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Chapter 09.

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Nikki throws a birthday party for Lilee. DAMN I WISH THAT COULD HAPPEN TO ME!!!!!!! Anyways. That a-hole shows up and...yeah.

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W0o0o0o0! I had like..the weirdest dream. I dunno if it's accually gonna happen tho'. I mean. I dremt I was at a P!ATD concert place and at the end. Well first of Jon had a weirdo english accent and he talked A LOT! Which is not true because he don't talk that much. the end before I woke up like...Brendon and Spencer ran off stage and a carrage pulled up on the stage and...then my mom woke me up. I never found out what happened to Jon and Ryan and I was like "DAMMIT MOM! WHY'D YOU WAKE ME UP!" I CAN'T WAIT TILL THAT CONCERT!!!

Sorry about that. Here's chapter 9!

It was October day past Lilee's birthday.

"Come on Lilee! I mean...we have today off." Nikki said.

"Come on..I wanted to play with my new toy!" Lilee said observing her video camera. "I could make some great movies with this!" She added.

"Then this is your chance. Panic! is only going to be in town for 3 more days and not in concert!" Nikki pleaded. "Plus..."

"Plus what?"

"Your boyfriend is playing there."

Lilee put her camrea down. She laughed. "You got me there!"

"Okay then...LETS GO!" Nikki grabbed Lilee and ran out of the house.

"Wait!" Lilee stopped. "I forgot my camera!"

Nikki led Lilee to the club. When she opened the door the whole 10th grade was there.

"Hey you retarts! Lilee has arrived!" Nikki yelled.

"happy birthday Lilee!" Everyone yelled.

Wow..this is sounding really corny.

"You are 16! does it feel?" Nikki asked.

"Weird accually. How'd you afford this?"

"With the help of a couple of friends..."

"Who helped far as I know you're a total loser." Lilee asked.

"None of these losers...they all wanted to meet Jared."

"Then who?"

"Lemme show you."

Nikki pushed Lilee over to the stage. "You may want to take a seat."

Lilee..not noticing Ryan, Spencer and Jon on the stage...started hearing her favorite song. "Build God, Then We'll Talk"

Brendon walked on the stage and started signing.

You know who the song goes unless you're one of those wannabe's who like 2 songs from Panic! and think you love them BUT DON'T EVEN HAVE THE C-D! Sorry...

They finished. Lilee sat there like a little kid watching that stupid Danny Phantom movie(I HAD TO WATCH IT! it was so retarted!)

"Happy birthday." Brendon said. He lightly kissed Lilee on the lips.

Nikki staired in awe. 'Oh how I sometimes wish that was me...' She thought.

So the dj dude played requested songs from the people and yeah.

"Now..tell me...was this better than the party Jared gave you?" Nikki asked.

"Not really but this one's pretty awesome!"


Like..about 2 hours later. The party was halfway over. the dj stopped playing the cheezy rap songs that I HATE! Panic! was going to play one more song...

Nikki chose "Lying Is The Most Fun........."

Lilee was once again on the stage but this time...standing.

They were half way into the song when they heard a scream.

"Give her to me!" The voice yelled. Everyone stood still. "I said give her to me! Lilee Leto!"

"Who the hell is this guy?" Spencer asked Ryan.

"I have no clue..."

Lilee, knowing who it was, turned her back towards the stage and walked towards Brendon.

"It's him." Lilee said.

"I said give her to me! I will shoot."

She was shaking. She started to cry. "He has a gun now! What...I don't know what to do."

Brendon pulled her close to him.

"Thats her! Give her to me you worthless s**ty musicans!"

"Where the hell is security? I thought they'd be here by now." Ryan said.

"Ethan?" The man apparently heard him. "Oh. He's dead. I killed him a long time ago." He laughed.

"What the hell do you want?" Spencer asked.

"How many times do I have to say it?" The man said. "I want Lilee...dead."

"No! You can't do that to her! What she do to you?" Brendon yelled.

"She was born is what. It's because of her idiotic father. Then Katherine wouldn't be dead!"

Lilee turned around. "How do you know my mom?" She asked.

" are here Lilee."

Lilee nodded. "You relize what you're doing?" Brendon asked. "You're gonna get yourself killed."

"Well, I do happen to know your mother...she happens to be my daughter."

Lilee's eyes widened.

"And after you're dead...Jared's gonna die NEXT!"

"NO!" Nikki yelled. She snatched someones pocket knife and stabbed the man.

He fell to the floor. Blood filled the floor.

"holy..." Nikki whispered.

Everyone staired at her.

Lilee sank to the floor..and everything went black...

Ooh! I got you good! Well..the chapters not over so...YAY!

Lilee slowly opened her eyes.

"Lilee?" A familar voice said. "You okay?"

"Huh?" Lilee looked around the room. She was in her bed. Jared was kneeling next to the bed. "Dad?"

"Thank god you're awake. Are you okay?" He asked.

"Yeah. I didn't get hurt...did I?"

"You're a little shaken up is all."

"What happened?"

" were at a concert and...someone threatened to kill you." Brendon said walking in the room. "I'm glad to hear you're okay."

"Yeah..if it weren't for Brendon you'd be dead." Jared said.

Lilee smiled.

"It's Nikki who is...she's really scared." Brendon said.

"He told me she stabbed the dude."

Lilee got out of the bed. She hugged Jared. "Must've been scary, huh?"

Lilee nodded.

"I'll be right back." Jared walked out of the room.

Lilee sat on her bed. "You okay?" Brendon asked.


They started to makeout.

Jared walked in. " cute."
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