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Hold On

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She was soaked to the bone shivering, with a fever.He carried her to the place he was calling home until they left for the next city.

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Benji Madden walked out of the pet shop holding a box with air holes in it. "I sure hope she likes you." Benji said to the small kitten mewing softly. It was a male orange tabby cat. The kind Jasmine wanted for her birthday. Benji drove out of the parking lot excited about giving the kitten to the love of his life. "What's you're problem. Can't you see it?" He sang in the car getting ready to pull into his drive way. "You go and blow it like... everyone..." He trailed off looking at the police cars, and ambulences infront of the house. "Oh my God." He said silently. He ran out of the car and up to an available cop. "Sir you have to leave..." The police officer said holding back Benji. "I live hear with my brother and girlfriend. Please tell me what happened." Benji said shakily. The cop gave the other officers a sign that he was good and let him in. Benji ran up to a worried Joel and an indifferent Hilary Duff. "Joel, Hilary what happened? Where's Jasmine?" Benji asked. "I don't know what happened, but that girl of yours was taken by one of the ambulences earlier." Hilary said not paying attention to the worry in Benji's voice. He looked at Joel, silently asking for an explenation. "We came home and I found her naked and bleading on the living room floor. Cash-Dog and chocolate Ball were trying to wake her up. They were wimpering and Cash had a charm braclete in his mouth. It's with evidence now but I think that it belonged to the person that attacked her." Joel said. 'No. Not Jasmine.' Benji thought stunned. His brother understood his pain and hugged him tightly. "I love her, Joel." Benji said in a choked voice. "I know." Joel said letting tears run down his cheek. "Umm... sorry to ruin your moment but Joel we gotta go." Hilary butted in. "You should go visit her. I'll see you later, Benj." Joel said patting his shoulder. Joel wasn't to fond of Jasmine when they first started living together. Infact he down right hated her. He hated how she smiled at every nice comment. He hated her laugh. He hated that his brother was happier around her then he was with the guys. He later realized that he was jealous of her. He was so very jealous of a girl who was making his brother and best friend happier then he ever did. Now he cared deeply for Jasmine. She was another sister to him. He just wanted her to be alright. Benji walked into the hospital room where Jasmine was resting. He had the kitten in his arms and placed it down on the bed next to her. It curled up on her stomache and closed it's eyes. Benji smiled at how cute it looked. He looked down at Jasmines pale and battered face. She had a black eye and cuts and bruses every where. "Jasmine." Benji's voice was a horse whisper. "I love you Jasmine, Carmenita, Marriana, Dele Crus, Crespo. With all my heart I love you." He brushed a lock of hair from her face. "Benji..." Jasmine whispered. She was still unconcious. "She's dreaming of me." He whispered to the kitten. "You were supposed to be her birthday present. You know what she would've called you?" The kitten looked up and mewed softly. Then he snuggled into Jasmine's side and yawned. "She would've called you Mango." Benji said stroking the little kitten. "That's your new name, Mango."


poor Jasmine. and poor Benji. there's deffinatly gonna be more drama and some mystery and just a little citrus. can't give away to much now can I? please reveiw. and yes the song Benji was singing was failure's not flattering by new found glory
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