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douse yourself in cheap perfume. it's so fitting, so fitting of the way you are

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school is back in session, but that isn't the only thing that has Emi down...

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Author's Note: Again, sorry for the delay. My awesome friends got me an ipod video, so all weekend I've been playing around with it. Anyways, here's chapter eleven. WAIT! Before you read I'd like to thank sing4me09 and PiecesInMe for their reviews. hands them ice cream and funnel cake


c h a p t e r ELEVEN
{ douse yourself in cheap perfume. it's so fitting, so fitting of the way you are.

Emily's POV

Before I knew it, summer was coming to an end.

"I don't wanna go to school tomorrow," I said. I was in Andy's basement and the boys just finished practice.
"Me neither," Trick said.
"I really doubt that anyone wants to go back," Andy said.
"At least you guys know a lot of people. I'll be the new kid," Pete said.
"Well you're not a freshman...and you have me there to protect you."
"Why thank you, Emi." He put his arm around me.
"Next summer, we're building a time machine."
"Because we'd get to stay in Andy's basement forever."

"Hate is a strong word, but I really, really, really don't' like you."

Groaning, I felt around for my alarm and hit snooze. As much as I love the Plain White T's, I really didn't want them to wake me up. I was in the middle of the best dream ever-- I was playing laser tag in a candy factory with Pete, Andy, Joe, Trick and a midget named Weeman. After a few minutes of just laying in bed, my alarm went off a second time. I stretched and threw the covers off, knowing that if I stayed in bed I'd never get up. "Why does school have to start so early?" I asked no one in particular.

Went to the bathroom and took a quick shower, then picked out some clothes and applied my make up. Headed downstairs. My mom was making pancakes and Ben was already sitting at the table.

"Good morning!"
"Good morning, Emi."
"Glad to see you're awake," my mom said, setting the plate of pancakes in front of me.
"There's no way that I was gonna miss out on pancakes."

She smiled and sat down at the table. I went to the fridge and pulled out the butter and syrup.

"So, Emi, what do you think of your schedule this year?" my mom asked.
"Meh. Trig is going to be hard, but Photography 2 is bound to be fun."
"Mr. Topher teaching that again?"

We talked a little more about school and how Ben was going to kindergarten. We finished eating and I washed the dishes. As I was drying my hands off, the doorbell rang.

"I've got it!" Ben said, running to the door. "Trick! Pete!"
"Hey buddy, what's up?"
"I start kindergarten today!"
"You're growing up," Trick said, ruffling his hair.

"Good morning, boys," my mom said, walking into the living room.
"Morning, Ms. Ikuhara."
"Hope you have fun at school today."
'Thank you. Emi, you ready?"
"Yep." I grabbed my bag off the couch.
"Bye, mom. Bye, Ben."

The guys waved to my mom and we headed into Trick's car.
"Are you ready for sophomore year?" he asked, getting into the driver's seat.
"As ready as I'll ever be." Pete took my hand in his and I leaned against him. Trick turned on the radio and we were off to the rather large asylum I called high school.

We got there just as the bell started ringing, so we quickly went out separate ways. I gave Pete a kiss on the cheek before I headed off to homeroom.

People were already sharing their vacation stories as school announcements were read over the PA.

"Hey Laura," I said with a smile even faker than hers. She was one of my close friends last year, until she started dating Jason...when I was still with him.
"How was you're summer? Wreck any boys' lives?" I was getting nauseous talking to her. Not just because of her toxic personality, but it smelled like she bathed in Tommy Girl. With the strike of a match she'd burst into flames...
"Oh come on, three months without a boytoy? That must be a record for you." Fucking bitch... I clenched my fist and kept that smile plastered on my face.
"That's really funny..." Thankfully Christina was waving at me from across the room. "Excuse me, Laura. I've gotta talk to one of my real friends." She flashed me a shocked expression as I walked away.

"Thank you," I said, sitting next to Christina.
"How the fuck can you stand talking to her?"
"I can't. That's why I'm here." I set down my bag. "How was New York?"
"Fun. I went shopping, and don't worry, I have souvenirs for you.
"Yep. Also went to a play and I got to know my cousins and their cute friends. What about you?"
"Pretty good. Lotsa sleep. Hung out with Trick and the boys."
"Nice...I hate to sound like Laura, but did you meet any guys over the summer?"
"Well, since you asked nicely, yes."
"His name's Pete. He moved into the house next to Trick's over the summer and he's a junior here."
"Since he's going here, I have to meet him and give him my approval."
"At lunch I'll introduce you."

Music in the hallway started, signaling the beginning of first period. "See you at lunch!"
" 'Kay, bye!"

Peter's POV

"Will this day ever end?" I thought to myself. It was only second period and I was stuck in chemistry, watching a 10 year old movie about safety in the lab.

"If you spill a large amount of chemicals onto yourself, locate the safety shower. Take off your clothes on the way to the safety shower. Do not be modest. Clothing absorbs chemicals and keeps them against your skin, which could result in burns or irritation. Your teacher will direct your class out of the room." As the guy who spilled acid onto himself was taking a shower, the dude who spilled the acid was standing a foot away from him, staring and nodding.

"What the fuck? Someone kill me now..."
"Hey," someone in back of me tapped my shoulder. I turned around. The guy looked oddly familiar. "You were Emi's summer fling, right?" I realized it was Emi's ex. Trevor, I think.
"Well we dated over the summer."
"How'd she break up with you, she pull the whole 'it's not you, it's me' thing?"
"We're still together."
"Ha. You're a new record. Just you wait. Your month will be up and she'll drop you like everyone else."
"I'm sorry that things didn't work out between you and her, but you don't need to be an asshole about it."
"Hey." He put his hands up in defense. "I'm just giving you the heads up." Douchebag. I turned around a continued watching the movie. As boring as it was, I'd rather learn how to use a centrifuge correctly than listen to that idiot predict how Emi will dump me.

After a demonstration of what to do if chemicals get into your eyes, Mr. Arnam turned off the projector and turned the lights on.

"Okay class, hope you learned a lot from that. For homework, read chapter 2.2 and do the exercise on page 78. Also write the original number in scientific notation." Music started playing over the PA. I grabbed my books and headed to trigonometry. "At least there won't be a safety video..."

Emily's POV

"Fuck," I whispered as I entered the classroom. This was for the following reasons.

1. I had Ms. DiFrancesco as a teacher.
2. Laura was there, watching me with a smug look on her face.
3. The only seats left in the room were in back of Laura.

I sat down and put my books on my desk, just waiting for a smart remark. 3, 2, 1.

"Why, hello again, Emi." Here we go.
"Hey, Laura."
"How's your day been?"
"It's been okay."
"Really? Didja screw someone in the janitor's closet?"
"I really don't need this..."
"What, Little Miss Hoebag doesn't like to kiss and tell?"
"Shut up."
"I guess I struck a chord," she said, turning around. Yeah, you did strike a chord...and I'd love to strike your face with a sharp object... I have no idea how she tested into trig. She practically failed algebra last year.

I stared out the window as Ms. D read the roll call.


My head perked up, but Pete was nowhere to be found. She waited a few minutes before moving on.

"Okay then, let's begin class by taking a look at-"
"Sorry I'm late."
"Mr. Wentz. How nice of you to make an appearance."

"Oh shit, who's the hottie?" Laura whispered, as Ms. D handed him a syllabus.
"I don't know, but I think he's smiling at you," said the girl next to her. She did one of those obnoxiously obvious hair flips. "Emi, you should watch this. Maybe you'll learn how to get a boy and keep him around for more than 5 minutes."

Pete made his way down the aisle and sat next to me. Laura turned around and as she was about to say something, Pete spoke.

"Emi, thank God I have a class with you...What's wrong?" he asked.
"It's nothing." He leaned over and kissed my cheek. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the look on Laura's face. Priceless.
"Did that help?"
I nodded. "How's your day been so far?" I asked.
"I got to see a movie where a perv watched some guy use a safety shower."
"Mr. Arnam?"
"Yeah, how'd you know?"
"He shows that to all his science classes. I watched it first period."

Ms. D went on for 20 minutes about the syllabus, then gave us the rest of the period to complete a page of problems. Pete and I finished early so we started drawing in my notebook. I was a princess, Pete was an astronaut and we had a moose named George. I know I should have been happy that he was in the same class as me, but I couldn't help thinking about what Laura said. "Little Miss Hoebag..." After class he walked me to my locker, then we headed to the cafeteria for lunch.

"Hey, are you okay?" he asked. "You seem kinda down."
"Just thinking about some stuff." I offered him my best half-smile and hoped he would drop the subject.

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