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Meeting GNR

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Wow I'm one lucky son of a bitch. Tonight I would be in the company of two very sexy guitarists and possibly the best lead fucking singer ever. And the best part, they all swing both ways! I am so getting laid tonight. Yeah, I'm already drunk. So what. I'm ready to party!

I can't help buy let my mind wander as to who I may bed tonight. Slash is incredibly cute, and young. Axl has to be the most beautiful man since Julie Newmar. And Izzy, so fucking sexy. But Axl and Izzy are a couple. Had been since they were kids in one of those "I" states.

I'd be wrong to come between something like that. But the kid, Slash, fair game. And he's young enough he's probably down for anything. Young and impressionable. Do I sound like half the perv I feel like for saying that?

So we all meet up at this bar. A strip bar to be precise. I furrow by brows at Izzy when I see him.
"Dude, why are we here? This is a club with chicks. Don't tell me you and Axl..."

"We fuck chicks," he shrugs, "how do you think we pay the bills?" He asks as he takes a drink of his beer.

See in the gritty underbelly of LA's club scene is this understanding amongst rockers. Strippers are your friend. Nine out of ten of the strippers came out here with that dream of making it big, whether it be an actress, model, or musician. They failed and became strippers. They have a weakness for young, ho,t bad boys with a dream. And us, well we know how to survive by any means necessary.

"So need a light bill paid?" I smirk.

"Something like that," he replies dryly.


Duff seems surprised we took him to a strip bar; wonder why? Doesn’t he know that bi-sexual means you like chicks and dudes? Whatever, I know exactly who he has his eye on tonight but I wouldn’t rule out him getting a little pussy on the side too. Ok, Axl and I need some money so it’s time to get to work. We check out the girls working the poles looking for someone we knew…perfect! I spot a pretty little brunette named Marissa who has a major thing for Axl a little ways down and send him off to tempt her into the back with us. He pulls her into one of the private rooms with me and dims the lights. The girl’s young; 18 or 19 years old but we’re not much older, we both turned 21 a few months apart.

Marissa’s either desperate for Axl’s attention, really gullible, or just doesn’t care but likes the sex. She’ll always go into the back rooms with either him by himself or both of us. If he doesn’t take her and goes off with someone else she pouts.

“I missed seeing you Axl,” she purrs as he stands in front of her kissing her pretty mouth.

“I missed seeing you too beautiful,” Axl croons. “So did Izzy.” This is my cue to move in on the action from behind. I kiss the girl’s neck and then switch off with Axl for her lips.

We make out with the girl and fool around until all three of us are naked. Axl sits back on his knees and Marissa is on all fours facing me. Axl pulls her down into his lap so she can feel his cock against her back. She squirms around in his lap wanting to feel him fuck her but he’s not ready yet. “Marissa, you want me to fuck you?” he whispers in her ear.

“Yeah,” she moans as his tongue glides around the curve of her ear.

“Then I need for you to do me a favor, Izzy and I need some money or our electricity and our hot water are going to get shut off. Can we borrow some money? Maybe $300? “ Axl’s hand slides down between the girl’s legs at this point and he starts to play. She moans and motions towards the little pouch that’s attached to her g-string.

“It’s in there Izzy!” she says frantically as Axl strokes her with his fingers. I get up and grab the money, counting out $350 instead of $300 and then come back and stand in front of her; leaning against the wall. Axl pushes the girl forward onto all fours again and starts to fuck her. She grabs my cock in her hand and starts to suck it for all she’s worth. She knows how to do this kind of work and after Axl pleases her (I mean come on, she deserved it, she just gave us $350 bucks!) he wastes no time fucking her to his own completion. While he’s doing this she pays close attention to my cock and I cum before Axl does; groaning as I blow my load down the girl’s throat.

When we’re both finished I look over top of the girl and into Axl’s eyes. “You’re so fucking hot babe,” I hiss at him.

“You’re pretty hot there yourself pretty boy!” he says and laughs as he leans across the exhausted chick to kiss me. That, my friends, is how to get your bills paid when you’re a wanna be rockstar.


So I waited on Slash and Steven while Axl and Izzy secured their rent. It isn't long before I see a short dude with a mass of fluffy blonde curls and an even bigger set of black ones. Ah, the guests of honor. Steven had stopped to take a piss in the alley before coming in and Slash had waited with him.

"Hey guys," I call out waving them over with a beer.

Slash notices me and walks over while Steven gets lost in a crowd of ladies.

Slash makes his way over to me through the crowd; a mass of bobbing black curls pushing his way forward until he's in front of me. "So what's up dude?" he asks looking around. All I can see is his mouth. And oh what a fucking mouth. He has the biggest, fullest, lips I've ever seen. Plump, full, ripe, and oh so begging for the taking.

"Nothing, waiting for Axl and Izzy," I say and hand him a drink.

"They're not here yet?" He asks and sips his drink.

I smile widely, "Yeah, no...they're here. They're um...making rent."

"Making rent?" He questions just to be sure he heard me right.

I try to keep in mind that he's still young. Not by much more than me actually...but I grew up in the heroin capitol of the USA...I'd seen a lot. By comparison LA was much more cheerful. And sunny. "Yeah," I nod.

Slash slightly chuckles, "What? Are they the next act up on the stage or something?"

I sputter a little of my drink laughing on that one. Cute and funny huh? "Some guys date strippers for cash," I shrug at my very green little undergrad.

"And by date I'll assume you mean fuck?" he asks tipping his drink at me.

"You catch on fast," I note.


Izzy's eyes dance with that post sex fulfillment wrapped in a blanket of heroin. God I could not fucking love another human being more. Izzy is everything to me. I'd never make it far in life without him by my side. Fuck, who am I kidding, I've never met anyone who can put up with my shit the way Izzy can.

I'm not what you might call, in my right mind. I have...issues. Issues from a long ago past that haunt me forever. Issues I can't seem to get over. Nightmares that I only know are dreams when I see Izzy's face. Safety only comes in his arms.

Izzy puts his dick back in his pants and gulps down the rest of the beer in his hand. Then he pulls out a cigarette and hands me one as well. He lights his, then mine.

"We should probably get back out there," he shrugs and turns the beer bottle in his hand upside down and shakes it, "I need a drink anyway."

"Yeah Duff is probably trying to entertain our possible new band mates," I nod as I put my own dick up.
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