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My One Weakness

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Axl blackmails duff

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What the fuck could I tell Slash? He was right, we promised not to go along with Axl's psycho babble. We both swore to one another that we were in love and would fuck no one but each other. We fucking promised. And I had never been more sincere in all my fucking life. My mind had been made up.

But do you remember when I mentioned to you the difference between Izzy and Axl? I explained how Axl could be the nicest most charming person there is. That he could swoon you with words in that deep voice of his. On the other hand he can be cold and fucking psychotic. Last night at the party he came at me with both sides of his persona.

I was just minding my fucking business. It was a typical fucking party.That is except for the plot Axl had for the night. "You're going to fuck a girl at the party", he had told us all. For Steven, great, no problem. Even Izzy is indifferent, but then he and Axl did that shit all the fucking time. But Slash and I couldn't even conceive of this shit. I dont know what Axl and Izzy consider as love, but for me and Slash, this shit wasn't this. I basically told Axl to go fuck himself because there was no fucking way I was doing it. Yeah, I saw the logic in it, but there was just no fucking way I was doing it.

But Axl Rose is a guy who sees what he wants. If you fit into his plans then he will do anything it takes to keep you. To own and control you. Hell, weren't you seeing that shit with Izzy? Axl knew just how to get inside your head. Axl knew how to find your weaknesses. Axl knew my only weakness was Slash. Axl had me.

At the party he fucked some bitch, and yeah everybody could see, including Izzy. He didn't do anything or say one word but each time his eyes dart to Axl I saw this strange look in his eyes. It wasn't really pain, more like regret. Then no sooner than Axl's dick went down he was strolling over to me by the wall. His smile was so genuinely friendly. He leans up into my ear to tell me something.

Then his deep words flow out in harmony, deep and seducing. Calm and convincing. But what they tell me is anything but something of a good nature. "Either you fuck the next bitch you see or I'll turn Curly Sue out to Izzy by morning." He pulls back to look at me. His face seems so fucking relaxed with nothing but a convincing smile on it. "Surely you've seen the way he looks at him. He's even told you he was hot...oogled his mouth. Izzy would fuck him in a heartbeat."

"Izzy wouldn't do that," I shake my head.

Axl laughs, "You really think so? Enough liquor and he will do all kinds of shit you never thought he would do." Axl looks over his shoulder at Izzy then back to me. "He sure is drinking a lot tonight."

"Axl, I love Slash. You can't do shit like that to someone you love," I protest.

"Izzy and I love one another but you dont hear us bitching," he shrugs.

"And you two have the most fucked up relationship ever," I feel the need to point out to him.

Axl throws his arm around my shoulder and tugs my ear closer to me. "And when Izzy's done...then it's my turn." He lets me go and gives me a slap on the back. "Enjoy the party Duff."

My eyes seek out Slash. I see him talking with Izzy and a couple of guys from Janes Addiction. I can't help but notice how bright Izzy's smile gets when he smiles at Slash. My mind starts to race and have a battle inside my fucking head. I try to tell myself Izzy would never do such a thing. But Izzy was constantly surprising us all. There was just something about the diabolical gleam on Axl's face. He would find a way to make Izzy do it, that much I was sure of.

What was I going to do? I knew this band was going to make it, but I didn't need some dictator telling me not to be with my boyfriend. I can only guess that's why Axl approached me like this. He could have told me he would kick me out, but he didn't. Axl needed me. He needed Slash. So he used the one thing that would not only keep me in the band, but force me to surrender to his will. Slash.

So I did the only thing I knew to do. I grabbed the first girl I saw with spiral locks, just like Slash's. And wouldn't you know it, her name was Sue. Could there be any more irony to this fucked up situation? So I did her. I did her right there on the fucking wall, spectators be damned. I hope Axl was pleased by my performance. I pray Slash is spared the sight of it.

But in the middle of it I looked around and Slash was staring me dead in the eye. He just stormed away. I buried my head in the girls shoulder and fought tears. I started to fuck her pretty rough because I wanted to fucking Strangle Axl. Luckily a dick has a mind of it's own or I would have never been able to cum.

I tried to find Slash but couldn't find him right away. Finally when I did find him it sure as fuck wasn't how I wanted to find him. He was in the loft. He and Izzy were running a train on some fucked up chick. Now all those insecurities Axl planted in my head were starting to sprout. Izzy wasn't touching Slash or even looking at him, but his mere presence pissed me the fuck off.

When I tried to talk to Slash later on he just wouldn't even try to listen. In fact, he kicked me out for the fucking night. What was I going to do. There was no way I could tell Slash what kind of threat Axl used on me. Slash would just say we quit. And we couldn't. Like it or not, the five of us formed magic when we played. We would never find something like this again. So I slept in my truck out front of our apartment.I just hoped that some sleep would calm my Curly Sue down. Fuck, where was Axl and his powers of persuasion when I fucking needed him?
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