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Bloody Valentine

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She was soaked to the bone shivering, with a fever.He carried her to the place he was calling home until they left for the next city.

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"Hey I'm gonna check my myspace." Jasmine called to Benji in the other room. "K babe." He called. It'd been two months she started living with the twins. Three if you counted her living with Billy and Paul. She had also started going out with Benji. 'Ok no comments' She thought to her self. "Hey what's up?" Benji asked putting his arms around her. "Nothing- oh. I got new messages." She muttered. She opened it. "Jesus christ that dude right there must really like you." Benji said. The person left alot of messages. "I was only off three days. My god." Jasmine said. "Who is that person?" Benji asked. "I don't know. I added him Tuesday." She opened the first message.

'I found you.'

"What the hell." Benji said getting angry. "Benj calm down. It's probly just a joke." Jasmine said opening the second one.

'Your gonna pay bitch.'

"Jasmine." Benji said. "I know but who could be doing this. Unless it's -no." Jasmine gasped. She opened the other messages.

'Hoes never leave they pimps'

"Oh my God."

'I loved you Jasmine. You shoulda never left me.'

"Jasmine this isn't 'him' is it?"

'I'll kill you and yo new boyfriend. Love Jonny.'

"No." Jasmine breathed. "Jasmine calm down." Benji said. "No,no,no,no." Jasmine burst into tears. "Come on Jazzy. Shhh. It's ok baby." Benji said. "I'm scared." She choked out. "I'm scared, I'm scared, I'm scared." She sobbed. Just then her cell phone rung. "OH MY GOD!" Jasmine yelled. "Calm down Jazzy it's just your cell." Benji said. He took the liberty of answering it and letting Jasmine calm down some. "Hello." "Benji it's Gabby where's Jasmine?" Gabby was one of Jaasmine's best friends. She was Puerto Rican like Jasmine and liked rock music like her. The only difference between them was that Gabby wasn't into as much gothic, emo horror stuff as Jasmine. "Gabby, She's a busy write now..." Benji said relieved that he wasn't talking to the person he thought was calling. He looked over at Jasmine. She was in no condition to talk and she realized that. "Ok well just tell her I called." Gabby said. "Will do." "Bye." "See ya."
"It was Gabby hony." He was worried. If that guy found them then-'No don't think about that. If he tries to hurt Jasmine You'll hurt him.' He thought. He was already plannig Jonny's death. Slow and painful. "Come on Benji. Let's go to bed." Jasmine said quietly. They went to bed that night gloomy and worried. "I love you." Benji muttered before falling into a light uneasy sleep.

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