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Chapter 08.

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Lilee gets a note. Oh and the reason she's not at skool is 'cause it's sunday.

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Lilee went to check her mailbox. She found a messege. She read it.

"Dear sweet Lilee,
Sorry if you thought I was stalking u a little. I just wanted to know about u a little more. Also...I was wondering if you'd like to go out with me sometime. I think you're really pretty. See you around.

Brendon Urie"

Lilee's eyes widened.

"holy crap."

Lilee ran into her room and called Nikki.



"Brendon just proposed to going steady with me!"

"No he didn't..."

"Yeah he did!"

"Lilee, do you relize what this means?????!!!!"

"Not really."

"You're dating the lead singer of Panic! At the Disco! You're going to be a regular celeberty!(sp?)"

"I already am..."

"Yeah but only in California! I're going to be noticed in...Australia!"

"Why Australia?"

"I don't know! But everywhere you go! You're going to be noticed! Wait, does Jared know?"

"He knows I know him! Thats it..."

"Well, keep this relationship silent for a while. Wait untill your 16."

"Will do....wait, how do you know all of this."

"I watch a bunch of those reality shows. Trust's gonna work!"

"Kay, bye."


Lilee hung up.

She looked over the letter. She couldn't believe it. Brendon Urie...her boyfriend? She was freaking out in the best possible way ever. What would Jared think...

She walked into his room finding him on the computer.

"Hey." Lilee said.


"Whatcha doin?"

"Looking up 30 Seconds to Mars on google."

"Fun doing that isn't it..."

"It makes me feel awesome...unless it's a porn story."

"That must suck."

"It does..."

"So...I was wondering..."

"Wondering what? You're already going on tour with us..."

"I know, I know. About...if I were to tell you I had a would you react?"

"First you?"


"Okay...I wouldn't freak out. You're almost 16. 'Bout time you get one."

"Thats all I wanted to know."


"No reason..just curious."

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