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Chapter 01.

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Lilee Leto faces the lies of her father and everyone around her. Will Jared be able to tell her the truth? (Feat-Panic! At the Disco)

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4 Years Later......

Lilee, now 15 years old woke up. She brushed her long light brown hair. She walked into the living room. Jared and Shannon were sitting down.

"Hey Lilee." Shannon said.

"Hey." Lilee sat next to Jared.

"How'd you sleep?" Jared asked.

"Good. just sort of worried about School tomorrow. First year I'm staying in a permanent school." Lilee replied. "In other words. I'm scared."

"You have nothing to be scared about. Everything'll be fine." Shannon reasured.

Lilee smiled. "You think?"

"Of course. Shannon knows what he's talking about."

"I do?" Shannon asked. Jared wacked him in the back of the head. "I mean. I do."

"You have untill tomorrow. Live it up."

"You have a good point. Oh and...will I be able to go on tour with you?" Lilee asked. "Please?" Lilee's light blue eyes got big. Puppy dog.

"Of course. You make the party. It's not a party without you." Shannon replied.

"Really?" Lilee asked.

"Duh!" Jared replied. "As Shannon said. It's boring as hell without you."

"That made me feel special."

Someone knocked on the door.

"I'll get it." Jared said. "Who is it?"

"It's Tomo." Tomo said.

"I told you we won't buy your damn cookies already! Go away a-hole!" Jared laughed. He opened the door.

Tomo walked in. "I won't leave untill you buy a cookie!" He looked at Lilee. "Hey Lils. How you doin?"

"I'm good. And you?"

"I'm great myself."

"I've noticed." Lilee smiled.

The next day...

Lilee walked into the school.

She walked down the halls, everyone staired at her.

She was stopped by a teacher. "Are you Lilee Leto?" Everyone continued stairing at her. "Your father, Jared said you might need some help." Immideitly. Bunches of whispers started. "Come with me."

Lilee was stopped by some prep girl. "Are you seriously Jared Leto's daughter?"


"OMG! You wanna join the cheerleading club?"

"No thanks."

As soon as Lilee passed a student, she would be staired at. It was uncomfortable.
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