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i'm holding on to every letter and every grudge

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Impromptu photo shoots and strategically placed gum.

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Author's Note: I know, it's been a while since my last update. School is weighing me down like an anchor would a balloon. My undying love goes out to:

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c h a p t e r TWELVE
{ i'm holding on to every letter and every grudge

Peter's POV

Even though she had a smile on her face, I could tell Emi was upset over something. I'll ask her about it later. We made our way to the lunch line--food didn't look to appetizing, but I was hungry. Walked into the cafeteria and spotted Patrick, Joe and Andy already at a table. We walked over and set our bags down.

"How's your first day been?" Patrick asked.
"Okay I guess. Chem was disturbing, but I have trig with Emi, so that's something to look forward to." She smiled.
"You saw the safety video, didn't you?" Joe asked, laughing.

All of a sudden, a girl came by the table and put her hands over Emi's eyes. "Guess who?"
"Well you're wearing a lot of rings and your hands smell like cucumber melon, so I'm guessing Christina."
"Damn it, You know me too well," she laughed, uncovering Emi's eyes and sat down at the table.

"Who's the stud muffin next to you?" Christina asked.
"This is Pete. Pete this is the amazing Christina Arias." We both got up and she extended her hand. I shook it, and as I pulled my hand away, she put her hand into a fist and held it there. I was confused for a second, then I remembered that handshake Emi taught me after watching A Walk To Remember. Pound it, 2 backhand, take a drag, cigarette burn.
"I see that Emi has taught you our ways."
"She's my sensei," I said sitting down. She sat across from us, next to Joe. He gave her a kiss and she fed him a fry.
"If Emi thinks you're worthy of that information, so do I. Welcome to the cool kids group, Pete."
"I'm honored."

For the next half hour we talked about summer and ate the school "lunches," if you can call them that. Then we sadly had to go our separate ways.

"Meet after school, locker 55," Emi said, giving me a half hug and a kiss on the cheek.
"Okay." She grabbed her bag and headed off to photography.

Emily's POV

I walked into class and set my bag on the table. Lucky for me, Christina was in the same photography class.

"Why hello again!" I said, sitting down next to her.
"Hey," she smiled and pulled out her camera, George. "I have to say you've landed yourself a good one, Em," she said, loading film into George.
"I know. Pete's....well.... As corny as it sounds, he makes me feel like I'm special."
"Aww, that's cute."

Mr. Topher walked in, camera bag in hand. "Hey kids, welcome to photography two!"
"YEAH!" Random people started cheering.
"Hope you guys had a great summer, because we're going to work really hard this year...but we're gonna have a lot of fun. I have a lot of new projects planned...So, everyone has their cameras, right?"
"Yes" 's filled the room.
"Okay, assuming that you all remember how to use your cameras, we're going to start off this year with a freebie. Take shots of whatever you want to. You know the drill--no setting off the fire alarm, no running around shanking each other, and what?"
"That's right. I know if not some, all of you have myspaces, so I want to see some crazy angles, flying ducks and all of that. You have all period to go around the school and shoot. Take at least half of the pictures outside and to be back here at 2:00."

We all filed out of the room and wandered around. Christina and I headed outside and took random pictures of each other hanging out of trees. Then we went back inside.

"I want some surprised shots," Christina said.
"Can do." I handed her my camera and looked around. I saw Pete talking to Joe in study hall, just standing around. I snuck up on him and jumped onto his back.
"Oh shit!"
Christina snapped a picture.
"Emi, it's you. Jeez, you scared the crap outta me."
"I know," I climbed off of him.
"What are you guys doing anyway?"
"Taking pictures for photography."
"Nice. Can we help?"

Christina and I spent the rest of the period taking pictures of each other with our respective boyfriends. Hanging out of trees, almost-kisses, funny faces, jumping off benches and a random can of silly string were involved. How I love photography...

At 1:50, Christina and I bid farewell to Joe and Pete, then headed back to class. Mr. Topher was in the room waiting for everyone to get back.

"How did your pictures come out? Amazing?" he asked.
"No flying ducks, but we have mind blowing stuff." I said.
"In my opinion, they're magnificent." Christina added.
"Sounds good. Can you get them developed by Wednesday?"
"Yeah, we can do that."
"Great. Just bring your pictures in for next class and that's all your homework."

Last period was American Lit. Not too bad, because I actually liked the summer reading. The whole class was spent discussing the characters and before I knew it, school was out.

Pete was waiting at my locker.
"Hey, lovely."
"Hello handsome. How was your first day?"
"Pretty good," has said as I emptied books into my locker.
"...If you don't mind my asking, what was really bothering you earlier?" I closed my locker,
"Well you know how over the summer, you met Jason?"
"Yeah. Ben bit him."
"Well he cheated on me with one of my really close friends...Now she just happens to be in our trig class this year. Before you got there she said some stuff, and I dunno. I'm just being stupid."
"You're not stupid." He took my hands in his. "That girl just being a bitch...Where does she sit anyways?"
"In front of me."
"Next class, we're sticking gum onto the seat."

I gave him a smile. This time it was real.


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