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confessions part 2

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more good and bad news

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Okay here is the next chapter sorry about the wait but I was busy with Exams (The story not in school) So I am just gonna make this up out of nowhere so enjoy and please R&R.

Jay was debating weather or not to tell Theresa why he was so messed up lately. He was about to knock but he told himself no she would think he is a baby and start acting even stranger then she was. But mabey he should tell her what is wrong it couldn't be any worse then what was happening now and he wouldn't mind being babied by Theresa. He was about to knock when another voice entered his head but this one was different it sounded familiar he then realised what it was.
" Ah Jay what are you doing?" A kind and confused voice asked.
Jay turned his thoughts to the beautiful red head behind him. " Oh I was looking for you." He lied. "
" Right I was standing behind you for like 5 minutes you looked like the door might be bobby trapped." Theresa starting laughing at her comment.
Jay started laughing along with his friend for a moment he forgot all his troubles and was acutely laughing.
Theresa paused a moment giving Jay an odd look then she started laughing along with him. The
Empty halls of the third floor were filled with laughing for at least another 10 minutes.
Two small figures stared in shock at the hysterical couple laughing like crazy in the middle of the hall outside of Theresa's door. Odie and Atlanta looked over at one another and back to the two holding their stomach from laughing so hard.
" Well, this is odd." Odie said breaking the silence between the two.
Atlanta opened her mouth to talk but she couldn't muster any words to come out.
Jay and Theresa looked up and let go of their hurting stomachs. When they realised that they were being watched they stoped laughing and looked at their stunned friends.
Atlanta finally spoke
" Hey." She said simply gesturing a wave.
Then they all started laughing uncontrollably.
Atlanta stoped and held back giggles she made her way past the three friends in the hall and went to her room.
Odie did the same he was told to call Melissa later on today.
That left Jay and Theresa, Theresa invited Jay into her room and they sat on the bed and talked.
A ways into the conversation,
" Oh my gosh Jay you must be so sad." Theresa said she too was crying.
Jay didn't speak he couldn't, if he did his voice would be all raspy and dry and then she would be able to tell he was ever so upset. And if she knew he was depressed she would get worried because he is their leader and if he were scared/sad the team would be in the same condition.

" Jay I know that you are sad but tell me all you know about it." Theresa said in a stern and understanding voice.
"Okay," Jay began.
" It all started about a week and a half ago when I got a letter from my father saying something terrible had happened in the family, Why don't I just show you the letter, Here you go." Jay said unfolding a piece of paper that he kept in his jean pocket.
Theresa took the note from him and slowly read what it had to say.

Dear Jay I have very very bad news, Earlier this week your mother passed away, What happened was she was in a crash with some of her friends and myself, The people who were driving were drunk and the car crashed. Two people were killed and one was hurt very badly, Your sadly did not survive the crash and we are all devastated. Kia is taking this very hard I only told her part of what happened I don't think that she needs to know the rest. I am very sorry that you had to find out by a letter and I wish you could be here but you have training to do if you want to go into space
I wish you the best of luck and hope you can come home soon.

Theresa looked up from the letter
" Jay that is horrible." She told him.
" I know and I wish that I could have done something or that I could go up there but I can't." Jay said.
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