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Chapter 02.

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Lilee's first day of school. Everyone reacts sorta rudly. Why? JELOUSY! *Says in weird musical tune* (Feats-Panic! At the Disco)

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Offical video-Remaking

So my second week of school is taking lots of my time. Plus getting phone calls from unwanted people who think I am their friend. She just won't stop. I also get calls from my bff and we talk for hours about pacman so don't get angry if it takes me a long time for one chapter to come out. Plus I worked hard on the video. So peoples who wanted to know what the sims are, what she looked like and how crappy my stuff comes out. Thats a perfect example. The other day I went to a goth fest, I saw Patrick Stump doing something...coughInapropriet(sp)cough I shall not say it. So on with chapter dos of A BEAUTIFUL LIE!


Lilee took her seat in math class.

One of the weirdo jock boys turned around. His crew faced her.

"So you're seriously Jared Leto's daughter?" A boy with semi-long red hair asked.

"What's so strange about that?" Lilee asked.

"Nothing it's just, we thought you'd be in a specialized highschool. Like a school of performing arts."

"I'm not that artistic." Lilee replied.

"You don't have any singing talents."

"Lots of people say I do but..." Lilee trailed off.

"You into rap?" Asked a girl with her hair in a big ponytail asked.

"No, I grew up around rock."

"Not even Gnarls Barkley?" The redheaded dude asked.

"he's not counted as rap." Said a boy in a blue leather jacket asked.
(Leather jackets are back!)

"Oh, I'm Seth by the way. The dude in blue is Joey. the girl is Monique." Seth said.

"I heard you turned down the cheerleading squad?" Monique asked. "Why?"

"Cheerleadings not my thing."

"Do you do anything?" Joey asked.

"She probaly minds her business." A girl with black hair said. "Give the girl her space."

"She wasn't being a bitch about it." Monique said.

"She's probaly to shy to say get the hell away!"

"Fine." She said. "Slut." Monique said under her breath.

"Thanks." Lilee replied. "They were getting annoying."

"They just wanted to see if you were popularity material." She said. "I'm Nikki. You must be Lilee! Odd way of spelling it. You french?"

"No. My dad thought it wasn't boring. Lilly is the boring way of spelling it. So Lilee it is."

"Why are you in this school anyways? Not a private school, lots of drugs and murders happen here."

"Umm..." Lilee couldn't think of what to say.

"No offence but wouldn't a rich like you go to private school?"

"None taken and...I'm not rich. Just, higher middle class."

"Your mom didn't reject this place? I mean, you know how mothers are."

"Umm." Lilee looked at the floor. "I don't have a mother."

"Oh. I'm sorry..." Nikki said."

(Nikki Photo-¤t=NikkiPic.jpg&refPage=&imgAnch=imgAnch1

I like to draw, get over it)

"It's okay. What exactly happens. Like, I mean. Any special things happen? Occations?"

"We have a beggining of school year dance, halloween dance, which is by the way the best dance ever, christmas dance, valentines day dance, spring dance and end of school dance. We have a flag day which isn't that fun and a talent show. You play instruments?"

"I play guitar and piano slash keyboard. I also." Lilee took a breath. "Sing."

"Cool. Maybe my band will accually win. If you would like to join that is..." Nikki gave a please say yes gesture.

"I guess."

"YEAH! Wait until I tell the guys!"
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