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Chapter 06.

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Lilee skips school to see Brendon again. Jared finds out. FALALALALALA!!! I am scared.

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Lilee was minding her own buissiness when her phone rang. She looked at the caller i-d. It was Nikki.

"Hey Nik!" Lilee said.

"Hey. So you know that club?"


"Well, Panic! At The Disco is playing there again!!!"


"Yeah. You're going with me whether you like it or not!"

"Will I have enough time to get dressed up after school?"

"After school? Before school tart!"

"Are you kidding? My dad'll kill me!"

"Then don't tell him!"

"I've never lied to him before!"

"has he lied to you?"

"Ida no."

"He probably has!"

"I don't know..."

"One little lie can't hurt!"

"How are you so sure?"

"I do it to my mom all the time. You dad would've let me do anything!"

"My dad's young tho' He...he'd probably go bilistic..."

"My moms young too. She knows enough."

"oh really?"

"She's 36."

"If he's so young he'll understand!"

Lilee remained quiet.

"Trust me!"

"Oh fine!"

"Meet you there at 8:30....better yet. WE'll walk together."

"Okay. Bye."


"What did I do?" Lilee asked herself. She thought for another minute. "Does he lie to me?"

The next day....

"Thanks dad." Lilee walked into the school.

Nikki was waiting for her. "Hey Lilster."

"Hey Nikster."

"Off to the concert we go!"

"When does it start?"

"3 but we can meet the band earlier!!"


They started walking. Talking about pretty much nothing. They heard footsteps. Lilee looked over her shoulder. Nothing. Nikki stopped. "Nikki...why'd you stop?" Lilee looked in front of her a some weirdo was standing in front of them with an evilish grin.

"Why aren't you girls at school?"

"" Lilee whispered to her.

"You want a ride?" He asked.

"1-2-" Lilee started.

"3! RUN!!!"

They ran. The dude didn't seem to follow them.

"The clubs right here." Nikki said.

Lilee threw herself on the floor. She was crying. "I knew this would happen."

'Lilee, it's over. He's gone."

Lilee was still crying. Her eyeliner was all smuged.

"I'm just so scared."

"It's over."

Brendon walked out and saw Lilee on the floor.

"Is everything okay?" he asked.

Lilee just sat there. Still freaked out. "Everythings fine." Nikki said. "Just a little spooked."

"Why? What happened?" Brendon asked.

"Some creepy dude stopped us." Nikki replied.

"Well it's over...right?" Brendon said.

"You don't understand...that guy is a celeberty kidnapper. He's been after me for years...he's trying to get my dad to break down and quit his career."

Brendon sat down next to her. "Thats not good."

"No it's not."

"Well, why don't you two girls come inside. You look beat."

Nikki didn't waste a minute. She ran directly in there. Brendon helped Lilee up. "Are you okay?" he asked.

"I think so." Lilee pushed her hair out of her face. She giggled. 'freaken mood swings' She thought.

A nasty buisness man shoved right by Lilee and Brendon..forcing them to become closer. Almost to the point when they are touching. She wanted this...

"I'm glad I met up with you." Lilee said.

They're lips finally met. When they seperated Brendon replied "I am to."

They seperated fully..kind of embarresed with what happened. " want to come in?" He was laughing.

Lilee smiled "Of course"

After 3 hours it was time for them to leave.

They made there way thru' the crowd with Brendon and Ryan following them. Right before Lilee made it out she felt someone tap her on the shoulder. "Lilee Leto...where have you been?"

Lilee turned around to see the man. "What do you want?"

"All I you...and maybe some of your money..." He said in a creepy voice.

"Lilee-just run." Nikki said. Brendon and Ryan just seemed confused. "RUN!"

Lilee snapped out of her trance and ran.

She grabbed her cell phone and started dialing her dads number.

Phone conversation
"DAD! It's Lilee-you have to come pick me up!"

"Lilee, calm down! what happened."

"It's him! I'll be in front of the school." Lilee hung up.

End of conversation

When Lilee met up with Jared she ran straight into his arms. She was crying...a lot.

"Lets go..."

They drove off.
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