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Taking off in a station wagon

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The guys set off for what will come to be known as the hell tour

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Taking Off In A Station Wagon


After making the fat guy go running out of the liquor store and disappearing up the block before he could catch me I met up with the rest of the guys back at the “studio.” One of their friends had volunteered to be our roadie/driver and we were all going to ride in a huge fucking station wagon all the way to Seattle. A thousand miles in a station wagon with like six other guys. Six other guys that smoke as much as me, drink as much as me sweat as much as me, god that’s disgusting but I’m so fucking excited I can hardly stand still!

When I reach the car Izzy claps me on the back and starts laughing “Good job man! Seizure my ass, did you see that asshole run?!” This thought brings on more laughter and soon Izzy’s’ giggling like a girl leaning up against the side of the car.

“Did you get anything?” I ask Axl. He proudly pulls two cartons of Marlboros out of his pants. “Nice,” I say and smile.
We get all of our shit loaded into the car and I make sure I end up sharing the hatch behind the seats with Duff. This is it! We don’t have much money, nobody’s ever heard the name of our band and we’re driving all the fucking way to Washington State in a crappy old car! But it won’t be this way forever; one day we’ll have our own tour bus and get to ride in limos and everyone will know who we are. I know it like I know my own mother’s name; we’re gonna be that big. We’re that good, or we will be.

After we’ve been on the road for a while with the radio blasting Axl and Izzy start making out in the backseat. Steven and the guy who owns the car are up front rolling their eyes and Duff takes advantage of the situation to pull me down underneath him in the back of the car. This is exactly why I made sure we ended up back here. No one can see us behind all of the crap that’s packed into the back of the station wagon and we’re laying between some guitar cases and the door; I have no idea how the guy driving can even fucking see through the rear window, maybe he can’t. Duff starts making out with me slowly, his kisses slow but full of purpose. I know I’m kissing back timidly but after a few minutes any thoughts I had about being shy go out the window as I lose myself in kisses and the caresses of long, calloused fingers.

It’s like I’m under a fucking spell whenever I’m around him; all I want to do is throw my pants off and yell “fuck me!”; although if I stop to think about what that might actually entail I get a little nervous. I peel Duff’s shirt away from his body baring his smooth, white chest to me and wonderingly run my hands down over it. To me he’s beautiful; fuck I’ve wanted to do this with another guy for so long and one as hot at this one was sort of beyond my realm of thought. Duff pulls my own shirt over my head and his lips dance down my chest; his tongue snaking out to tease my nipples when he reaches them. It’s not that they’re really sensitive like they are on chicks but it still feels nice to have them touched. His mouth moves lower and my dick is straining against my pants and I’m trying not to moan out loud which Duff finds amusing so he bites down on my ear causing me to yelp loudly causing everyone in the car to laugh; even Red and Izzy come up for air long enough to laugh. “God damnit fucker!” I curse and Duff just laughs and captures my lips with his own again; his hand moving down to squeeze my crotch.

“Behave now kid, or I’ll have to get rough,” Duff teases.

“I’m not a kid!” I protest, pressing my groin against his as he grinds into me. That feels so fucking good; I close my eyes and arch up against him, my chest pressing into his and gasping at the sensation.

“Fine, you’re not a kid,” he agrees, popping the button on my pants and giving my constricted erection some breathing room. He slides his hand down into my pants and I bite my lip and whimper. “No one with a cock this big could be called a kid” he coos in my ear.
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