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what are you waiting for? kiss her, kiss her

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Emi's parade is literally rained upon, but it's not necessarily a bad thing...

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Disclaimer: FICTION

Author's Note: Sorry it took so long to post this chapter. I kept rewriting sections and my brain started to hurt...

c h a p t e r NINE
{ what are you waiting for? kiss her. kiss her.

Emily's POV

It's been 2 weeks since I listened in on they boys' band practice. Nothing's really happened since then. Summer's just hit a low in excitement, because even the Magic Bullet infomercial was on TV. Eating lunch, I realized I hadn't had much time to myself in a while, so I decided that a walk to the park was in order. Then I realized that my mom wasn't going to get home until around 6. Leaving Ben home alone was not an option, so I decided to go online to pass the time. Checked my myspace as usual, then commented on some of my friends pages. Watched some stuff on youtube.

unamorous: hey lover
d3structive: yo
unamorous: what's shakin?
d3structive: nothing. bored out of my fucking mind
unamorous: same.
d3structive: how are you and james?
unamorous: pretty good. hung out yesterday at the park
d3structive: =]
unamorous: while we're on this topic. how's your love life doing?
d3structive: nonexistent
unamorous: blah, but don't worry. it's bound to pick up when school rolls around.
unamorous: I heard Jimmy Garoppolo was crushing on you.
d3structive: since when?
unamorous: since last Thursday, when I was talking to Cheryl
d3structive: why am I always the last to know these things?
unamorous: you're dense
d3structive: ...
unamorous: sorry, but it's true
d3structive: how do I become un-dense?
unamorous: it's untreatable, hun. you're stuck with it.
d3structive: not cool.
unamorous: hey, it keeps you from going insane.
d3structive: how so?
unamorous: well with all the boys who loooove you, you'd go crazy trying to choose
d3structive: okaaay....
d3structive: can we change the subject?
unamorous: sure. how about those bulls? now they have Wallace.
d3structive: meh. He'll look weird in a bulls jersey. to me he'll always be a piston.
unamorous: lol.

We talked for another hour or so before she had to eat dinner. My mom got home, and after tucking Ben into bed, she went straight to sleep. Long day, I guess. Still in a mood for a walk, I left her a note just in case she woke up and realized that I was gone.

Had a few things on my mind. Went to the park.


After sticking the note to the door, I pulled on my beat up sneakers and out the door I went. It was quiet outside. Except for the occasional passing car, the only sound was that of my shoes hitting the pavement. The park was a good mile or so away, giving he time to think about...well, everything.

I had the whole thing with Trick was figured out, but that still left the issue of Pete. He seemed nice enough, but it seemed like he was avoiding me. I could tell by the look on his face when Trick volunteered him to drive me home that something was up.

I like him, plain and simple...but was it worth getting hurt again? After Jason cheated on me, I lost a little faith that concept of "happily ever after" happening for me.

I know, I'm only 15 and I shouldn't be so worried about being alone when there are a billion boys out there. In fact, during freshman year, I had 5 boyfriends with give or take a month of being single in between each of them. All five were sweet. All five I ended up dumping because it got "weird," except for Jason, who cheated on me. Paige joked that I was a "serial heartbreaker," and I 'd laugh it off. Truth is I hated the term. When I thought of the word "heartbreaker," words like "hookup," "uncaring" and "bitch" came to mind.

I got so caught up in actually being asked out that that I never really thought about if I wanted a boyfriend.

By the time I finished contemplating whether or not I was girlfriend material, I found myself sitting on the oh-so-familiar swing set. It was in that very spot, almost 10 years ago that I flew into Trick.

In addition to being the birthplace of our friendship, it was also my very own "fortress of solitude." Ever since my dad left my mom, I've been going here to collect my thoughts. I'd think about why my dad up and left without a word... my grandma and what she was doing in heaven... my cousin Rachel and her new husband, David...who my date would be for senior prom...if I would even go to senior prom... how Ben and Jess were the bestest brothers a girl could have...what I would look like in 10 years...

Not many kids came around since the local daycare closed down. There was just me on the swings. Me on the swings.

I sat there for an hour or so, just staring at the sky. It was times like these that I was positive that there was a higher power out there who placed the stars in the sky and put me there on the swings for a reason. Everything seemed picture perfect for those few moments.

Rain began to fall, bringing me back to earth. The pitter patter of it on the ground was somewhat comforting.

Drop, splash. Drop, splash. Drop splash.

I sat there for a few minutes just listening to it, pushing off the ground every so often.

Rain began to fall more heavily. My cue to get home. It wasn't until I got about half way home that I regretted not wearing a hoodie. In a feeble attempt to get home, I pulled my cell phone out of my pocket and dialed Trick's number. No reception. There wasn't any use in standing around, so I kept walking.

Peter's POV

"Damn." The sound of thunder diverted my attention from the television screen. It looked like hell outside. Rain was pounding onto the pavement. Down the street I saw a girl walking. As she got closer, I realized that it was Emi. I ran out there.

"Emi, what are you doing out here?" Her hair was plastered to her face and she was only wearing a tank top and jeans.
"Walking home from the park." She coughed.
"Come inside, you're soaked."
"It's okay, I'm only a few blocks away from my house."
"Emi, you're gonna get sick."
"No buts, you're coming in." I ushered her into the house.

"Are you sure it's okay? I'm dripping all over your floor."
"It's fine, Emi." I lead her into the living room then got some towels for her. "I'll be right back." She nodded and I went to my room looking for some dry clothes. Luckily I found a t-shirt and jeans that were too small for me.
"You can change into these."
"Thank you."
"The bathroom is down the hall, to the left." She nodded. A few minutes later she came out. The clothes fit her pretty well.
"Where can I put these?" She asked, holding her wet clothes.
"I'll take those. You sit on the couch and make yourself comfy." I took her clothes to the basement and tossed them into the dryer. When I got back to the living room she was curled up on the couch watching the Simpsons. I noticed that she was shivering a little.
"You cold?"
"A little."
"C'mere." I wrapped my arm around her and she rested her head on my shoulder.

After watching Seinfeld and 1½ episodes of House, Emi was falling asleep.

"Emi?" I whispered.
"I like you."
"I like you too, Pete," she mumbled into my neck.

As much as I wanted to believe her, I couldn't take what she said to heart. She was half asleep. As the 2nd half of House ended, her cell phone rang.

"Hello?" she yawned.
"Oh, sorry, I got caught in the rain on the way back so I went to Pete's....Yeah, Trick's neighbor.... I know. I kinda fell asleep.... Love you too....bye."

"That was my mom. I should be getting home."
"I'll drive you."

She got up, then looked at what she was wearing. "Should I-"
"You can keep 'em. They don't fit me anymore, plus they look good on you." She blushed.
"I'll get your stuff."

I went to the basement and returned with her now dry clothes.

"If you don't mind my asking, why were you at the park earlier?" I asked, opening the passenger's side for her.
"It's kinda the place I go to think. Needed to clear my head."
"A lot on your mind?"
"You could say that..."

Silence filled the car for a minute or so before Emi spoke up.

"Why does life have to be so complicated?"
"...Well...I don't know God's master plan, or even if there is a God, but aren't the complications what make life interesting?"
"I guess you're right."

We soon arrived at her house and I walked her to the door.

"I meant what I said earlier."

Her lips found their way onto mine. She wrapped her arms around my neck. I wrapped my arms around her and laced my fingers together, resting them on the small of her back. She pulled away then rested her head on my chest. "I like you, Pete."
"You have no idea how long I wanted that."

Just as I leaned down to kiss her, the front door opened.
"Hey mom."
"Hello, who's this?"
"Mom, this is Pete. Pete, this is my mom." Even though she's about Emi's height, I couldn't help being nervous. Parents were always intimidating, even if they're smiling and inviting you into their home.

We went inside, Ms. Ikuhara leading the way to the kitchen.

"Would you like anything to drink?" she asked as Emi and I sat down.
"Water, please."

"Emi tells me that you're Patrick's neighbor." She poured a glass of water.
"Yeah, I moved in a few weeks ago." She set the glass in front of me "Thank you."
"You're welcome...How do you like Chicago?"
"It's pretty cool. Haven't really explored the city, though."
"I see. You should visit downtown before summer ends...I take it you're going to Emi's school?"
"Yes. I'll be a junior there."
"Do you have a criminal record or past drug abuse I should know about?" Whoa. Curveball.
"No," I said, shaking my head.
"I was just kidding, but thank you for answering. Feel free to hang out here, but don't stay too late. Emi, I'll be working overtime again, so I'll be back at around 7. Make sure Ben eats breakfast."
"Okay, love you."
"Love you, too."

Emi's mom grabbed a bag and some papers, then she was out the door.

"You're mom seems cool," I said, following her into the living room.
"Heh, she is."

All of a sudden there was a crash from upstairs. "Ben, are you okay?!" He was in his room next to a toppled fan.
"Yeah. I'm okay. I just wanted press the 3 because it's hot and I kinda knocked it over. I'm sorry."
"Aww, it's okay Ben. Just be careful next time, okay?" She said, placing it back on the table.
"Okay....Um, Emi?"
"Can we play Metroid?"
"Iono, it's pretty close to your bed time..."
"I'll get set it up in my room. Pete, you up for a game?"
"I'm only the king of video games."

Emily's POV

96 kills and a few death balls later Ben could hardly keep his eyes open. "I think it's time for you to go to bed." I said, pausing the game. I glanced at the clock and it's glowing red numbers formed 10:26.
"Do I have to?"
"Yep. It's WAY past your bed time"
"Okay." He set his controller down.
"Just tell me when you're in your PJ's and I'll tuck you in." Ben nodded.

Pete and I continued playing, but before long, Ben was back in the room saying that he was ready for bed.
"Thanks for letting me stay up late, Emi."
"No problemo. Just don't tell mom."
"Good night."

When I got back to my room, Pete was laying on the floor, staring at the ceiling.
"What are we doing?" I asked, laying next to him, also directing my gaze upward.
"Ah, I see."

For a couple of minutes we just laid there, the glow of the television providing light in the room.

"So...exactly what are we?" Pete asked, rolling over and propping himself up on his elbows.
"Last time I checked, I was a girl and you were a very handsome boy." He laughed. He looked so adorable when he laughed. "But seriously, are we...anything?"
"Well what would you like to be?"
"I'd like to be an astronaut...and your boyfriend."
"You're in luck because I want to be an astronaut's girlfriend." He leaned over and kissed me.

The last thing I remember was leaning on Pete's shoulder, watching Conan O'Brien talking about Tarja Halonen.

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