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There's Nothing I Do Better Than Revenge

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Izzy never came home last night which worried Duff and I and we tried to ignore it; I mean he’s a grown man, he can spend the night wherever he wants but when he didn’t come home by the middle of the afternoon I decided to go looking for him. I really don’t want to ask Axl if he’s seen him but I don’t find him in any of our usual hang out spots and I don’t know where else to look. I eventually have to go and knock on Axl’s door. He answers wearing only a pair of jeans and I can see Izzy sprawled out and sleeping on the mattress on the floor behind him. “What?” he asks running his hand over his face.

“I was going to ask if you’d seen Izzy but obviously you have. I hope you’re not screwing with him; you just about killed him you know? He od’d in our bathroom when you broke up with him. You should probably thank Duff that he’s alive. You’re not going to hurt him again are you?” I ask point blank. No use in beating around the bush here and pretending we don’t know what Axl did to Izzy.

“I wasn’t planning on it; not that it’s any of your fucking business. Is Duff home?” Axl asks and digs in his pants for a cigarette.

“No, not until around 3. Why?”

“We need to have a band meeting. See if you can find Steven and have him meet us at the rehearsal space at 4.” Axl says and blows a cloud of smoke in my direction.

“Fine, but I swear to god if you’re fucking with Izzy I’ll find a way to kill you,” I growl as I turn away. “You’d better really want him back.”

“Yeah I’m real scared Curly,” Axl snorts. I just give him the finger and walk off.

Later that afternoon Izzy comes home and showers and he can’t wipe the smile off of his face for anything, I just grin back at him; I hope he stays this happy. Things don’t stay happy for very long though; my happiness lasted about 15 minutes into the band meeting. Duff and I were the last two to get to the rehearsal space and I could tell right away that something was wrong; Izzy was pacing the room and chain smoking and Axl was leaning against the wall staring into space, a total role reversal for them both. Steven was leaning against the wall dozing in and out of a weed induced nap; oblivious as usual. Duff and I glanced at each other nervously; silently confirming the other’s perception that something was wrong. “What’s up guys?” Duff asked when we walked in. “What’s with all the tension; are we getting kicked out of the band or something?”

“Nobody’s getting kicked out of the band,” Izzy assured us and tossed the burnt tip of his cigarette onto the concrete and crushing it with his worn out boot. “But you might want to leave after you hear this.” I felt Duff’s arm snake around my waist and pull me close to him.

“What do you guys want to start wearing heels and lots of lipstick like Poison?” Duff jokes.

“I’m not wearing any fucking heels,” I snort.

“Chill out Curly Sue,” Axl huffs. We don’t want you to dress like girls; we want you to fuck girls.

“Excuse me?” Duff says jokingly but I know he’s not joking; I felt him tense up against my back.

Axl lights up a cigarette and sighs. “People are starting to ask why we don’t take home some of the new groupies we’re getting; they’re starting to wonder. Del told me that some of the guys in L.A. Gunns were saying it’s because we’re all too busy fucking each other; which is true. We need to kill that rumor fast; everybody needs to a fuck a girl at the party we’re going to throw here after our show Friday. Slash you’re in charge of the flyer and the artwork for advertising. Everybody needs to be seen fucking a girl sometime during this party. I don’t care if you fuck ‘ em for 10 seconds and blow your load; you don’t have to be good at it you just have to be seen doing it! Any questions?”

“Who the fuck put you in charge of all of us? Duff growls angrily. “I’m not fucking any girl just so people can watch and tell their friends! If you haven’t fucking noticed we’re in a relationship; what the fuck do I care if people know I’m with Slash? I love him; I want people to know he’s mine! I’m not trying to fucking hide it! Are you trying to hide those fucking hickies you left on Izzy’s neck when you had make-up sex last night? It’s not like you didn’t mark what’s yours Rose!”

“Wait, Izzy and Axl had make up sex?” Steven wonders aloud. Everyone rolls their

“Well record companies won’t want to know he’s yours!” Axl exclaims. “Nobody’s going to sign a band full of professed faggots; they make their money marketing us to girls! Have you not noticed that girls are the biggest part of our audience? If we don’t look like we’re taking advantage of what’s being offered to us nightly the A&R guys that are starting to come and watch us are going to start getting suspicious. Do you want them to stop being interested because they think they can’t make any money off of us?”

I feel Duff’s body sag behind me and I know he’s given in to Axl’s point. I glance at him out of the corner of my eye and he shrugs a little. I pull away from him and he tries to pull me back but I step out his reach. “I don’t want to fuck some chick at a party where people can see me” I snarl. “I don’t really need people to see me fucking and I don’t want to fuck some girl where everyone can watch! No fucking way! I don’t want to be with anyone but Duff! You don’t get to just mess with my life like that fucker! I protest. “ Just because you want to fuck Izzy over and fool around with that Erin girl doesn’t mean the rest of us want to act like you! I look over at Izzy and he won’t meet my eyes. Jesus if Axl told him that he’d love him forever if he ripped out his own guts with his fingernails Izzy would do it and happily go along with it; as long as Axl said “I love you” while he did it. “I’m not doing it,” I spit and push Duff’s arm off of me and walk out of the rehearsal space.

Duff follows me a few seconds later when I’m about halfway down the block. “Slash wait!” he calls out. “Baby wait!” He catches up to me in about three strides on those incredibly long legs of his. I ignore him and keep walking; I felt him mentally give in to Axl’s reasoning when he went from standing tall and fighting to slouching into resignation. He accepted the idea of fucking some chick he didn’t like, cheating on me and doing it all in front of other people! What the fuck? I know we need labels to pay attention to us and deep down inside I know that Axl’s right; if record companies can’t market us to girls who can they market us to to make any money? But I expected more fight out of Duff; how could he just give in that quickly and easily? Were my feelings that expendable? Was I? Is that how he felt about me that everything was fine between us as long as it didn’t get in the way of the band’s success?

The pain hits me before he catches up to me and it’s like a tidal wave of glass shards being driven into my chest I feel tears spring up in the corners of my eyes and I fight them back and square my shoulders when I feel a hand clamp down on my shoulder like a vise. I try and throw him off but he spins me around right in the middle of the sidewalk on the corner of Sunset Blvd. and Gardiner Ave. and cups my face in his hands and kisses me full on the mouth; his tongue asking for entry that I willingly grant and he almost shoves it down my throat; and just like that my beautiful boyfriend and I are stopping rush hour traffic. The reactions are mixed; some cheering and whistling,; some jeering and calling us names but one thing’s for sure: it generated lots and lots of attention. I didn’t let him stop either; even when he tried to pull away I only let him back enough to breathe.
“Next time stick around to hear me finish talking!” Duff says. I told him I wasn’t doing it; that if he and Izzy wanted to make rent that way that was their problem; that we don’t play that way and we don’t fuck anyone but each other without the other’ permission ok?” I just stand there in the middle of the sidewalk on Sunset Blvd. tongue fucking my boyfriend. This course leads to real fucking once we we get back home and he lets me top. He doesn’t always like to do this because I’m big and I always end up hurting him a little no matter how careful I try to be. As soon as we hit the apartment door though he’s pleading with me to make love to him.

“Please Slash,” he begged “Take me I need to feel you inside of me, besides it made me hot to hear you tell that red-headed little fucker you didn’t want to sleep with anyone but me.”

“Duffy, don’t go too fast; I’ll hurt you; I don’t want to hurt you,” I whisper in between kisses so passionate they feel like liquid fire “’You’re not hurting me; I’m asking for it because you make me cum harder than I ever have in my life. Come on, I want you inside of me Slash, please. I spend the next twenty minutes carefully stretching him out as much as I can with my fingers but when I go to enter him he’s still tight and resisting which feels great to me but not so much for him; for him it’s an exercise in pleasure and pain. He hisses at the sting but moans when I thrust slowly into his pleasure zone. I try and keep him distracted with my mouth and hands so the burn isn’t so bad and soon despite the sting I have him writhing underneath me begging me to let him cum “Are you gonna cum hard for me Blondie? Not anyone else?” I ask him trying to think of anything except for Duff cumming so that I don’t explode before he does.

He looks up into my eyes from where he’s laying on his back underneath me and whispers “only you,” and stiffens up and clenches down and groans loudly as a spray of warm, white, liquid erupts onto his belly and I feel my own seed spilling out deep inside of him. We cling to each other in and pant and whimper and kiss until we’re both totally drained. When I pull out of him he is bleeding a little and I feel guilty about enjoying myself so much just now if he was in pain. “Shit baby, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you bleed; why didn’t you tell me Duffy?
“Because you would have stopped and I needed to cum really hard,” he replies and smiles.
“Yeah, you needed to huh?” I tease him.

“Yeah, I needed you to make me cum really, really hard survive the next few days.

“Baby you’re not going to sleep with some girl just because Axl says we should for the band right?” I ask timidly; just trying to reassure myself he loves me and he won’t cheat on me or what I feel like is cheating on me.

“Slash; I love you, I would never cheat on you; I couldn’t stand to see heartbreak in those pretty brown eyes.” He pulls me into his chest and kisses my face. “Besides, you’re my little Curly Sue; I’m not screwing up the first relationship I’ve had in years where I actually love the other person. I swear to you sweetness, I won’t sleep with anyone but you unless you green-light it ok?” I nod and he kisses me and strokes my face reassuringly.

“I love you too Duff, thanks for not just agreeing to do what Axl says. Thanks for thinking about how I feel about it,” I tell him honestly.

“Never baby, I promise to never blindly follow that crazy son a bitch!” he teases and we both laugh.

The night of the party arrives and the place is packed. We played a great show and tons of people came back to the rehearsal space to party. The alley outside is lined with people and the rehearsal room itself is jam packed with people with dollar a can beers in their hands. We’ve made $300 off this party easy. We’re all trading off beer cooler duty and a roll of cash although we’re all pretty sketchy on letting Steven guard the money or the beer; he’s so wasted I’m pretty sure he might give away both for free. He’s made copious use of the loft bed tonight with different girls; eager to do his part for the band’s image. Yeah right, more like eager to get laid multiple times. At this second Axl’s up there with some girl who’s moaning like a fucking whore every time he moves and he’s playing right along with it; talking to her and adding to her satisfied noises with his own while Izzy acts like it doesn’t bother him across the room. I can tell that it does though because he’s nervously playing with his cigarette and talking to some of the guys who practice in the storage space next door with a band called Jane’s Addiction. I catch his eye briefly but he won’t hold my gaze; his eyes flick up to the loft and then back down to the floor and away.
I’m glad Duff and I agreed not to go along with Axl’s stupid plan; I don’t think I could handle listening to or seeing him fuck some girl right in front of me. Izzy looks like he could lose his shit at any second. Duff and I agreed to keep our hands off of each other for the night and act like there was nothing going on between us but that was as far as it went; we both agreed not to fuck anyone else: male or female. Speaking of Duff where is he anyway? I had seen him talking to Axl earlier but now I don’t see him anywhere. I start pushing through the throng of people packed into the room looking for his blonde, goofy smile towering above almost everyone else but I don’t see it. I elbow my way through a crowd of people drinking and ogling something in the back corner of the room and I wonder briefly what it is before I push through the crowd and see Duff with a girl pushed up against the wall, her skirt pushed up and her leg hitched around his waist. She has long dark curly hair and big brown eyes like me. His eyes are closed as he holds her up and he has his hands threaded through her curls as he thrusts inside of her.
My world stops; everything sort of feels like it’s lurching sideways and a cold, sharp, jolt of fear runs through me. He doesn’t know that I’ve seen him; he doesn’t know that I’ve caught him in a lie What the hell is this? Did he think I wasn’t going to catch him? That maybe he could just slip in a quick fuck against the back wall and I’d never know the difference? My heart feels like it freezes in my chest and I back away soundlessly; trying not to draw attention to myself so he won’t know that I caught him and I can confront him later when I have enough sanity to deal with him. I made it back through the crowd without screaming or crying or punching anyone as a result of the pure rage building up in my chest. I have to get to the door; people keep talking to me but I just ignore them and keep pushing towards the door. Everyone probably thinks I’m drunk and need some air. Izzy catches my eye as I pass him and catches the panicked look on my face and excuses himself from his conversation and starts pushing his way towards me but I’m already halfway down the block when he catches up to me.

A hand grabs my sholder and Izzy’s mellow voice says “Slash wait!” I throw this hand off and keep walking with my head down,

“For what? What am I waiting on? For Duff to lie to me some more? For him to tell me he loves me and how Axl’s stupid idea was something he’d never go along with because he only wanted to be with me? What the fuck did he lie to me for Izzy? The girl he’s fucking even looks like me! He has his hands all wound up in her hair; that’s what he does to me! I can’t go back there Izzy! I’ll explode if I do! If he talks to me right now and tries to act like nothing happened I’ll either kill him or cry! What the fuck did he lie to me for Izzy?”

“I don’t know kid, I really don’t know. I know I saw him talking to Axl about a half an hour ago so my guess is Axl told him to do it or he or you was out of the band; Duff’s not usually a liar so I’m just as confused as you and I’m sure Axl had something to do with it but that doesn’t make it right and I know it doesn’t make it hurt any less. Feels like you got shot in the heart and the bullet went right through and left nothing but a hole doesn’t it? You can’t just go home and wait for him to show up though; you’ll go insane. Come back to the party and let’s take revenge on both of him and Axl,” Izzy suggests.

“How? I ask, my voice quavering despite my best efforts to keep it steady.

“You’ll see; I have an idea; trust me, do you trust me?” he asks and stops in the middle of the street.

“Yeah I trust you; unless you’re going to turn out to be a liar too,” I all but sob.

“Kid have I lied to you yet?” he asks sincerely.

“No but neither has Duff,” I point out and hunch my shoulders up and cross my arms; trying to squeeze the emptiness and pain out of myself and not cry.

Well something’s wrong there. We’ll figure it out but we’ll get a little revenge on both him and Axl but you have to calm down; you can’t be crying when we get back.”

“How am I supposed to do that? How am I just supposed to calm down? If I think I about it I can’t breathe Izzy!” I tell him my voice rising in panic.

Come here,” he says and pulls me into a shadow- darkened doorway. We’re about three blocks away from the party; we’ve been walking the whole time we’ve been talking. The sounds of our friends and “fans” coming from a couple of blocks behind us. I follow him without questions into the dark and suddenly arms are wrapped around my waist and his lips are pressed to mine and his tongue is nudging my lips so that I’ll open my mouth. I do it without second thoughts. He tastes like gin and beer and cigarettes and a little bit of weed. His kiss is gentle and soothing; meant to calm me down enough to go back to the party but it’s also sensuous and exploratory. He holds me against him and kisses me for a long time; each of us exploring the other’s mouth as his hands rub soothingly up and down my back until he feels me relax and I moan quietly into his mouth. I feel him sigh a little in contentment when I do and neither one of us pulls away for a while.

When he does pull back I just look up at him wordlessly with my heart pounding. “Calmed down enough to go back to the party and have a go at some revenge?”

“Yeah mostly…” I answer.
“Need a little more soothing?” he smirks. I just look up at him but before I can get words out of my mouth his lips are pressed back to mine softly and I’m kissing back again. Finally he pulls away for good runs his thumb across my lips. “You have a beautiful fucking mouth; I’ve wanted do that for months. You know this never happened right?”

“Something happened?” I ask jokingly.

“Nope, nothing at all,” Izzy whispers and cups my face in his hands again and kisses me one more time. “Ok, let’s go kid,” he says backing away and walking back down the back allies towards the party. I follow him and we saunter back into the party. Izzy saunters up to a beautiful blonde girl with big boobs and whispers in her ear nodding towards me. She smiles and nods and Izzy pulls her towards the loft; motioning for me to follow. The girl climbs up and Izzy and I follow. When we get to the top Izzy introduces us “This is Mandi; Mandi, this is SlaSlash.

The girl greets me with a kiss; kind of like that girl in the van with the ecstasy on the way to Seattle. Izzy unzips her dress while she’s turned around towards me and I pull it down off of her shoulders. Soon we have her naked between us and she’s taking turns sucking our dicks and jerking us off but then Izzy suggests that we double team her and the girl, who’s higher than fuck agrees with a lustful look on her face. Izzy looks at me over top of her head nobody will be able to say shit about us not liking girls after watching this show. We flip her over onto all fours and Izzy kneels in front of her so she can suck his dick and I slide into her from behind. It’s been a while since I’ve had pussy and I’d almost forgotten how warm and wet girls are. Izzy’s eyes go wide as we watches me slide into the girl and she stretches around me and hums around his dick. I ask her if she’s ok and she says yes so I start to slide in and out of her and she moans around Izzy’s cock as she sucks it and he hisses through is teeth in pleasure as he slides her hair through his fingers bobs her head up and down on his cock. I start to fuck her slowly but speed up when she starts to thrust back against me and groan. I tease her and therefore tease Izzy for a little while bring her right to the edge of cumming and ten pulling back “You son of a bitch,” Izzy moans at me as his own orgasm gets closer but she backs off as I back off.

She turns around to ask me to please stop teasing and I quickly move to make her cum while her mouth is off of Izzy’s dick and she cries out and moans as her body contracts around mine and I guide her hips along my shaft until her spasms end and then I switch places with Izzy. Both of us are ready to blow but we manage to hold on for a few more minutes until Izzy works his magic and the girl is cumming again and she sucks my dick hard and I let go in her mouth and Izzy pumps into her few more times and then suddenly pulls out only he doesn’t quite aim at the bed; his spooge gets all over my leg. “Oh Izz! I object and Izzy’s shirt to clean the thick, white fluid off my leg but he doesn’t even seem phased; he just keeps jerking his dick until he’s finished whether his cum lands on my leg or his or the the bed; he doesn’t care he just groans and finishes. I shoot my load deep into the girl’s throat and she swallows it like a pro. I wonder how many times Izzy’s fucked this girl before?

When we’re done we all get redressed and I climb down out of the loft to find a very angry Duff waiting for me at the bottom of the ladder. “What the fuck Slash? I thought we had an agreement?”

“Funny,” I replied “so did I until I saw you with your dick buried in some dark haired bitch about an hour ago up against the back wall. Don’t give me any bullshit guilt trip about agreements; you fucking straight up lied to me,” I tell him pushing past him. “Don’t bother coming home tonight until you have some nugget of truth to tell me!’
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