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Chapter 07.

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None of these e-mail addresses are real. Anyways. Things get personal....oh and in yo dreams I give you Brendons e-mail address.

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The Next day.....

Lilee was on her computer. Being bored. She was just loooking at her favoritest website evah "" Because she was. Nikki popped on her buddy list but she didn't bother to im her.

PunkRockGirlYo: LILEE!! I'VE BEEN ONLINE FOR 15 MINUTES AND U DIDN'T IM ME!!!!! Whatcha doin?

30STmyworld: Sorry, I was doing something...

PunkRockGirlYo: GRR. What were you doing?

30STmyworld: I'm looking up stuff for my sims.

PunkRockGirlYo: ??? Sims???

30STmyworld: I'm not into that Grand Theft Auto stuff.

PunkRockGirlYo: Ah. Okay. Soooo. What happened with you and Brendon ?

30STmyworld: ...

PunkRockGirlYo: You guys / kiss/?


PunkRockGirlYo:OMFG!!!! Did you kiss in the mouth or just on the lips?

30STmyworld: Whado u care?

PunkRockGirlYo: OMG U DID!!!!!!

PunkRockGirlYo: Please tell me you did!!!!

PunkRockGirlYo: TELL ME IF YOU DID OR NOT!!!!!

30STmyworld: Okay, okay...I did...

PunkRockGirlYo: HE BIT YOUR LIP!!!!!!!!

30STmyworld: Your quick on these things.

PunkRockGirlYo: And proud of it. My moms callin me for something...I gtg.

30STmyworld: I'll be here.

PunkRockGirlYo: Byeas.

PunkRockGirlYo signed off at 4:35 p.m.

Lilee continued her search.

Brendon popped on her buddy list. She imed him.

30STmyworld: Hey!

PanicForBrendon87: Hey...sup?


PanicForBrendon87: May I ask u a few questions?

30STmyworld: As long as their not too personal...

PanicForBrendon87: Okay, ur how old?

30STmyworld: 15, 16 october 10th.

PanicForBrendon87: Kewl, what r ur best subjsects in skool?

30STmyworld: I'm aceing in math, english and science. I'm doing sorta good in social studies, fairly good in my religion class and I suck at Spanish.

PanicForBrendon87: Kk. Favorite music, bands, artists?

30STmyworld: I have to like 30 Seconds to Mars, I kinda like Bjork, I luv Panic! At the Disco :D The Used, My Chemical u can c I luv rock.

PanicForBrendon87: Ditto... movies?

30STmyworld: comedy...Meet the Fockers, National Lampoon, Napolien Dynamite...

PanicForBrendon87: Kewl...have u ever been kissed?

30STmyworld: Only 2wce...not counting you.

PanicForBrendon87: So I'm guessing ur still a virgin?

30STmyworld: F.Y.I. I am 15 going on 16. I came close once but I stopped him. It was in January.

PanicForBrendon87: Shit...So...any questions for me?

30STmyworld: Duh.......u a virgin?

PanicForBrendon87: Whado u think? Lets go back to Lying is the most fun.......

30STmyworld: I see ur point.

PanicForBrendon87: I recently broke up with her 'cause she was a cheating bitch.

30STmyworld: Yeeouch...

30STmyworld: Well, I gotta go. See u soon!

PanicForBrendon87: K. Bye.

30STmyworld: kisses goodbye

30STmyworld signed off at 5:21
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