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So That's What We're Calling It Now

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The beginnings of sluff

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Duff is fucking hotter than I remember. I watch him under my hair; he’s staring at the naked chicks onstage with a bored look on his face. His muscles ripple underneath the Corona t-shirt he’s cut the neck and sleeves out of to make a vest. So fucking hot. We’re waiting on Axl and Izzy to finish fucking some girl so she’ll give them rent money or something and then going back to their place to jam. They want to leave town to go on this tour sometime late tomorrow afternoon; apparently they have the whole thing organized except for being short half a band! What the fuck ever I’m game. Now, I need to figure out if Duff’s interested in me or not, he sure doesn’t seem to be interested in the chicks writhing on poles in front of him. I decide to stumble against him, either he’ll think I’m drunk or gotten pushed by someone passing by, doesn’t matter. I step back and then pretend to trip and land halfway onto him.

“Hey man, you ok?” he laughs and steadies me with those long arms that are bulging with biceps. I catch myself with a hand on his chest and one on his shoulder.

“Yeah, I’m good,” I laugh. He doesn’t pull his arms away, in fact they tighten around me a little bit. I look up at him through my curls and a large hand snakes down to squeeze my ass. I suck in my breath; so he is interested.

“You sure you’re ok?” he asks again.

“Oh yeah,” I answer in what I hope is a sultry tone of voice then I smile at him from under my hair. He grips my ass tighter and pulls me against his groin and brushes my hair out of my face with his other hand.

“You have a beautiful fucking mouth do you know that?” he growls and before I can answer he’s leaning down and his lips are pressed to mine. His kiss isn’t forceful but it’s firm, leaving no room for doubt about what he wants. He uses the hand on my ass to lift my hips and grind our crotches together, dry humping me and I groan softly when I feel his dick rub against mine. Holy fuck! I kiss him back a little shyly, I’m sure he can tell I’ve never done this before, I feel a little awkward but I’m so turned on I don’t fucking care. He pushes me back into the wall that’s a few feet behind us and begins to grind on me in earnest. He bites my bottom lip so that I’ll open my mouth and his tongue dominates my mouth. A hand runs up and under my shirt; rough fingers running over my chest and moving up to pinch my nipple drawing another moan out of me.

I run my hands up his back and fist his hair with one hand and feeling a surge of boldness I run my other hand down to his ass and pull him closer to me, making him rub against my dick even harder. I didn’t quite realize how good that was going to feel though and I end up whimpering at the shock that runs through me and I clench his hair tightly in my hand. He laughs and breaks the kiss for a second. “Easy now,” he says with a smile on his face. “They’ll be plenty of time for those kinds of sounds coming out of your mouth later.”

“Sorry,” I pant.

“For what? That was fucking hot; I’ll make you squeal louder than that later if you want,” he whispers in my ear.

“I’d love that,” I growl and boldly pull him back down into another kiss. I feel him smirk against my lips and he takes charge of our mouths once again.

We’re startled back into reality by a raspy voice and a cloud of smoke blowing in our faces. “You’re right Duff, he’s fucking hot,” the voice says.

“Hey, stop looking at him,” a deeper voice booms, “you’re only supposed to be looking at me!”

Duff pulls away and we both look up to see Izzy and Axl, the guys Stevie and I are auditioning for standing next to us. Izzy reaches out a hand and cups my chin and runs his thumb over my lips. “You’ve got a fucking beautiful mouth, I bet Duff will make good use of that,” Izzy smirks. I blush and hide behind my hair causing Izzy to give me a sideways smirk before letting go of my face.

“Hey! What the hell Isbelle?” the redheaded singer behind him asks in a loud voice. Isbelle? Maybe his real last name because it sure as fuck isn’t really Stradlin, no more than his first name is really Izzy.

Izzy turns and pulls Axl into his arms. “Calm down fireball, I’m just making an observation. Besides it got you all worked up and jealous and that makes me hot. I like it when you get all riled up for me,” Izzy hisses at the glaring redhead and pulls him into fierce kiss. The shorter man fights it for a second but then accepts the kiss but bites Izzy’s lip for good measure. “Jesus
fuck Axl!” Izzy exclaims.

“Don’t forget where you belong,” Axl chastises giving Izzy an evil smirk.

Izzy swats his ass and turns to us with his arm around Axl’s shoulder. “You guys ready?” We nod at him. “Well let’s go then. We’ll go retrieve blondie over there,” he says and motions towards Steven. “Meet us out front.”

He pulls Axl away through the crowd by his hand and I turn back to Duff. He kisses me again softly and I squeak as I feel a hand pushing down my pants and wrapping around my dick which is fucking throbbing. “Jesus fuck man!” Duff exclaims in surprise and lightly strokes me causing me to moan and dig my fingers into his arms; my dick twitching in his hand. “Your dick is fucking huge!” He strokes me again and I moan and squirm in desperation against his hand. “The bathroom is right there to our right, come on. I was gonna tell you that I would take care of this later,” he whispers squeezing my cock a little “but I don’t think you can wait that long. Besides, I need to see this for myself” He removes his hand from my pants and pulls my arm, dragging me into the empty bathroom. He locks us into the big stall on the end and goes to work on my belt, his tongue working on my mouth again.

He gets my pants opened and jerks them down over my hips. He pulls away from my lips and looks down and groans. “You’re fucking gorgeous,” he breathes running his fingertips slowly up my shaft. My cock spasms under his touch and he laughs quietly. “Take your shirt off so you don’t get cum on it,” he whispers and I do what he says and he removes his own shirt. He looks down into my eyes and licks his hand before he wraps it around my dick and starting to jerk me off. I pull in a loud, ragged, breath and he smothers the sound with his mouth. It’s over embarrassingly fast. He seriously strokes me about seven or eight times and my legs almost give out from under me. His long arm around my waist steadies me as his other hand squeezes me a little harder as it pulls and squeezes me through an orgasm that hits me so hard that I can’t see anything but black for a few seconds. I moan and cry out several times against his mouth and he strokes me until I go limp. I sigh when he lets go to reach over and grab some toilet paper to clean us both off.

“I’d ask you if you liked that but the answer is pretty obvious,” he says grinning down at me. I smile and look down, blushing. His hands gently clean the cum off of my body and he throws the used tissue into the toilet. “Fuck I can’t believe how hot you are,” he whispers in my ear and kisses me again.

“You want me to finish you?” I ask him pulling back a little.

“Will you use your mouth? I can’t lie and tell you I haven’t been thinking about what they would feel like wrapped around my dick for the past hour.

I’m glad my eyes are hidden behind my hair because I’ve never done that before, well shit, I hadn’t done any of this before but I smile and say “Sure,” and kiss him again as my hands move down to unlace his pants. I kneel down and peel them away from his body and his dick springs up into my face. It’s long and thick and with veins crisscrossing around it. Fuck I could cum again in my pants just looking at him. I reach up and trace my fingers over him, mesmerized for a second by the first cock I’ve gotten see up close. He whimpers and I smile to myself; he wants me. I take a deep breath and lightly lean in and run my tongue up the back of the shaft. He whimpers and twists around a little and I reach up to hold him still.

Some kind of instinct kicks in and I find myself swirling my tongue around his cock as one of my hands coddles his balls and the other one keeps him firmly pressed against the wall. He sucks in his breath and bites his lips to suppress a moan. I think about everything that chicks have done to my dick that felt good and try some of these things out on him. In a few seconds he’s bucking his hips towards my mouth and panting and I get the hint and slowly slide him into my mouth. He groans and grips my curls tightly. I run my thumbs over his hip bones, caressing them as my mouth begins to slide up and down his shaft as my tongue teases him with tiny licks as I go. He gives a few high pitched whimpers as I do this and I decide to see if I can take him all the way in and down my throat. I move up so that I’m angled a little differently and continue what I’m doing except that this time when I go down I let him slide in further, my throat contracting around his hardness. He grunts and thrusts a little and I push him back against the wall and try it again. He tries to buck against my grip but I won’t let him. I continue to deep throat him like that and a few seconds later he groans and I taste a warm, salty, bitter liquid in my mouth as he cums. Doesn’t taste bad, just kind of weird, I like it. I dig my fingers into his hip bones and keep sucking him until he pushes me back a little, panting.

“You gotta stop, holy fuck, I can’t take anymore. Oh my god, where in the hell did you learn to suck dick like that?” he asks, trying to catch his breath.

I shrug. “I’ve never done it before,” I tell him, embarrassed at my lack of experience.

“Are you fucking joking with me?” he asks with what sounds like disbelief. “I’m not lying Slash, that was like the best fucking blowjob I’ve ever had in my life! What the fuck do you mean you’ve never done it before?”

“Just what I said, I’ve never done it before. That was my first time,” I answer timidly.

“Fuck! If that was your first time you’ve got some amazing natural talent. I can’t wait to see what else you can do!” My face turns red and he pulls me up off the ground and kisses me again but gently. “That was awesome, thanks,” he says quietly and presses his lips back into mine as he starts to fix his pants.

“You’re welcome,” I tell him and re-button my jeans. “Thank you for, um, you know,” I mumble.

“No problem gorgeous,” he says smiling. “Now come on, the others are probably pissed off we’ve been in here so long,” he laughs and pulls me towards the bathroom door. Holy shit, this might turn out to be the best night of my life!


Duff sure didn't take time to beat around the bush did he? I stood at the curb with Steven and Izzy, all three of us impatiently smoking our cigarettes. Steven is rambling on at how awesome he thinks me and Izzy are. I don't pay as much attention to his words as I do Izzy's reaction.

Izzy doesn't do hero worship. Izzy doesn't do envy. He doesn't do vanity. In fact, Izzy abided by more of God's laws than I did. And I had grown up with the shit crammed down my throat. But then my dark Angel was with me. This was turning a blind eye to the savior I would say. Thou shalt not fuck other men and all.

"Slash was a little hesitant at first because he's never worked with another guitarist before " Steven says to Izzy.

Izzy shyly smirks and drags from his cigarette, "Well I'm a real easy guitarist to get along with."

I smile to myself. MY guitarist.

"Izz is the greatest rhythm guitarist there is." And I mean that shit.

Izzy smiles at me slightly rolling his eyes. "And Axl may be the best singer ever."

"Slash thinks so," Steven feels the need to throw in.

"Does he now?" Izzy says as he smirks at me some more. "Should I keep my eye on him?"

I was about to go back inside and drag them outside when, I saw Duff's towering height coming out the front doors. "About time," I huff.

"Sorry, we had to um...piss," Duff says.

Izzy nods, "That way we're calling it now?"

We all laugh as Duff turns a pretty shade of pink. Slash just glances down, his face covered by a mass of curls.
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