follows me outside the room and shuts the door behind her.
"Don't 'what' me. What do you mean just the four of us?"
"I just don't feel like going through last night."
"What do you mean last night?" I ask puzzled.
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