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Theresa's shopping trip soon turns out to be somthing awful!

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Atlanta read over the message another three times before deleting the message and closing the phone. Right away her insides began to cave in a crumble. But quickly that feeling dried up and a new one full of rage and hate took it's place. She snapped open her red and black Motorola phone and began pressing keys like wild. When she finished she began typing another one. When she finally closed the phone a devilish grin smeared across her face.
Theresa stood shocked at her so called friends.
" Why on earth did you sign my name?" Theresa's voice was filled with worry, guilt, anger and so many other feelings. Amara, Dominique and Allison began to laugh then turned to Theresa.
" You know you don't always have to play 'good cop'," Allison sounded sincere but Theresa knew that it was just a front for her next scheme.
" Theresa, are you a charity worker?" Allison asked as the girls around her covered their mouths to contain their laughter.
" No," Theresa said flatly.
" Then why are you helping the poor?" Allison asked as the girls beside her snickered loudly.
"..." Theresa opened her mouth to defend her and her friend's pride but Allison closed it shut with her pointer finger.
" Come on how about we go over to Dominique's house for the afternoon." Allison said leading her friends toward the mall entrance.


Theresa and her friends crowded around Dominique's bed talking and laughing. But the whole time Theresa felt as though she was looking in from outside on the conversation.
" I'm going to try to call Wilee." Amara said pulling out her Aqua cell phone. She dialled the number with her long French style nails. Once she hit talk the group gathered in closely as they waited for someone to answer.
Ring.....Ring.....Ring. A quiet voice answered.
Hey it's Wilee leave a message. Beep.
" Urgh" The girls groaned as they hung up the phone.
" She's been acting so strange lately." Amara said suspiciously.
" You know why right?" Dominique said leaning towards the girls.
" Why?" Allison asked flipping her silky mane to the side.
" Because there is a rumour going around that every Wednesday and Sunday she sneaks off some kind of meeting put on by these councillors for teens who are addicted to drugs." Dominique lifted her head away from the group.
" Oh my god! I knew it!" Allison squealed. Jumping to her feet. " That's why she never wears anything showing of her arms of legs because she's probably covered in scars."
" Oh my god you mean like Lanny?" Amara gasped. She stopped rocking back and forth on her legs and started listening intently.
" Totally!" Allison said confidently.
" Woooo! Hold on you guys!" Theresa stepped in. This was all she could take.
" Atlanta does not cut herself in anyway and she's not dieting or staving herself!" She nearly shouted. But Allison paid her no attention.
" I'm calling an official meeting of the PC right now!"
" But what about Wilee?" Amara asked not sure what she should do.
" Puh-lease, she is so dead to me." Allison said crossing her legs on the bed cover.
" Umm listen I need to get home." Theresa said heading towards the door.
" No your not." Allison said throwing a large pillow at the door closing it. " Come over here, your part of this meeting too." She said cocking her finger indicating Theresa to come towards her.

Atlanta lay home on the couch waiting for Jay and Odie to return from the school. Her plan was set all she needed now was Theresa.
" Hey how's it hanging?" Archie asked as he slid over the side of the couch and landed on Atlanta's legs. Atlanta rolled her eyes and tried to free her feet.
" Theresa isn't back yet?" Archie asked as he nervously shifted her eyes around the room.
" Nope." Atlanta said with no feeling at all. Archie nodded and made a quick dash for the remote. Atlanta didn't even bother trying to get it. After a few moments of awkward silence Archie stood up to leave. Atlanta paid him no attention. For what she was about to do was far more important.

" Theresa with Wilee in the state that she is in, I have no choice but to remove her from the Pretty Committee, and give you her spot." Allison said as the group sat around on floor pillows. Everyone was silent, Theresa was quietly praying for something to get her out of this house and back into her warm fuzzy bed. Allison paused and then continued. " If you choose to accept this offer then you will instantly be considered a locked member of the PC, were you will have all the access to parties, sleepovers, and many other PC only things." Theresa stared blankly at the girls around her. The lights were dimmed and several Laval-lamps lit the room.
" So what do you say?" Allison asked as she glared holes trough Theresa's red DKNY sweater.
For a moment Theresa couldn't speak and maybe that was a good thing because she had no idea what to say.
" Ah.. Sure." Theresa squeaked out. As soon as the other girls heard those words Theresa wished them back into her mouth. Suddenly her hip began vibrating and she quickly pulled out her ringing Motorola ( her and Atlanta had matching phones, it was a Christmas gift from Jay and Archie.)

Theresa scanned the screen reading the text message.

Hey Terri,

How is gift shopping going, were getting worried about you, anyways come home quickly something awful happened to Jay and he's in a lot of pain.

~ Atlanta.

Theresa's eyes widened as they began to fill with tears. Without another word she dashed out of the three story house and raced home. She had wanted something to get her out of the house but this was defiantly not what she meant.


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