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Chapter 13: Dee's P.O.V.

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Dining drama to mall madness.

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In exactly 32.73 minutes all eight of us meet up in a small Mom and Pop's restaurant. After piling into a booth seat near the window we all start observing our menus. On one side of the table are Joe, Pete, Andy, and Patrick. Opposite them are Sam, Emily, Chad, and myself. We all look a bit out of place in the restaurant, especially Sam who just dyed his spiky hair a deep red just last night.

"Hi, I'm Haylie I'll be your server this morning. So, are all of you ready to order?"

We all jump at the high-pitched voice. Looking up from behind our menus we confirm her question with nods and scattered 'yeah's.' She compiles all our orders onto a scratch pad then scuttles off to get our drinks.

She returns with the various beverages of iced tea, lemonade, and orange juice and informs us that our orders will be out in 'just a few minutes'. Yeah, right. An hour later and still nothing. Everyone's getting restless at this point.

Andy has occupied himself with two extra straws, using the cheap plastic table as a drum set. Chad, in between text messaging his girlfriend and checking his voice mail, tries beating his high score on Tetris. Patrick looks out the window while Joe and Sam are in heated conversation over the Star Wars movies. Pete keeps busy writing thoughts and lyrics down on the floral-printed napkins and Emily continues shaking her leg under the table. I, on the other hand, have had three glasses of lemonade and the full feeling in my bladder is getting harder and harder to ignore. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea sitting at the end of the table.

"I need to pee. Let me out." I direct urgently at Chad beside me.

"Fine. C'mon you guys. Move, so I can let Dee out." Sam, Em, and Chad slide out of the booth and I start my way towards the restrooms.

"Don't get lost, Dee!" Emily shouts at me. Still walking away I raise my right hand and flick her off.

"Anytime, Dee. Anytime." Em laughs.

I shake my head and continue towards the women's bathroom. I come out of the restroom making my way back to the booth when I hear footsteps behind me. I turn and am face to face with a vile slob drenched in the stench of stale liquor.

"Hey little lady. How's 'bout comin' home wit me?" He slurs.

"Get lost creep," I huff.

He grabs a hold of my wrist as I begin to walk away. "I ain't takin' 'no' fer an answer."
"Get the fuck off me!" I growl struggling against his grip.

Before I know it he lets go and someone else's arm wraps around my waist pulling me away from him. "I'm sorry, honey. I didn't mean to leave you waiting so long. Are you alright? Is this guy bothering you?" Patrick chimes in staring intently at the drunk.

"No, he was just leaving." I answer.

The unknown man sneers and walks away muttering. I look back at Patrick and exhale a sigh of relief. "Thank you Patrick."

"No problemo." He moves his hand suddenly from my waist after realizing he still has me in his grasp. He rubs his neck and gives me an embarrassed smile. "Well, we should head back..."

"Yeah," I consent with a nod, "we should."

"Jesus, Dee. How long does it take to go to the damn bathroom?" Sam snorts as I pass by him.
"Like I really missed anything. We still don't even have our food yet."
"Dine and ditch." Pete exclaims out of nowhere.
"Well, technically we haven't even, it's not like we're doing anything wrong. I'm up for it. It's not like we don't have an ass load of fuckin' PB and J at the hotel...right Pete?" Joe vocalizes lifting an eyebrow up at Pete's exaggerated expression of shock.
Chad stands up from the seat dropping two crumpled dollar bills on the table.
"Well? Are we going?"
"A tip? Dude, you're leaving a tip?" Andy retorts.
"She did get us our drinks, remember? Besides gratuity goes a long way."
"Whatever you say, man."
Everyone stands and not so sneakily darts out of the nearly-empty restaurant.
We walk a few blocks down and stop in front of an old pawn shop.
"So, where off to?" Pete ponders out loud ruffling his hair with his fingers.
"Well, we were going to the mall later," Emily announces. "I guess now is as good a time as any."
"Yeah, might as well." Chad concludes finally putting away his cell phone.
"We aren't walking there, are we?" Sam inquires selfishly staring down at his new black and red Converses.
"No, we'll take a cab." Andy surveys everyone from behind his glasses "Okay, maybe more like two."

Once we reach the mall we all decide to go to the food court to snag something edible. When everyone has had enough we begin roaming the stores. After about two hours of arguing over the exploitation of mannequins in the window and the 'bogus prices' we rest on a black metal bench near the center of the mall. Sam sits in between Pete and Emily resting on her shoulder. She tries her best to push him off, but ends up giving up.

"I am exhausted. But not too exhausted if ya know what I mean." Sam says saucily to Emily.
Emily remains silent giving Sam a shut-the-hell-up look.

A flash goes off.

"What the hell was that?" Joe asks.


"What's going on?" Andy choruses in.

"Oh my god, it's Fall Out Boy!" A throng of pre-teens yelp running towards us, cameras in hand.

Pete freezes. "Shit."

"Guess it comes with the job, huh?" I ask mortified.

The over-zealous girls were getting closer.

"Time for the chase." Patrick groans.

Joe peers at Patrick then Pete. "Split up?"

"Yeah. Everyone pair up. We don't want to get caught alone. We'll meet up later tonight. Okay? Ready?"

"Wait. What are we going to do?" Sam flips out.

"RUN!" Pete screams dragging Emily with him.
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