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the songs you grow to like never stick at first

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"Then there was the moment of truth. We leaned into each other. Our lips met. He was a VERY good kisser."

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Disclaimer: 100% fiction.

Author's Note: Sorry it took so long to update. I've been busy with homework all week. Since I survived my first week of sophomore year, here's the next chapter.

c h a p t e r SEVEN
{ the songs you grow to like never stick at first

Peter's POV

"What are you getting all dolled up for?" I asked. Patrick kept looking in the mirror and tugging at his shirt or fixing his glasses.
"I kind of have a date...with Emi."
"Before you get mad, it's not what you think. She was upset and out of nowhere she kissed me. We were both confused and decided that we should see if there really is anything between us."

I nodded. I don't stand a chance against Patrick.

"It's fine, really."
"Yeah. It's not really my business what goes on with you and Emi anyways... uh, have fun," I half-heartedly said, He flashed me a nervous smile and headed to Emi's house.

I'm not gonna lie. I was fucking pissed at him for telling me that he and Emi were 'just friends,' but at the same time, I couldn't blame him. She's really funny, pretty, and from what I've heard from Patrick she's smart too.

"I should have expected this..."

Emily's POV

The big night was here. Even though he said there was no pressure, I couldn't help but worry. What if it got weird between us? What if it ruined everything?

Soon enough 7:00 rolled around. The doorbell rang and I opened the door revealing Trick holding a bunch of daisies.

"Aww, Trick. You didn't have to do this."
"I know. But you deserve it."
"Thank you. Come in."

I took the flowers to the kitchen and put them in a vase. Geez. This kid was too good to me.

"Ready to go?"
"Yep." I grabbed my purse and we headed out.

Being the gentleman that he is, Trick opened the passenger's side for me.

"What do you have planned for today?"
"But Mont Clare is closed today."
"You'll see," he said with a wink.
"Mysterious. eh?"
"I try."

We arrived at the bowling alley and like I expected, the sign was flipped over to CLOSED, but I knew Trick had something up his sleeve. He knocked on the door and sure enough, a guy opened the door for us.

"Patrick, come in," he said. "And this must be Emi."
"Em, this is my Uncle Jimmy."
"Hello nice to meet you," he said, extending his arm."
"Nice to meet you, too."
"Now you guys have fun. You have the whole alley to yourselves."
"Thanks." Uncle Jimmy left and headed to the main desk.

"How did you pull this off?" I asked.
"Well I told him how awesome you were, and he just couldn't say no."
"I feel all special."
"Well you are special." I blushed.

We headed to get bowling shoes and realized that we could go behind the counter. I reached for a pair of 7½'s and cursed being only 5'2". Suddenly I felt something sprayed on my back. I turned around and saw Trick standing with a can of shoe deodorizer in hand.

"I couldn't resist." he laughed. I grabbed a can and soon we were running around spraying each other.

"Oh crap!"
"You are SO gonna pay!"
"I see you hiding behind the chairs!"
"No you don't!"

"Truce?" he asked, realizing his can was empty as I stood over him.
"Truce." I sprayed some on my palm and shook his hand.
"Okay, let's go bowl!"

We put on our shoes and headed off to a lane. Before he could say anything, I entered our names into the computer scoring screen. Beevis and Butthead.

"Haha. Nice."

Bowling was pretty fun, considering that we both sucked at bowling. For the first game we really tried, but by the second we were just goofing off. We had a gutter ball contest and a try-to-hit-only-one-pin contest. After looking at scores from both games we were laughing our butts off.

"First game scores: 160 and 172. Second game scores: 30 and 26."

My stomach grumbled.
"I take it you're hungry."
"Okay, lets go."

We got our shoes on and put the ones we borrowed back behind the counter.

"Uncle Jimmy, thanks for everything."
"No problem, Patrick."
"Yeah, thank you. Today was awesome." I still couldn't believe that Trick did this for me.
"Glad you two had fun."

We headed to the parking lot. I was wondering what he had planned next. Soon enough we pulled up to a Steak 'N' Shake.

"Here we are."

He opened the car door for me and we walked in, hand in hand. Since there weren't a lot of people, we were seated quickly. I ordered a classic double and a strawberry shake while Trick got something with Portobello mushrooms and a cookies and cream shake. Once the food got to the table, we practically inhaled it.

"Trick, you rock like no other."
"Thanks. You're pretty awesome yourself."

We split the bill, through my insistence. He got us into Mont Clare on a Saturday, after all. The least I could do was pay for my burger. After exiting the restaurant, we arrived at my house within minutes. He walked me to my door.

"Today was amazing."
"I try."
"Seriously, it's probably the best date I've even been on." He smiled one of those aw-shucks-you're-making-me-blush smiles.

Then there was the moment of truth. We leaned into each other. Our lips met. He was a VERY good kisser.

We pulled away, looking at each other.

"Did you feel anything?" he asked.
"No..." Don't get me wrong, the kiss was great. As sparks go, however, there weren't any. It still felt like he was my best friend. Nothing more.
"Me neither," he said, clearly relieved.
"So I guess this is resolved then?"
"Yeah," he laughed. "Still friends, right?"
"Best friends."

He kissed my forehead and gave me a hug. "Good night, Emi."
"Night, Trick."

He walked to his car and I watched as his car disappeared over the horizon.

Relief washed over me as I stepped inside. Though part of me wished that we liked each other and we lived happily ever after, I was BEYOND HAPPY that out relationship was still intact.

Being the nerd that I am, I got onto my computer and went online, hoping that Paige would be on.

d3structive: hello!
unamorous: yo! what's up?
d3structive: I just got home from a date
unamorous: ooh. with pete?
d3structive: no. you won't believe who.
unamorous: damien?
d3structive: nope
unamorous: say travis and I'll kill you.
d3structive: no, it was trick
unamorous: ?!
unamorous: explain. in detail.
d3structive: Jason called trying to get back with me. after i said no, he said a bunch of shit about me. Trick was at my house and saw me crying. he hugged me then i kissed him.
unamorous: go on,
d3structive: we were both confused. i apologized. he decided it was best to leave. he called me later that day and suggested that we go on a date to see if there was really anything between us.
unamorous: ic.
d3structive: we went to mont clare.
unamorous: but isn't it closed on Saturdays?
d3structive: yeah, but he has his uncle open it especially for us.
unamorous: ooh. =]
d3structive: bowled for a while. steak n shake. he drove me home and we kissed.
d3structive: he is a VERY good kisser.
unamorous: !!!
d3structive: he asked if i felt anything and it ended up neither of us did.
unamorous: aww. you two seemed made for each other.
d3structive: i know. part of me wished that it did work out, but I'm glad that we're still friends.
d3structive: still, it was the best date ever
unamorous: Trick was always a sweetie.

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