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Chapter 04.

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Lilee gets taken away by the fuzz.(he, he) What can it lead up to? Who is taking her? Why am I asking so many questions? The world may never know.(feat-Panic! At the Disco)

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I am like, depressed right now. I have no clue why but...I am. I'll try to make this chapter as happy as possible. It was planned happy and written happy so it's a happy, happy, joy, joy chapter!! I LOVE REN & STIMPY!!! On with Chapter 4 of..."A Beautiful Lie"

The body guard violently dragged her to an unknown place in the small club. He was a big muscular black dude, who was bald, a nice tux, very shiny head, and a deep voice. Lilee still didn't have time to read his name tag.

He dragged her to a dude ina big top hat and sunglasses.

"Jesus Perry, I didn't want you to murder her!" The guy with the hat said.

"Sorry, all you told me was to take her to you. I didn't kno-"

"Perry?" Lilee asked. She was expecting a more muscular sort of name, something like...Dave. Yeah, dave. Lilee left all of her troubles behind and burst out into laughter. "Perry?"

"That's my name. I told my mom I didn't like it. I knew other peoples wouldn't as well!!!"

"Sorry, just. You looked more like a....Dave."

"I have feelings too you know." Perry walked off.

"Sorry about Perry." The unnamed dude said. "I'm Brendon by the way."

"Lilee..." Lilee thought about saying her last name. She just dropped it. Anyways. He didn't tell her his last name!

"Brendon Urie, you must be Lilee Leto. Jared Leto's daughter."

"Ummm." Lilee looked down. "Yeah."

"Are you ashaimed of it?" Brendon asked.

"No! Hell no! No way!! Just. People judge me so quickly. My title is taking over my-" Lilee stopped. "I fear I've said too much."

"Oh, I get it!" Brendon said. "People think your rich and spoiled even tho' your not. So you don't want people to think that. And-"

"You told me pretty much my whole life. I don't want to hear the rest."

"Oh...crap! I have to go. I see you soon?"

"Umm...hold on. My number...just in case." Lilee winked.

"Wish me luck."

"Will do." Lilee walked back to Nikki. "How long have I been there?"

"A very long time!" Nikki replied. "We gotta go!"

Lilee and nikki ran thru' the colorful garden, thru the colorful woods, ran thru' the pretty unicorn valley and into THE PIT OF HELL. leading up to School.

They ran in right before they had to go back to class. "Just made it. We are. SO LUCKY!!! Come on!"

Later that day....

Lilee returned from school.

"Hey Lilee. How was your first day of school?" Jared asked.

"Good! I accually enjoyed today!"

"Are you okay?"


"Why'd you enjoy it? Thats not like you."

"I made a friend, I met the popular crew, I explored the town with my friend and..."

"Suspense building..."

"I met a dude."

"Oh. A dude?"


"Ooh! Spill it girlfriend!!!" Jared said in a girly accent.

"His name is Brendon Urie. Panic! At the Disco singer."

"Kewl. Thas a kewl band. Hes a cool dude."

"You know him?"

"I've been on tour with them before. They're all cool."

"So you approve?!"

"I'm pretty sure thats what I'm saying."

"You are the greatest dad EVAH!!!"

Lilee kissed Jared on the top of the head. "I've got homework."

"I'm here."
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