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Chapter 03.

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Lilee still in school. Goes out for lunch. Yeah. THis chapter is too much! (Feats:Panic! At the Disco)

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I hopes you guys enjoyeed the video. I worked hard on it. Chapter 3.

It was about lunch time and Nikki was offering to show Lilee around the place. How cool it was to go out for lunch. They decided to walk around the neighborhood.

"You don't get out you?" Nikki asked.

"You kidding? I don't live in this side of town. I really have no clue what it's like over here. I'm not used to walking around." Lilee replied.

"Oh that explains it." Nikki said. "Come here. This place is awesome. You are into your dads sorta music right?"


"Then whatcha waiting for. Come on!" Nikki dragged Lilee into the small club. "You like Fall Out Boy? Panic! At the Disco?"

"Yeah! I perfer Panic!" Lilee replied.

"Fall Out Boy's for me."


Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco were looking at the audience. Brendon seemed rather bored. Pete Wentz sat next to him.

"You ready?" Pete asked.

"Huh?" Brendon snapped out of his bordom. "Oh yeah. I suppose." Brendon's eye caught a girl in the audience. "Hey Pete, do you know who that girl is?"
He pointed to a light brown headed girl with blonde streaks.

"Who, her? Thats Lilee Leto."

"How old is she?"

"15 why......oh no. That's Jared Leto's daughter. I highly doubt he'll ever let you 2 happen."

"Thats what you think."

"Your life dude."

Pete walked out of the room.

"How come I never heard of this place?" Lilee asked.

"Because you stay on your side of town."

At that moment a body guard took Lilee away. "What are you doing?" Lilee asked. "Stop!"

The body guard took her somewhere that'll be introduced in the next chapter.
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