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Begginings and Endings

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Hands down the best GNR Slash fic ever!!! Extremely long!! All GNR characters have story lines. The first fanfic soapopera!!

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Beginnings and Endings

Axl's POV

I sit there watching my dark smacked out angel. Smoke curls out of his lips and dissolves into the air around us settling in a flat plane above our heads. It's so unfair how sexy Izzy can be without even trying. Something weighs heavily on his mind tonight. He hasn't said much, not that he really ever does, but this is alarmingly quiet.

"I don't trust the rest of the band," he finally exhales again.

I know what's on his mind. He's worried Rob and Tracii might try to back out of the tour we worked so hard to plan. This shit ain't easy when your income relies mainly on selling smack and hustling chicks. Izzy is completely dedicated to making it. And I'm completely dedicated to Izzy.

Izzy's pov

Not five minutes after I tell Axl that I don’t trust Rob and Tracii the phone rings; they’re out, just like I knew they would be. I should start calling myself psychic and charging money to predict people’s futures. Shit, I look enough like a gypsy to get away with it. I sigh and shake my head and force myself to face my present reality: a run- down apartment that doubled as a roach motel; old, jerry-rigged furniture that I pulled out of someone’s trash and fixed up enough to be useable. Dirty clothes and records and ashtrays litter the floor and tables. The Ritz it fucking ain’t. The only bright spot in the room was a flash of red/gold as my lover stretched his limbs from where he sat in my lap.

“They’re out aren’t they?” he says quietly.

“Yeah, they said that a trip like that isn’t safe; that they’re not comfortable with it.

“What the fuck? Axl shrieks. “Are they men or are they fucking babies?” he yells and pounds on the rickety coffee table.

“Fuck Axl, I want to go on this tour any way! Fuck the two of them! I’m gonna call Duff and see if he has anyone that can pick up and go like tomorrow that has a half decent grasp on the drums and lead guitar.

“Good fucking luck with that,” Axl mumbles.

I give him the finger and reach for the phone and dial Duff’s number. When he picks up I bark into the receiver: “Robb and Tracii are pussies man! Fucking pussies who think the trip for the tour is too dangerous and that we shouldn’t be taking such a risk. They think we should stay home and practice more and wait until we can go on a professional tour they said. I told them to fuck off that if that’s how they feel they’re out of the band. So, now that that’s over you know any decent guitar players or drummers or both that can have their shit packed up and ready to go tomorrow?
“Actually,” Duff said ”I think I do! I was in a band with a couple of guys before I joined Hollywood Rose with a guitar player and a drummer. The guitarist is fucking amazing man, he’s kinda rough around the edges but I’ve never seen anything like him in my whole fucking life; you’re gonna love him; he'll set a fire under your ass, you just wait!"

“Sounds like he might have already lit one under yours punk!” I tease him.

Well, he is a pretty little thing…" Duff admits.

“Uh-huh, call them, call them now and get their asses over in an hour,” I demand.

“Sure thing buddy, might be a good way to get my dick wet tonight too, get a little piece of that guitarist. I’ll call you back in a minute ok?” Duff asks, already dreaming about fucking a hot guitarist that I’ve never met. Shit I’d fuck Duff if I wasn’t with Axl but I’d better not ever bring that up if I want to keep my nuts attached. Duff calls about five minutes later and says they’re in and he’ll bring them by in a half an hour.
I turn around and convey the message to Axl. “Hey Ax, Duff says he’ll be by with those two guys in twenty minutes; that means you got twenty minutes to suck my dick!” It’s always better to tell him he has less time than he actually does; it’ll make him hurry up so I can cum faster!

Slash's pov

Fuuuuck I’m frustrated! I want to play in a band, the right band, a real band, a band that would make it out of this dirty, rundown, club scene. The band I was in right now Black Sheep wasn’t going to be “that band.” None of the bands I’d been up until now were going to be “that band.” I had wanted to start my own band called Road Crew but all that really ever amounted to was me and Stevie and a tall, lanky bass player named Duff jamming in my carport for a little while; but he went on to join Hollywood Rose. Too bad because he was he was a hulking, muscular, blonde (sometimes) Viking lord of the bass. “Too bad I was too chicken to ask him if he wanted to hook up!” I think wistfully. If I ever got that chance again I wouldn’t make that same mistake twice!.

The reason Duff is on my mind is because I just gotten a phone call from him asking me and Steven to come to an impromptu audition for Hollywood Rose. I guess their singer and rhythm guitar guy (who had started the band) had fired their lead guitarist and their drummer. Duff said something about them wanting to go on tour and Tracii and Robb hadn’t wanted to go. Are those two idiots fucking nuts? Who doesn’t want to go on a tour? Even a haphazard club tour where you had to live out of a van and might get paid $150 per night that had to be split between five people?! Who cares? Touring is touring and it sounded like a blast.

It would also give me a few weeks locked in a tight space with Duff which I planned to use to my advantage. I had heard around the strip that some people thought the two guys we were auditioning for, the singer and rhythm guitar player from Hollywood Rose, might have a thing going on. A thing like a fling I wondered? Or a relationship? Or maybe they’re just experimental fuck buddies? I really don’t care since I’m looking to experiment with the same thing. Maybe someone will “teach” me something I don’t know.

“Steven!” I yell down into my basement bedroom at my mom’s. “Duff’s here! Let’s go man!” I grabbed my guitar case and walked casually towards Duff and the car. “What’s up man?” I asked him, clapping him on the back. “Thanks for thinking of us for an audition dude!”

“Yeah no problem! Every time someone needs a guitar player I think of you. I’ve never heard a sound come out of a guitar like the ones you pull out of them! It’s fucking amazing dude, always has been!” Duff says with a genuine smile on his face.

“Thanks!” I respond and look down, blushing. Duff moves on to greet Steven and the three of us get Stevie’s drum kit into the car.
As we drive away Steven, who’s using the back of my seat as a snare drum asks me “You ready to go start the rest of our lives dude?” I just laughed. Man, if I had only known!
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