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you hate him more than you notice i wrote this for you

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A pit bull, 4 boys in a basement and a message that Emi doesn't seem to comprehend. Oh, what lives they lead.

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Disclaimer: It would be cool if all this happened...but it didn't. Sorry.

Author's Note: Just for clarification, this chapter takes place a week after Trick and Emi's date. Hope you guys like it.

//edit: I can't beleive I didn't say this earlier, but special hugs and thank yous to the following people:


I kind of LOVE you guys.

c h a p t e r EIGHT
{ you hate him more than you notice i wrote this for you

Emily's POV

I woke up to the sound of barking. Confused, I headed downstairs to see what was going on. In the living room, I saw my neighbor Abbey's pit bull.

"Hey boy, what are you doing here?" I asked, petting him. TK followed me as I walked into the kitchen. Just as I was about to call Abbey, I spotted a note on the table.

I forgot to tell you yesterday, but this weekend we're taking care of TK since Abbey's family is visiting her grandparents in Ohio. Kibble is in the pantry.


I was still half asleep, but breakfast needed to be made. We ran out of cereal the previous day, so I decided to make waffles. Not too complicated. After pouring the batter into the waffle iron, I fried up some bacon and eggs. As I placed the milk and OJ onto the table, Ben walked through the door.

"Good morning."
"Morning, Emi. Hey, TK." He pulled himself onto a chair. "Ooh, waffles!"
"Yep. Dig in."

TK paced around under the table as we ate. Ben tossed him some bacon.

I know, I know, pit bulls and small children are a "dangerous" combination. Though his initials stood for Tiny Killer, TK was the sweetest dog ever. Sure, he was huge, and could easily knock you out with one pounce, but instead he'd curl up on the couch with me just like any other dog would. Even my grandma liked him, and she's not a dog person. Ben and I grew up taking care of him, so it wasn't a big deal like most people thought.

We finished our breakfast and I washed the dishes. My mom got home shortly and set her bag down on the counter. I greeted her, then sprawled myself onto the couch. In the middle of watching the Simple Plan DVD my cousin Rachel sent me when the phone started ringing.

"Rachel! Yo!"
"What's up cousin?"
"Nothing really, just watching the DVD you sent. I've got to admit that your husband is adorable."
"Heh, yeah. David is adorable...and very sexy." I heard a muffled "What did you say about me?" in the background.
"Hold a second, he wants to talk to you."

"EMIIIIII! My faaavorite cousin-in-law! I heard you talking about my sexiness."
"Hey Dave! Yes, I was."
"You have to visit us some time! Last time we hung out the wedding!"
"Yeah. Where are you guys, anyway? Touring?"
"Umm...yeah, somewhere in...hey Rach, where are we?" "Minnesota." "Someplace in Minnesota."
"Well, I've gotta go. Your cousin is poking the hell outta me because she wants to talk to you."
"Before you go, don't listen to your cousin if she tells you about her sex life. Whatever she says, I am awesome in bed!" I exploded into laughter.
"Okay, Dave. Talk to you soon." Sometimes that dude was straight up crazy, but that's why Ray loved him so much.

"Hello again!"
"Hey! In Minnesota, eh?"
"Yep. On a bus with 5 stinky men all day." "Hey we're stinky but irresistible."
"Well, you know what I've been up to. What have you been doing in Chicago?"
"Just wasting away my summer at the moment."
"You and Trick married yet?"
"Haha, no. I'm telling you, we're just friends."
"But you two are just so cute."
"Okay, okay. I'll drop the subject." Ever since we were little, she'd plan out my wedding to Trick.
"Thank you."

As if on cue, I felt the couch shift and Trick was next to me. I waved, still cradling the phone.

"Crap, I've got to go. First rest stop in forever. Call you later."

I put the phone back on the charger and laid my head on Trick's lap.

"Hello," he said, poking my stomach.
"Just a little."
"What have you been up to today?"
"Cooked breakfast. Cartoons. That's about it. You?"
"About the same, except I nuked my breakfast."

We stayed on the couch for a while, watching Arthur, which I think is the greatest show ever, even though Arthur went through some kind of reverse puberty and his voice got higher instead of lower.

All of a sudden, TK strolled into the room. He rubbed against my leg, but started barking at Trick.

"I think it's time to feed TK."
"I don't think he likes me."
"Psh. He likes you. He just used to being the alpha male in the house."
"What should I do to get on his good side?"
"Iono. Act like a girl?"
"Haha. Very funny."

We got off the couch and TK jumped on Trick. He stood there, looking like he was gonna have a heart attack.
"What do I do?" He asked, staying still.
"Just let him sniff you." TK sniffed him for a little, got down, then walked into the kitchen behind me.
"See, it wasn't that bad." I reached into the pantry and poured some kibble into the bowl. TK trotted over and finished about half of the food I set down. He walked around the room a little then sat down in front of Trick.
"What's he doing?"
"He's waiting for you to pet him...Don't worry, he won't bite or anything." Trick petted him, then TK walked over to the corner and took a nap.
"See, he likes you."
"I guess."

We sat at the table and I poured myself a bowl of Cheerios.

"Want some?"
"No thanks. I'm not hungry."
"Okay." I dug into my cereal. "So, how's the band doing?" He, Andy and Joe started the band last year. Now Pete plays bass with them.
"Sounding pretty decent."
"That's good. I haven't been to a practice in a while."
"If you're interested, we're having one today at Andy's. Wanna come?"
"Sure. What time?" He glanced at his watch.
"15 minutes ago...crap, I'm late."
"Well lets go then."

"MOM I'M GOING TO ANDY'S!" I yelled to my mom who was upstairs.

Peter's POV

It's been 20 minutes and there's no sign of Patrick.

"Where the hell is he?" I asked.
"$20 says he was at Emi's," Joe said.
"You're on." Andy took up his bet. A few seconds later, Patrick came bounding down the stairs, Emi trailing behind him.
"Sorry I'm late. I stopped by Emi's and lost track of time." He picked up his guitar. Joe poked Andy and stuck out his hand.
"Crap... Here." Andy handed over the cash.
"Okay, now that Patrick's here, lets get this show on the road."

A handful of songs later, we were eating chips on Andy's couch. Patrick kept sending me just-tell-her-already-you-chickenshit looks, but I couldn't find the right moment to. Fuck, who am I kidding? I was just too nervous to tell her.

"I've got birds in my ears and a devil on my shoulder
and a phone to the other and I can't get a hold of her
What's a crush to do?
What's a crush to do when he can't get through?"

"Shit, that's my cell," she said, reaching into her pocket. "Hello? Jason, I don't have time for this..." She got off the couch and headed toward the corner of the room. "Could you please just stop this? You don't mean that...No, I can't...I'm sorry...I'm gonna go before you say something you'll regret...You know what? Screw you!" She hung up, then her phone started ringing again. "What?! Oh, sorry mom. I...Yeah...Yeah...Okay, I'll be there. Love you too. Bye." Emi put her phone in her pocket.

"I have to get home."
"Aw. Em, can't you stay for a little longer?" Joe asked, pulling her onto his lap.
"Sorry, Joe. My mom's leaving for work, meaning that I need to take care of my brother."
"I'll see you guys."
"Em, you're walking home?" Trick asked.
"Well, yeah."
"Pete, why don't you be a gentleman and drive Emi home?" Patrick, I'm going to kill you later.
"Sure." I grabbed my keys and met Emi at the door.

"You guys are sounding really good."
"Thanks. We try."
"I'm really liking Grand Theft Autumn. Great lyrics on that one. A really special girl must have inspired that one."
"You have no idea," I mumbled.
"I was just saying that you were right."

The rest of the ride was filled with a clearly awkward silence.

"Thanks for driving me home, Pete." She smiled and gave me a half-hug before going inside.

I got back to Andy's, wishing that I said something...anything...

"You didn't tell her, did you?" I shook my head.
"Jesus, Pete. You wrote a song about her." Andy said.
"Who said it was written about her?"
"C'mon, Pete. Who are you trying to kid?" Joe said, playing Halo.
"If it was any other girl, she'd be on to you by now, but Emi's..."
"Dense," Patrick said. "I don't want to sound like a jerk or anything, but school's around the corner and if you don't say anything there are a lot of guys who will."
"I know... It's just...Shit. I can never get the words out when she's around."

Emily's POV

"You need him, I could be him. Could be an accident but I'm still trying..." I sang, walking into my bedroom. "He fell hard for her...whoever she was."

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