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Chapter 10.

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Schools closed. Lilee's going on tour with P!ATD for a month.

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I'm sorry if I'm delaying my chapters...I'm having problems in my family right now...

I'll try to update as much as possible.

Also I'm beggining to feel that this belongs in the Panic! section more than here...when I was writing it in the beggining it was WAY more 30STM than P!ATD. So I'ma try and put it in both sections...

It was was going to be closed for a month due to the problem. Lilee was saying goodbye to Panic!

"I'm really gonna miss you guys." Lilee said.

"Well, now that your Brendons girlfriend...we'll be seeing you so much more." Ryan said.

"You have a point." Lilee added.

"Why aren't you at school again?" Jon asked.

"Because of what happened at the concert...they closed it."

Brendon walked out of the bus. Lilee hugged him.

"You know..." Brendon said. Lilee let go of him. "I talked it over with Jared and..he said it'll be alright if you come on tour with us for the month."

"Really?" Lilee asked. "My dad?" Brendon nodded. "Thats awesome!"

Lilee hugged him again.

"So..when?" Lilee asked.

"Tomorrow." Brendon replied.

"Don't won't be the only girl." Ryan said.
"Our girlfriends'll be there as well."

Lilee smiled.

"See you tomorrow then!" Lilee gave everyone a hug...and Brendon a kiss. She drove back to her house...

(Why driving? She's 16 thats why)

She gave Jared a hug.

"Why are you so happy?" Jared asked.

"Because you said yes to Brendon!"

"I've known him long enough..he's a great kid!"

"You rock!"

"Do I?"


Lilee ran into her room and sent Nikki an e-mail.

"NIKKI! You'll never guess what just happened!
Of course you won't...anyways. Brendon wants me to go on tour with the guys and my dad said yes! I'ma be gone for a month. I'll have my cell on tho'. Byeas!

She then packed her things...
The next day...

Lilee met up with the guys at the airport.

She was all smiles.

"I'm so excited." Lilee said.

"You go on tour all the time..don't you?" Ryan asked.

"Well, yeah but...always with his band. I never got to go on someone elses bus." Lilee said.

"Hard to beleive." Brendon said. "With all the people Jared worked never met any of them?"

"He said they were bad influences..and it's true. I liked hanging out with Shannon though."

Spencer brought himself in to the conversation. "The planes boarding now." He said.

"Let's go." Ryan took off.

"You ready?" Brendon asked.

"Hell yeah!"

Have any of you noticed how much my writing skills improved? "The Outsiders" left a good impression on me. Well...SEE YA NEXT CHAPTER!!! BYEAS!
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