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Since I'm still working on the next chapter...lets talk about ME!

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Like omi god! I am like, Elena and I LOVE TO CHEER!

No I'm totally kidding...the day I cheer is the day I turn normal.

name: Elena

Location: Oompa Loompa Land. I give you this. I've seen the members of Thursday walking around my hood.

Age: I'MA ARIES! Ima be 13 and bad luck and hopefully keep my promise of NEVER eating seafood again.

Whats playing on my MP3 player?: I have a bunch of stuff. I have so much 80's stuff it's NOT funny. But it's mostly filled with rock and every My Chem song ever about crazed fan. But I have 30 Seconds to Mars to Weezer. Also the Spongebob soundtrack and stuff from Spiderman 2.

Whats on my tv?: Cartoons mostly. Kappa Mikey, Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends, SPONGEBOB, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Camp Lazlo, ROCKO'S MODERN LIFE, Fuse and the Alternative Rock station.

Hobbies: I play Piano, I like to sing(very well), I draw very well, I do the head bang AWESOMEly, I go on the computer, I watch tv...I PLAY THE SIMS.

Weird facts: I am an APRIL FOOL(happy b-day note'll be good), I'm going to be Mikey Way this halloween and I'm going to be Sally from TNBC(if u no what I mean) next halloween, I'm a cartoon fanatic, I'm sqweemish, I love awkward moments, I talk to Gerard Way, Brendon Urie and occationly Bert McCracken sometimes. I have a problem with everything. I have the same glasses as Mikey did...if u didn't notice I'm an obsessed fan.

Who I'm liken: I love EVERY MEMBER OF MCR equally, I have a huge crush on Orlando Bloom, Jared Leto is hot and sexy and WEIRD, I like Brendon Urie, Adam Lazzara is hot.

Things You'll Hate about me: I am a Green Day hater. I really am. I can get angry. I don't throw temper tantrums...ever. I HATE MTV(BECAUSE OF ALL OF THE RAP) I say the word EMO a lot...EMO, EMO, EMO, EMO, EMO!!! I'm not a fan of The Used..or Bert McCracken..they have some good songs but...yeah, I don't watch horror movies. I told before I'M SQWEEMISH.

Quotes I LOVE: "We gotta go it for Johnny man!"

"And My tiny little nipples, went to france."

"I do the cha a sissy girl. I do..the cha cha."


"I love desk...I love...lamp" "Are you just saying that because were saying we love stuff or do you really love the lamp..." "I love lamp!"

"It's topeka..."

"I'm angry..." "Why?" "I can't see my forehead" I think thats enough.

Favorite Song: I Never Told You What I Do For A Living by MCR

Movie: The Benchwarmers

Book: WANTED! by unknown(i forgot)



Okay...also..If I get offensive...tell me...I'll either apologive OR SLICE YOUR HEADS OFF!

O_O Have a nice day _
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