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i used to waste my time dreaming of being alive. now i only waste it dreaming of you

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getting sick is no fun...unless someone takes care of you.

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Disclaimer: Still fiction.

Author's Note: Sorry it took so long for me to update. School = HECTIC, plus I'm sick at the moment. Hope you guys like this one. Big hugs and even bigger gummi bears to the following:


You guys make me smile.

c h a p t e r TEN
{ i used to waste my time dreaming of being alive. now i only waste it dreaming of you.

Emily's POV

Sunlight streamed in through my window as I opened my eyes. Strangely enough, I woke up in bed instead of my bedroom floor which I was positive I fell asleep on last night. Can't complain though, because though carpeted, it's not comfortable to sleep on. My throat felt kind of raw and phlegmy, if that's even a word. "I should have worn a hoodie," I coughed. I lifted my arms from under my covers and stretched. "What the?" A Post-It was stuck to my hand.

As much as I wanted to stay with you last night, I don't think our parents would like the idea of me waking up in your room.

Sorry I didn't say goodbye, but you look adorable when you're asleep.

-Astronaut Wentz

I smiled and got out of bed, sticking the Post-It onto my desk. I glanced at the clock and saw that it was only 5:07--insanely early for me to be awake. Under most circumstances I would have jumped back into bed, but Ben would be awake at 6, meaning that I only had an hour to shower and cook breakfast since my mom was at work. I hopped into the bathroom for a quick shower and changed into some shorts and a random t-shirt in my closet. I felt kind of clammy and feverish, but other than that I was fine. I went downstairs and saw my mom in the kitchen.

"Mom? What are you doing here?"
"It ends up that Angie felt better last night so I didn't need to help her with the paperwork. Take some Dayquil and go back upstairs, you're obviously sick." Nurse's instinct I guess. I went to the medicine cabinet, popped my favorite orange gel cap then marched myself back upstairs. I passed my mirror, and I really did look sick--pale with slight sweat on my face. I grabbed my I-pod and buried myself under the covers. Mustard Plug's "Brain on Ska" was the last thing I remembered hearing before falling asleep.

Veronica's a song that's in my head
Veronica's a name that's often said
But her friends say she's too good for me...

I opened my eyes and realized that my I-pod had made it all the way to LFO. Looking down at it, I also realized that it was 4:00. I set it to shuffle and continued to lay in bed. As I sang along to Lifehouse's "You Belong to Me," something sounded off. I took out my ear buds and heard my cell going off. Luckily it was on my bedside table, not in my shoe or some random other place.

"Hey Emi. It's Pete."
"Oh hey. What's up?"
"I was wondering if you wanted to hang out today."
"Okay." I didn't feel that sick--my fever wasn't as bad.
"Pick you up in 30?"

I changed into some jeans and put some eyeliner on. Slipped on my red Chucks and waited on the couch downstairs. The doorbell rang.

"Emi, ready to go?"
"Yeah." My throat felt raw and dry. I started coughing.
"That doesn't sound too good."
"I'm fine." He raised his hand up to my forehead.
"You have a fever."
"I'm just a little warm."
"I don't think we should go out today." He came inside, and guided me over to the couch.
"I'm telling you, it's fine."
"You're gonna get even more sick if we go out." There was no arguing with him, so I nodded and leaned on his shoulder. "It's fine just hanging here," he said. I smiled and he put an arm around my shoulder.

We sat there, just talking, poking each other and watching television. Arthur is the shit.

"Thanks for being here, Pete. I'd kiss you if I wasn't sick."
"I'll kiss you even if you are sick." Pete kissed my forehead. He was too sweet.
"You're gonna get sick because of me." I looked up at him.
"Don't worry about it. My immune system is like Hulk Hogan."
"Pumped up on steroids and rocks the handlebar mustache?"
"Haha, no, but it's strong," he said, flexing a muscle.
"You sure?"


Peter's POV

When I woke up my throat felt like a cat clawed at it. A raspy "Oh crap," came out of my throat. Lets just say that my immune system wasn't exactly as strong as Hulk Hogan...It's more like Richard Simmons, but with a box of protein bars. The phone next to my bed started ringing but I didn't feel like picking it up, so I let it ring. /That's what answering machines are for. /I rolled over and buried my head under a pillow.

"Peter, phone," my mom said, knocking on my door. I reached next to me and pulled it off the receiver.

"Yo, Pete!"
"Hey, Emi. What's up?
"I still have a slight fever, but my throat feels way better and I'm not coughing. Hang out today?"
"Uh, yeah." It came out raspier than I wanted to.
"You okay? You don't sound too good."
"No, It's nothing. I just woke up."
"Sure?" I cleared my throat so I wouldn't sound funny.
"Yes, I'm sure."
"That's good." I had the urge to cough, but I held it back. "Okay what time are you free?"
"How about noon? We can go out for lunch."
"Great. Where should we meet?"
"Umm, how about-" I didn't finish my sentence because my voice cracked and I started coughing.
"You're sick. I'll be there in 15."
"But-" Dial tone.

A little later I heard the doorbell ring. Talking, then someone climbing the stairs.

"Pete, you decent in there?" Emi asked, knocking.
"Yeah." I wasn't wearing a shirt, but I had my boxers on.
"She walked in, thermos in hand."
"Emi, I told you I wasn't sick."
"You are such a bad actor. Now here, have this." She handed me the thermos and a spoon.

She sat on the edge of the bed and watched me eat.

"Thank you," I said, finishing the last of the chicken soup.
"No problem, it's the least I can do." she placed the thermos onto my dresser.
"You know, you're probably going to get sick again."
"Well it's my fault that you got sick, so it's okay."
"C'mere." She scooted next to me and I wrapped my arm around her. "You're too awesome."
"Psh. I'm just average." She looked down at her feet.
"Hey, look at me. You're way more than average." She blushed.
"Hold that thought." She walked out, then reappeared with 2 glasses of water.

"Here." She handed me one of the glasses and pulled out 2 Dayquil from her pocket. "A toast. To getting better."

We were both crawling with germs, but I leaned over and kissed her cheek. She laid her head on my chest and I wrapped my arms around her. We laid there like that for a little while. She hummed while I played with her hair.

We all live in a yellow submarine
Yellow submarine, yellow submarine

"It's my mom." She pulled her cell out of her pocket.

"Hey Pete', okay sure...yeah, no problem...15 minutes...Okay, bye."

"I have to go. My mom got called in for work and I need to take care of Ben."
"Get some rest so we can hang out." She kissed my forehead. As soon as she left, my mom stood in the doorway. "She's a keeper."

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