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Brownie Points

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Izzy apologizes to erin

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Izzy is such a vindictive little shit. Yeah fucking a chick is the point. Running a train with Slash, not so fucking cool Isbell. I suppose it conveys he's into chicks but I never said to fucking share with anyone but me. But deep down I know this is Izzy throwing up his middle finger at me and insinuating I'm being a fucking dictator.

When he climbed down out of that bunk he just gave me a smirk and sparked up a cigarette. "Anything else I can do for ya there darlin?"

My eyes narrow at him.

"No?" he shrugs and exhales.

"What the fuck was that shit Izzy?" I motion up at the bunk bed where the girl was still trying to find her fucking clothes.

"What his majesty wanted, right?" He says scratching his arm. "I think you deserved it for what you did to Duff and Slash. How'd you get Duff to do it? Threaten to kick him out?"

"Stop changing the subject. Why Slash?" I demand.

"Why not? There was a chick involved, just doing like you wanted Fireball." He inhales and glares at me daringly.

"Yeah, well I think you're paying me back for the last few weeks we were broken up." fold my arms over my chest with an icy glare. It doesn't even phase Izzy's indifference.

He smirks and huffs, "Maybe a little. You know how much it turns me on to see you jealous. If all these people weren't here I'd let you punish me proper." He winks at me and looks over my shoulder. "Aaaah, looks like your rent voucher just made it to the party," he motions his head to the door. He drags slowly from his cigarette with a squinted eye as he looks at Erin in the doorway. "Guess I'd score you some brownie points if I go apologize to her."

I grab his arm, "I wasn't done discussing this."

He looks at my hand holding his arm. ", but I was. I think I've said all I need to say about the situation. I did exactly as you asked. End of story."

"Slash wasn't supposed to help you gang bang that girl!" I raise my voice.

Izzy shrugs, "Then go fucking run a train with him too and get the fuck over it Axl. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go hook you up with Erin."

I let go of his arm and vanish into the crowd from a safe distance where I can see and hear what Izzy says to Erin. I watch Izzy go into full fledged actor mode. Izzy was very good at making people believe him. He was the type of guy who could sell you garbage and make you think it was a priceless artifact. He was so persuasive. Every word he would say would be so calculated and sure. He could know absolutely nothing about something but convince you he was an expert on the matter. Izzy was a con and a hustler and I loved that shit about him. Fuck here in LA like we live, I'm thankful as shit for it. It took care of me. One thing I knew without a doubt, Izzy always won and had the last word in the end. With him by my side nothing would fail.

I watch as Izzy drops his eyes to the floor as he approaches Erin. He does this because theres a look of disapproval and hatred in his eyes for her. Do you really think Izzy wasn't jealous? Come the fuck on, he wouldn't piss on her if she were on fire. But Izzy loves me and he loves this band. There's nothing he wouldn't do for either of us.

There's a hesitant look on Erin's face. She doesn't know if this is going to be a repeat of Nikki's party or if Izzy was going to kick her out. Izzy fumbles with his cigarette pretending to be nervous and timid with a shameful slouch.

"Erin," he sighs and shakes his head still not looking at her, "I really gotta apologize to you for the other night Nikki's."

Erin seems shocked but relieved this won't be a fight.

"I was all fucked up and shit and I guess percolating over the whole breakup with Axl." Izzy drags from his cigarette and finally looks at her. I see his disdain, his jealousy of her. I watch as his eyes seem to soften for some reason. What's this shit? "I'm sorry I came at you balls swinging," he slightly chuckles, "Literally."

Erin smiles at his joke and looks down blushing. Not so sure how I should feel about the fact that Izzy was making her blush.

"Really," he nods and looks at her sincerely, "I was wrong for shoving you. I was wrong to cause a scene. And I'm sorry you and the rest of the party had to see me do that shit butt ass naked."

"I guess I understand your motivations," she smiles.

"Ten years is a long time to be with a person ya know? Its just gonna take some time." He drags from his cigarette and just looks her over. "You're really fucking beautiful, I can see why he likes you."

Alright Izzy now you're fucking flirting. Stop that shit, I saw her first. And Erin is blushing again.

"So are you ok with me seeing him? Or is it going to be a war zone every time you get too fucked up?" She raises an eyebrow at him.

Izzy thinks on that one a moment. "I wont be a problem. Axl's still my best friend. I just want him to be happy and shit."

Erin nods with a smile.

"So come in, you don't have to pay for a thing," he gives her a sexy Izzy wink, "for you darlin, its on the house."

"So is Axl here?" She asks him.

"Yeah...somewhere. I was just out on my way to work so shit won't be awkward with me around. So...enjoy your evening."

"Thanks, I will," she smiles. Then her eyes start to scan for me.

I watch as Izzy leaves to go out into the LA streets to sell dope. I always hate to see him leave when I know that's what he's leaving to do. What if him walking out some door will be the last time I ever get to see him? Not at all the last image I wanted to carry around with me. I hope he's careful tonight, especially when some junkie wants to kill him. Dear god keep his head in the game and his eyes sharp.
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