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Almost the end.

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So only at matter of chapters before this story ends. But fear not. My newest story about 30 Seconds to Mars shall be starting maybe today. I think maybe 2 chapters left.

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So my second day of 7th grade wasn't bad. I am not a retart to all who think I am. :D So I've gotten some e-mails about Kate should die or she should live. But. I can't tourcher Ray handleing his daughter by himself. Crap. I just told you didn't I? Oh well. So on with this chapter.
Kate burst out into tears.

"No, It's okay. Your still here. I'm not going anywhere." Ray said.

"Please. I'm not dreaming." She said between sobs.

Ray wiped the tears off her face. "Your not." Ray paused. "We're all here."

Kate gave a confused look. Kairi was passed into Kates arms.
Back in the waiting room. The others still think Kate's dead.

"I can't beleive it. She's gone." Gerard said.

"I know. I wonder how Ray's feeling about this..." Mikey said.

"It's an effin cruel world. So effin cruel." Frank said.

"She can't. I mean. She was so nice." Bob said. "Poor Ray."

"This..." Cloe was all choked up. "She was my best friend." Cloe whispered to Gerard.

"I know. It's okay." He took Cloe into his arms.

"So young. She didn't deserve to go like this." Mikey said.

Ray walked out. Nobody could do anything. They just sat there and staired. He sat down.

Mikey was the first one to talk. "Is everything okay?"

Ray dozed off. "Huh? Oh, yeah."

"We heard about Kate." Carla said.

"She's fine." Ray said.

"Ray, we know it's hard to let go." Gerard said.

"She's fine." Ray laughed. Not the "happyest" laugh.

"Ray, thats no good. You have to move on."

"I said she's fine!" Ray shouted. "She's not dead. She's alive. She's breathing. I don't know what happened but she's alive."

"Oh, why didn't you say so." Frank said.
Short chapter...get over it.
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