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A young Leto faces the lies of her father. Why is he doing this? Here is a story about Jared Leto.

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Here's my newest story. 30 Seconds to MARS ROCKS!


A 20 year old Jared Leto sat in the hospital waiting room. Scared to almost death. Not knowing what could happen. Family mad at what happened. But one night could change everything.

A doctor walked out holding a baby in a pink blanket.

The doctors face explained everything. Her face was sad. She handed the baby to Jared. "I'm terribly sorry." She said. "But Kathrine..."

"I know." He looked at his new daughter. "Lilee."

12 years later...............

"Happy birthday, Lilee!" Jared said jumping on her bed.

"Daddy!" Lilee jumped into his arms.

"Your 12 years old today!!!" Jared said. 'Come out! The guys are here."

"I'll be there in a minute."

In the living room.

"Where's Lilee?" Shannon asked.

"Getting dressed." Jared replied.

"Did she ask about..." Tomo asked.

"No Kathrine was not asked."

"Your gonna have to tell her about her one day." Shannon said

"As long as she doesn't ask. I'm safe." Jared said.

"But she was your girlfriend." Matt said

"And her mother." Tomo added.

"Whose mother?" Lilee asked coming out of her room.

Jared froze. "Umm, my mom sweetie."

"Oh, okay."
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