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The Band

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The boys find the magic

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The Band


After Duff and Curly finally meet us outside after um “taking a piss” I lead the guys down a couple of blocks to our studio/living quarters; in reality a piece of shit storage unit not meant for human habitation. Thankfully I don't live there but Axl sometimes does when he's angry at me and wants to be alone. I still have the piece of shit car that I drove down to LA in and Duff has a pickup. We meet in the hovel and get set up. I have to spend about half of the set up time reassuring Axl that I wasn’t interested in the kid with the curls who was going to be our new guitar player. I lied, I was interested all right, but not enough to make a move and hurt Axl. Axl’s sometimes a clingy, insecure, pain in the ass but I love the crazy mother fucker. I wouldn’t do anything to hurt him; doesn’t mean I won’t look though. Maybe I’ll give the kid some tips so his first time will be easier and he’ll know a few tricks to please Duff.

First though I need to make sure these guys can play. I plug my guitar into my amp and show Slash were to plug his amp in and Steven gets his kit set up. It’s way too fucking big with a double base. We’re going to have to do something about that. I catch Duff’s eye and raise my chin and he walks over to me dragging his curly-haired prize behind him. “Duff, we’ve gotta get rid of that double kick drum and some of those cymbals, you with me?”

“Thank God,” Slash sighs. “I’ve been trying to get him to cut down on that kit forever!
Well then, now’s the time!” I say slyly. I get Axl to distract Steven and Duff, Slash, and I get to work disassembling and hiding some of the drums. The drunken blonde is pissed off when he returns to the rehearsal space after hanging out and talking to Axl outside to find half of his drum kit gone.

“What the fuck dude?” Steven screeches when
he sees that half his kit is missing.

“Chill out man, this is how we want our drummer to play; now hush it and get back there and play! We start with some Aerosmith and Zepplin covers and then I showed Slash the beginnings of “Don’ Cry.” He took it and flew with it. You could almost see the colors flying off of his fingers and into the guitar as the music flowed around him. I have never seen anything so magical in my whole life as that boy and the sounds that come out of his guitar. I don’t even have to think about it and I know Axl doesn’t either. The guys are in. The drummer’s got potential, I can teach him, Duff can teach him and Slash, that kid can only get better and better.

I pick up my guitar and start to play along with Slash, striking up a rhythm to go with something he’s playing and it blends together perfectly. Duff fills in the bass line and soon we’ve got a couple of verses and a bridge. Axl throws in some lyrics and it all fits, it all just comes together. This is it. This is THE BAND.

After the guys leave and go home to pack their stuff for the big trip tomorrow Axl pounces on me.

“What are you doing fireball” I tease him as he jumps on my back.

“I’m coming to make sure you know that you’re mine and only mine.” He answers and bites down softly on my neck as I carry him to bed.
I toss him onto the bed and flop down next to him. Axe, you know you’re the only one for me babe. I don’t want that curly haired kid I just wanted to look at him. You look sometimes too; I catch your eyes wandering around at other dudes but I know where your heart is. Your heart holds mine and mine holds yours; they’re woven into each other and they can’t ever be separated, so don’t worry baby. I reach over and pull him close to me, my fingers running through those flame colored tresses as I kiss him. My kisses are soft at first and I gently run my fingertips up and down his chest. He lets me peel back his shirt and he unbuttons mine and slides it down my shoulders. We continue to make out until I have the clothes off of both of us and he’s laying under me .

“You ready for this red?” I ask him as I pick up the lube.

“I’m ready Izz, take me, I’ve been waiting since I fucked that whore with you earlier!” I laugh as I lube up my fingers and begin to stretch Axl out. He groans as I search for his prostate and cries out as I find it. I smile and keep working him until he’s writhing on my hand. I remove my fingers much to his disappointment and lube up my dick. I line up my cock with his ass and grip his hips as I fill him in one long push.

He gasps as I enter him. “You like that fireball?” I ask while dragging my dick over the sensitive spot inside him that makes him scream.

“Fuck Isbelle, you’re not going to spend the whole night teasing me the way you like to do, you’re gonna make me cum when I goddam well want to!” he demands, sitting up and biting my ear.

I snarl and use his hair to jerk him away from my flesh and back down onto the bed. Sex with Axl is like a wrestling match. We throw each other all over the bed, we bite, we scratch, we pull hair, and no one person stays on top for very long. That bite to my ear started it off and soon we were rolling all over the bed. Sometimes I found myself on all fours being fucked from behind, my hair being used as leverage. Axl found himself hanging off the bed with his ass in the air and my dick buried inside of it.

When our climax came though I was thrown flat up against the wall and he was inside of me thrusting away as hard as he possibly could; aiming for that place inside me which made me feel pleasure like nothing else in the world. I dug my fingernails into the plaster in vain and screamed out my pleasure. Axl’s hand stroked my dick in time to his wild thrusts and I reached down and wrapped my hand around his forcing him to squeeze my cock tighter as he stroked and throwing me into an even harder orgasm. As soon as my muscles contracted inside of me the first time Axl screamed and began to pump as hard as he could in and out of me, yelling out his orgasm for the whole world to hear. When we both finally calmed down I wiped down the wall with my discarded shirt and gathered up a huge load of laundry from the room. We needed clean clothes for the trip.

Axl, I’ll meet you in the shower, just let me throw this stuff in the washer, Chris gave us some soap before he quit! I get the washer started and hop into the shower behind Axl and hold my fireball’s back against my chest. “I love you you wild thing!” I whisper into his ear.

“I love you too my dark angel,” he replies. He turns around with soaped up hands and washes my body and I wash his. We both shampoo and condition our hair and then dry off and brush our teeth and finally head back to bed. I can’t wait to pile into that huge fucking station wagon tomorrow and set off for Seattle!

Axl-The Hell Tour Begins

"So we should probably get going," I say.

Izzy nods, "We need to stop and get some smokes man. It's your turn."

I roll my eyes and start to let my mind wrangle a way to steal some cigarettes. I might be able to con them if a certain fat girl is working the counter. My thoughts are broke off to Slash talking to Izzy.

"So Izzy, why is it you don't play lead?"

Izzy shrugs, "Just better suited for rythem I guess."

And you guys seriously want to leave tomorrow to go to fucking Seattle?" He questions.

"Absolutely," I answer. "We even have Duff as a tour guide. He grew up in Seattle."

"Yeah I know a lot of club owners from my club days there. Plus I know where to score the best weed there is man," Duff winks at Slash.

"Thank god," I can hear Izzy mumble under his breath.

I know he's worried about being sick when we leave. He'll never be able to afford enough junk to last us til we get home. In my gullible mind I like to think he will take this time to get clean. However the sobriety wouldn't last. It never does. Izzy's already been doing heroin so long that I fear he may never be able to stop.

"So Axl, where did you get started singing?" Slash asks me.

"Indiana," I reply.

Izzy is soon correcting me, "Church."

"So do you guys know anyone who has made it yet?"

Izzy and I just shake our heads no.

"I do," Slash says with a proud gleam.

"Oh yeah, who?" Duff asks with a sideways glance.

"I know Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue."

Izzy huffs, "Not exactly something to brag about kid."

Before Slash can jump into some rant to defend his friends honor we cross the street to a store that sells cigarettes. The person working is not a fat girl. Instead it's an extremely fat guy.

"I need a diversion," I say as my eyes case the joint.

"Hell no," Izzy shakes his head, "that's the same as it being my turn. You can do this shit, get creative."

I roll my eyes and meander into the store. The guy inside is watching my every move because let's face it, I look like fucking trouble. I can see the cigarettes behind him. Shit how do I get them? I'm wandering the store aimlessly for about 10 minutes before I hear the bell on the door ringing. I look up and see Slash.

"Dude, come quick, I think this dude is having a seziure out here!"

The guy quickly unfolds from behind the counter and follows Slash outside. I bound over to the counter and stuff a couple of cartons down my pants.
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