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Chapter 05.

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The next day. Lilee's second day of school. What will happen? The world may never know.

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This chapter is gonna be hard to write because of the fricken mr.frosty theme song THAT IS PLAYING OUTSIDE OF MY HOUSE!!!!!!! IT IS SO ANNOYING!!! So with my hope that the freakin truck will leave here's chapter 5.

Also this is a part of me that I really seem to hate. I don't take critisim very well. I'm not mean to people I don't know so if you don't have anything nice to say don't say it at all. If you hate the way I go by things...screw. I can get very mean and today isn't me being happy. I will go blistic and swear people out of their minds. If someone says somthing bad about me I will start. So please try and get on my good side. I'm ussually very nice. I'm not naming names but stop being so cridtical. If you don't like it keep it to your fricken self!

The next day...

Lilee was getting ready for school.

She put on her wrist bands and grabbed her vans and walked out of the room.

"You want a's raining." Jared asked.

"You sure you want to drive?" Lilee replied.

"I have a secret self."

"Your secret self is?"

"I'm thinking of a name. You want a ride or not?"


"Lets go."


"So I'll meet you here at 2?" Jared asked.

"Yup. See you later!" Lilee kissed Jared.

"Bye." And Jared drove off.

Lilee walked into the school. "Was that you and Jared Leto?" Monique asked approching Lilee.

"He is my dad."

"We're having cheerleading try outs today. Be sure to drop bye."

"I'll tell you again. No."

Nikki greeted Lilee. "I guess no club today." Nikki said.

"I guess not."

"So..what class do you have?"


"Ditch it. I'm ditching math. Now come with me."

"Where are we going?"

"Panic! is still in town. They're walking around!"

"Are you sure?"

"YEAH! Now come!"

So Nikki and Lilee ditched their classes.

"I think I see them!" Nikki dragged her to them.

"Hello!" Nikki greeted.

"Weren't you at our concert yesterday?" Ryan asked.

"Yeah." Nikki replied. "So was she." Nikki shoved Lilee in front of her.

"You're Lilee. The girl I met yesterday." Brendon said.

"The one and only!" Lilee said.

"You never told me you met them!" Nikki said.

"We were in a rush!"

"You met her?" Spencer asked him.


"Weird. Well, see you girls around?" Ryan asked.

"We'd like to." Brendon said.

"I hope." Nikki said.

"Bye!" Lilee and Nikki walked back to school.
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