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Waking Up To A Dark Angel

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Axl and Izzy make band decisions

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I awoke to Izzy's black hair splashed across my stomach. His arms and his legs intertwined with mine, as if he were afraid to let me go. A deep feeling of contentment and joy washes over me as I move his hair to see his beautiful face. His eyes flutter and open as he draws in a breath.

"I thought I was dreaming," he says and smiles in relief that we were here together.

"No dream," I smile to him warmly. My thoughts drift off to last night and that guy who almost took my Izzy away from me forever. "Izzy who was that guy last night?"

Izzy untangles himself from me and lays his head on my shoulder. "Some junkie who keeps trading his girl to me for dope. But I never fuck her, I just let him think I do. Shes a nice girl, and pretty. She was that girl you saw me with in the alley that one night when you came down to check on me after Nikki's party."

I lift up my weight onto my elbows. "Why was he going to kill you then?"

"I guess she left him and he thought she fucking came to me...I dunno," he shrugs. "So Erin, promise she's just eye candy?"

I nod. "We will never make it in this business Izz if we are all fucking each other."

"I know," he sighs.

"And that goes for Duff and Slash too," I add. "I mean look at it as paying the rent. We just shack up with chicks dumb enough to support us. Shit that Erin chick is a fucking model."

"But how will things work with you and me or with Slash and Duff?" Izzy curiously asks me.

"Well, we either hide the truth from the chicks and risk getting caught cheating on them with other dudes, or we tell them straight up how it is." I reply.

"That won't work telling them Axe. No chick is gonna be into that shit if she's paying our fucking bills. They can't know. Erin knows, but she thinks it's over between us. Just keep it that way. We're just going to have to sneak around. It'll be like when we were kids," he says reaching for the cigarettes.

"You arent going to go off the deep end again if we do this are you Izz?" I cautiously ask as I watch him light a couple cigarettes.

"It's for the band, right? As long as I know you're mine I've never minded sharing you with chicks. And you've always been cool with me doing the same...But what about Duff and Slash? I don't know if you can sell them on this one Fireball."

I sigh and think for a moment. "If they're as dedicated to this band as they say they are then they will."

"Speaking of the band I think we should throw after parties at the rehearsal space. Nikki says that's how they did it. So if we throw all these killer parties people will know us and buy tickets to watch us play. And did you know Curly Sue can draw? He can make us fliers and in no time we can be actually get payed to play." Izzy looks at me and draws from his cigarette. "I know I can make a killing selling dope. Plus we can buy a shitload of cheap ass beer and charge like a buck for one. What do you think?"

I smile, "Fuckin A Izz."

He drags again from his cigarette, "So we should probably have a serious band meeting huh?"

I nod and feel dread sweeping me. I have a feeling this isn't going to go well. Something bad is in the wind today; just don't know what it is yet.
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