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God, Sin, And A Dictator

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Axl tries talking to Izzy and Duff makes Slash squeak.

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I open the bathroom door and steam pours out into the now quite cool room. Izzy is laying on the bed with one arm behind his head, TV remote tucked in the other. One foot rests on the bed, the other on the floor. My beautiful dark angel.

"Oh hey," he says slowly with a smile. "Duff ran to McDonald's to grab burgers."

"Great, I'm fucking starving," I say plopping down in the bed in nothing but a towel.

"You gonna give him a peep show when he comes back?" Izzy asks me eyeing the towel and wondering if I plan to get dressed.

I huff, "I should after the way you eye fucked the frizzy headed kid."

Izzy smirks, "Now why do I have to be the one eye fucking him? Why can't he be eye fucking me? I'm good enough for you to look at all the time, any time you want, what's a fucking glance? The little fucker is just ambitious. You and me are known all over the strip. He's just trying to move up the ladder."

"If he wanted to fucking do that he would be all over Nikki Sixx's nuts wouldn't he?" I snap and pop up to grab a cigarette.

"If he even knows him," Izzy sighs and tosses me a lighter.

"I don't fucking trust him Izz. I saw the way he looked at you." I shrug and light a cigarette.

"I guess you missed the way he noticed you huh?" Izzy sighs extending his arm up to change the channel. I see a fresh blood mark on his arm.

I grab his arm, "What the fuck is this Izzy? I thought you said you cut back so we could go to Seattle without you getting fucking sick!"

He jerks his arm away and rolls his eyes. "Fuck off, I needed it, alright?"

God I hate the way he fucking says he needs it. When you need it it's a fucking addiction. Funny thing...denial, works both ways. For the junkie who can't see he has a problem and for the lover who chooses to ignore the problem. But shit can only go ignored so long. My thoughts on my next rant are interrupted by a knock at the door. Izzy seems relieved it shut me up for five seconds. He drags his ass out of bed and staggers to the door.

Duff hands him two burgers out of a bag. "You ok Izz?" he cautiously asks giving him a look over. Great, now someone else can see the fucking problem.

"I'm good, tired as fuck from the sun and shit," Izzy shrugs and looks down.

Duff's eyes find mine for some sort of mental confirmation on this misinformation of Izzy's. But I never tell Izzy's secrets. He hates that shit almost as much as he hates being dictated to. And let's just say he calls me a fucking dictator a lot.

"Well ok then," Duff smiles. "I have a hungry guitarist on my hands." he winks.

"I bet you do," Izzy says forcing the smile on his face. "Just don't waste all your energy. Tomorrow's gonna be a bitch."

"You know it," he nods and walks away.

Izzy shuts the door and tosses me a burger. He unwraps his and inspects it's contents on the way back to the bed.

"See, even Duff can tell how fucking high you are," I shake my head and ignore the burger in front of me all together.

"No he can't," Izzy retorts as he returns to the bed.

"Oh yes he can," I protest, "And it's just a matter of time before little mister ambitious notices too!"

"So?" Izzy asks taking a bite of his burger.

"So he's just a kid who wants to be part of the club. He will probably try the shit too. End up just like you, always 'needing' a fucking fix."

Izzy sighs, "You plan to be like this all fucking night? Or are you gonna eat your damn food? Weren't you starving and shit? Did the magical powers that be not shine this fucking burger down at you?"

This is me getting on Izzy's nerves. A hard feat to accomplish usually. But it has been an exhausting day. See Izzy has this way with me. To shut me up he talks about god and shit because he knows how much that shit was crammed down my throat in Indiana. Izzy doesn't even believe in god, but he sure uses his name to shut me up.

See Izzy knows how Steven Bailey would fly off into rants about shit and bring up god and beat the shit out of me. He knows that shit somehow scares me into submission, like I'm trying to avoid an ass beating. It's control. A control that works on me anyway and Izzy fucking knows it. I think he secretly reads the bible just to have some new shit to silence me with. That motherfucker.

"I swear Izzy...if that shit you just have to have in your fucking veins all the time lands my ass back in Indiana I will never fucking forgive you."

"Nobody's going back to Indiana fireball," he says and takes another bite.

"Except maybe in a coffin, huh?"

His eyes cut over at me.

"That shit kills people every fucking day. People we have known. It's dangerous and you don't even fucking care. Why Izzy? Why did you even end up on that shit? You are a fucking dealer! You saw what it does to those people. How many bitches sucked you off for that shit? How about that one we always gang banged and then you would short her just to get yourself off! Everyday you see how fucking bad this shit can get but you just keep right on fucking doing it. Do you know what the definition of insanity is?"

He smirks, "Have a feeling I'm about to."

"Doing the same shit over and over and expecting a different outcome."

"Mmmm," he nods, "so your goddamn dictating to me and expecting me to listen would fit your definition of insanity there huh?"


Duff comes back with our food and inhales his before he disappears into the shower for the next half an hour. It feels so fucking good to be clean and have all that sweat washed off of me . I’m sprawled out across one of the beds in the room in my boxers watching TV and drinking shitty tap water and wishing it was beer but beer costs money. Guess it would dehydrate us even more than we already are anyway. I’ve had about 8 plastic cups of water since we got here and I’m still thirsty. Poor Duff’s face is sunburned across the bridge of his nose and his cheeks under his eyes; looks like it really hurts. My face and arms hurt a little and my skin’s so much darker than Duff’s. If we have to walk tomorrow I’m stealing some sunscreen from the gas station next door before we leave; all of the other guys are going to cook before we get there.

Duff comes out of the bathroom in a towel and smiles when he sees me looking at him. I look away quickly and I can feel my face flush. “You know it’s ok to look,” Duff says still grinning. I glance back up at him and he shakes his head chuckling. He stands up with a pair of boxers in his hand. “Do you want me to put these on?” he asks me.

No, I don’t want him to put them on; being alone like this makes me nervous as fuck but I don’t want him to put them on. “Not necessarily,” I say to him. He smirks and walks over to me in his towel, putting the boxers on the table between the beds. I stop breathing when he sits down on the bed and runs his hand down my bare chest and I swallow hard.

“You ok Curly Sue?” he asks.

“What did you just call me?” I laugh.

“You heard me, you ok? You want me to stop?” he asks again.

“No, I don’t want you to stop, just, I don’t know what I’m, um, ready for. Just…”

“Just don’t get pushy? I won’t. You don’t have to worry about that. I’m not gonna make you do anything you don’t want to do,” he reassures me.

I look at him, actually look him in the eyes, and I can tell he’s not lying. He runs his hand back up my chest and I finally get the nerve to reach out and grab the towel from his waist. My eyes widen at the sight of him naked. Then his lips are on mine and I’m fucking lost. I feel him move and climb on top of me and I run my hand up into his wet blonde hair and kiss him harder. He pulls back though and I look up at him wanting more but he’s only pulled away to get my shorts off of me. Impatiently I pull him back down to my mouth, and groan when his tongue slips into my mouth and my hips rise up to meet his and he rubs his erection against mine. Holy shit that feels good! I hear him gasp at the sensation and I move my hands down over his ass and pull him into me again; this time pulling a little moan out of him.

He pulls away again and I whine in frustration. Duff just laughs. “Just let me look at you for a second would you? You know I’ve never actually gotten to see you completely naked, shit I’ve wanted to for two days; no, I take that back, I wanted to see you naked when we played together too. Just lay back and relax,” he says in a soothing voice. So I do and I can feel his eyes sweeping over me; mine are doing their fair share of exploration at the moment too. “You’re so fucking beautiful do you know that?”

“No,” I answer. “But I know that you are.”

“Trust me, I’m the one who can’t take their eyes off of you right now!” he says smiling down at me. His hands skim down my arms and over my stomach and then up my thighs and then I feel long, calloused fingers skimming over my cock and I close my eyes in pleasure and then he’s kissing me again and I’m in fucking heaven. His lips move down my neck and along my collar bone pulling a moan out of my throat. His mouth continues to move down my chest, my stomach and then fuck all he stops again!

“God damnit why are you such a fucking tease?!” I ask desperately.

“Because your reaction’s cute!” he smirks and runs his tongue up the back of my cock. My hips automatically move towards his mouth and I almost yell in pleasure and grip the sheets. He keeps teasing me like that until I think I’m going to die; licking and sucking the head of my cock and then backing off to run his tongue up my thigh, down over my balls, anything to make me pant and squirm and want him even more. Finally he fucking actually takes my dick in his mouth, his hand covering what he can’t take in and he starts to slide his mouth up and down my shaft. His mouth is so warm and soft and when he sucks me it’s better than any fucking chick has ever been. My breathing speeds up and starts to hitch and he swirls his tongue around the head of my dick before sliding his mouth back down over me and humming. I fist his hair and hear myself saying his name loudly although I’m surprised I can hear anything over the blood rushing in my ears. I cum hard and long and Duff doesn’t let up until he’s swallowed every drop of cum he can suck out of me. Then he sits up licking his lips and looks at me, “That’s why I tease you Curly Sue, so I can make you cum like that. Anymore questions?”

“No,” I answer weakly, “none.”
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