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What Friends Are For

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Izzy moves in with Slash and Duff

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“Just please give it back to me,” he pleads with us. “I can’t do this shit right now! Just give it to me Duff; you don’t even have to let me stay here, just give it to me and I’ll go ok? I don’t want anything else, just please, please give me the stuff!”

He stops fighting and sags in my arms; the tears finally spilling down his cheeks. His knees give out and suddenly my arms are the only thing holding him up. I stumble and almost drop him and fall down on top of him but I catch myself and lower him to the floor. I look up at Duff wondering what he’ll say; will he give him the shit and let him go? Really? He wouldn’t do that to Izzy…

My faith in him is well placed; he’s way too sweet and like I figured he cares about Izzy way too much to kick him out. He squats down in front of him and puts his hand on his shoulder and says “Izzy, we don’t want you to leave, you’re our friend, we are about you, why would you think we would kick you out when shit gets bad for you?”

Izzy doesn’t answer for a minute; he just kind of shakes and sucks in these huge, heaving breaths like he can’t breathe except that I know he’s fine. My guess is he’s trying to stop crying. “Fuck Duff, that’s what people do to me lately; didn’t you know I’m just a lying piece of shit junkie? How’d you miss the memo on that? Apparently all I’m worth is being shoved down and punched in the fucking face because I won’t feel it anyway; smacked out junkies don’t feel anything, didn’t you know that?”

“Is that what he fucking said?” I ask incredulously and sit down on the floor beside Izzy, “Axl actually said that shit to you?”

“Yeah he said it; right before he punched me again only that didn’t knock me out; it just busted the living fuck out of my lip out so he had to punch me right fucking here,” Izzy sighs, gesturing to the huge bruise on the side of his face running up into his hair at his temple. I woke up this morning and my head was throbbing and my eye was swollen and my mouth was full of blood and it was dried all down my chin and my neck.” His hand rubs the back of his neck and then around to the front where there’s still blood dried onto this skin. “It still is apparently,” he comments when he feels some of it flaking off.

“Well none of that’s true Izzy and you know it. He shouldn’t have fucking hit you no matter what; you didn’t hit him!” Duff exclaims. Where does he get off with saying that kind of shit anyway? He was outside two hours ago when he dropped you off sniffling and crying about how he loves you and he said that to you?”

“Duff, you know he has a weird, twisted, sense of love sometimes, like he has to push the limits as far as he can. I don’t usually take his shit either but there’s just been so much of it lately and I was too fucking drunk to argue with him after he said all of that. Besides it fucking hurt too much to say anything,” Izzy tells us and then pulls his knees up into his chest and lays his forehead on them; hiding his face because he’s crying.

“Hey Izz, it’s gonna be ok; it won’t hurt like this forever, I promise. He’ll figure out what he’s missing, don’t worry,” I soothe him and rub my hand up and down and his back and then put my arm around him and pull him towards me. He leans into my shoulder looking for comfort and I hold him close to me for a minute until he sighs and sits up; raising his eyes to meet Duff’s.

Duff knows exactly what he wants; he wants his smack. “Here’s the deal Iz,” he says softly but with a firmness in his voice that says he won’t be messed with, “I’ll give you one of these syringes now; is that enough?” Izzy nods and I can see him practically salivating for it. Then I’ll give you another one tonight ok?”

“That’s fine,” Izzy agrees. Duff hands one of the needles over and helps Izzy stand up. “Can I take a shower and have something to eat?” he asks.

“Izzy, you don’t have to ask; just live here and do what you want; it’s your house too for as long as you want it to be. I’ll get you some clothes and then we’ll go over to your apartment and get your guitar and some more stuff for you to wear ok? Just relax, make yourself at home,” Duff tells him.
Izzy looks over at me, “That ok with you?” he asks quietly.

“Izzy, it’s fine, you’re welcome here as long as you want to be here I promise,” I answer him.

“Thanks,” Izzy says softly and hugs both of us. Izzy goes off to shower up and Duff finds some clothes for him and we leave to walk over to Izzy’s apartment for his stuff.
Duff grabs my hand as soon as we’re out the door and pulls me to him and kisses me hard. “I swear to God I will never, ever hurt you like that Slash,” he says leaning his forehead on mine and wrapping his arms tightly around my waist and I wind mine around his neck.

“I know, I love you and I love the way the way you treat me and I’m so happy being with you,” I breathe, kissing him again.

“I love you too,” he replies and kisses me on the forehead. “Come on, let’s stop at the Salvation Army at the end of Izzy’s street and get him a blanket, we only have the two on our bed and the little one in the living room probably should get some sheets too while we’re in there, I know he and Axl only have the sheets and blanket on their mattress and we should take that shit but we can leave it for Axl.”

“Sure,” I agree and Duff reaches for my hand and intertwines his fingers with mine as we walk down the street. We stop in the thrift store and find Izzy some loud, striped, yellow and white sheets and a large, soft, thick blanket. It’s camouflaged; for that he may kill us for buying him an “Indiana redneck” blanket. We also find a new pillow still in the bag that we pick up for him too along with a couple of dark blue towels and washcloths. All of it a grand total of $6.00. Then we drag our feet over to Izzy and Axl’s apartment; both of us dreading finding a brooding redhead.

Thankfully when Duff turns the key in the lock there’s no one there. We find a suitcase in the closet with Izzy’s name on the luggage tag and throw his clothing into it, a photo album with pictures of Izzy’s family and all of his guitar strings and picks. Everything else seems to be pretty much mutually owned dishes and bedding from the thrift store we just left or Axl’s stuff. I fill a grocery sack with Izzy’s hats and scarves and his sneakers and a baggie of clean needles I find under Izzy’s side of the mattress and stack it all into a basket of his dirty laundry and we’re off.

When we get home Duff presents Izzy with his new bedding and towels and Izzy actually smiles; well sort of, as much as he can considering how much of a mess his lip was. He does of course point out that we got him a “fucking redneck print” blanket but I notice that he keeps running his fingers over it so he must like it.

Duff throws Izzy’s sheets and his blanket into the washer and we spend the afternoon watching TV with Duff sprawled out on one couch and Izzy on the other and I’m happily stretched out on the old, brown recliner. When Izzy’s stuff is dry he happily gets it out and arranges the sheets and shakes the pillow into the pillowcase and rolls up in his redneck blanket and sleeps after Duff gives him another one of his syringes full of heroin back and he shoots it up in the bathroom.

Duff pulls me into the bedroom when Izzy’s asleep and as soon as the door closes his lips are on mine; kissing me almost desperately. I’m instantly so hot for him I can hardly stand it. He pushes me back onto the bed and grinds into me groaning when his groin rubs into mine and I instinctively clench my hands in his hair. Our clothes come off and his kisses move down my neck and I begin to pant as hiss kisses move down my chest and stomach and I stifle a cry as he flicks his tongue up my cock in tiny licks.

There’s not any teasing tonight; Duff likes to play around my cock and keep me waiting for his mouth or his hands; but not tonight. His mouth is actually sucking my dick from the beginning and leaving me moaning in protest with he pulls away. I reach down to stroke him and run my tongue over his ear and then down over this throat and then dip into his collar bone.”

“Fuck, Duff growls, “I’ve wanted you all fucking day; since we kissed when we left this afternoon; I wanted to be inside of you right then! Lay down and be still please, I need you so bad. I do as he asks and he grabs the lube from the drawer beside the bed and sits up over me and slicks up his fingers.

I pull him back down to my lips and his tongue slips into my mouth exploring and teasing and I gasp as I feel one of his fingers sliding around my entrance but not pushing into me. He smiles against my mouth and starts to work the finger into me and then quickly adds a second one and I groan into his kiss. He curls his fingers a little inside of me and I fist his hair hard as my body spasms as he strokes my prostate and pushes down. He gradually eases a third finger into me and pleasures me until I’m writhing underneath him, desperately trying to get him to stimulate me more.

He pulls his mouth away from mine and slides his fingers out and looks down at me. “I love you so much,” he whispers.

“I love you too Blondie,” I tell him and smile as I stroke his cheek.

“You ready pretty baby?” he asks. I nod and he lines himself up and pushes into me; literally taking my breath for a second. “You ok Slash?” he asks, concerned about hurting me.

“I’m fine, push in, I need you,” I hiss. He doesn’t hesitate; he thrusts in the rest of the way in a quick thrust and I moan as his cock slides over that magical spot. He looks down at me and I nod and he pushes himself up on his hands above me and begins to fuck me with hard, purposeful thrusts deep inside of my body. Our tongues tangle together in desperation and he speeds up the pace and he’s starting to fuck me almost punishingly hard and I know his climax was close but that he wouldn’t give in until I did. Within a few more strokes I groaned out loud and started raising my hips to meet his. A few more thrusts at that fast pace and I start to whimper and then just outright moan and pant and then almost yell as my orgasm rips through me; setting off Duff’s a second later. He goes stiff above me grunting and riding me until he had nothing left to give.

He collapsed onto his elbows and I pulled him the rest of the way down so that his chest was pressed to my stomach and his head was nestled onto my shoulder. “Thank you,” he whispers. “I needed you.”

“You weren’t the only one who needed that; it’s been a long fucking day,” I sigh.

“Yeah no shit,” Duff agrees. Apparently someone thinks it should get longer because the telephone rings.

I look at Duff and he shrugs as I reach over and answer it.
I barely get out the word “Hello” before a voice blurts out “Slash its Nikki, I’m having a party tomorrow night you in? Bring your boyfriend and the rest of those fuckers you play with. I mouth “Party at Sixx’s tomorrow?” to Duff and he shrugs and nods.

“Yeah sure, we’ll be there,” I tell him.

“Ok, cool,” he replies and hangs up. Sixx is a strange fucking dude.
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