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Evil Minds

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Axl's manipulation

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Fuck Izzy! He fucked that Tommy Lee again. He can try to lie about it all he wants, I know! I can see it all over him. The light sweat at his hair line, the way he's blushing, even his smell gives it all away. Tommy twists a smirk in my direction. He knows he's just fucking rubbing it in. Yeah, fuck you Izzy. I'll make him sorry for this, mark my fucking words.

"Oh hey Erin," Izzy smiles at her. His eyes meet with mine for a split second then roll away, "are you enjoying the party?"

"Yeah, sure," Erin nods shyly.

"Look who fucking showed up!" I can hear Nikki announcing as he comes through the door with his arm dangling across some guys shoulder.

I look and instantly recognize him. He was your typical suburbanite with the house, the wife, the kids and shit. I can't help but wonder if they know how he spent his nights trying to fuck guys. And I mean it quite literally. Izzy and I both had had the displeasure of meeting this fuck. We met him after a show when we played in Hollywood Rose. He was some guy from Avi Records. He got us in his car and drove us up to the Hollywood Hills sign.

He started sliding his hand up my thigh. I just froze and wondered why. Had I unknowingly given him the impression I was into him? Before I can even answer myself Izzy has him in a head lock from the back seat. The guy just started fishing money from his pockets and tossing it backwards to Izzy. So for $480 Izzy let him go. Then the asshole explained the business to us. Lets just say that directors couches aren't just for actresses. Guess that's why we haven't made it far.

I know why this scrum bag is here. We've been kicking up some dust lately. So he showed up to check us out. I glance at Izzy who recognized him too. I watch as he drags on his cigarette and tries to decide what to do. His eyes squint in anger. He opens his mouth to say something and I clamp my hand over his mouth earning me strange stares from every angle.

I give Izzy an adamant look that suggests he shut the fuck up and let me deal with this. Izzy just glares at me and drags from his cigarette again. I guess that guy doesn't seem to remember us. Bet he would have if one of us gave it up that night.

"Izzy, beer is running low, would you mind taking Erin with you to get more?" I ask.

Izzy shakes his head at me, "It can wait man."

I cut my eyes over at him and say through gritting teeth, "Please. I'll look after the party."

Izzy sighs and tries to avoid leaving by shaking his head again. Just then I see Duff and Slash come through the door holding each other up. I smile at Duff. "Duff, you're just in time to talk shop. This is a representative from Avi Records."

I watch as Izzy's mouth opened to speak, "No Axe."

I roll my eyes with a sigh, ""

He must look from me and back to Duff a dozen fucking times before he finally discards his cigarette and grabs Erin by the arm. He leaves and I feel relief.

"So Duff," I smile, "you have the most experience with these sorts of things, why don't you take him and talk."

"Yeah, sure, you're not coming?" Duff slurs at me.

"I trust you Duff," I smile at him. "I'll just take Curly Sue to get a drink, Nikki, Tommy, you joining us?"

"Fuck yeah," Tommy throws his fists high into the air.

I notice the knowing smirk on Nikki's lips as he watches Duff leave with that guy. His smirk spreads when his eyes meet with mine. Yeah, he can see what I just did there. But fuck that lunatic and whatever he thinks. I so do not give a rat's ass.

"So," Nikki winks at me, "now that you have eradicated your band, what are your plans?" He is such an asshole.

"My plan?" My eyes scan the crowd. "Fucking party like a rock star," I shrug.

"Well just how rock star are you willing to take it?" He raises an eyebrow at me.

I'm really fucking trashed. Far too trashed to discuss business, but Axl said he trusted me. I guess he trusted me because I had been signed back in Seattle. That ended because of the heroin addictions in my band.

"Nikki said we could use his limo," The guy says as we walk along the sidewalk. "I hope you don't mind but I have another colleague here with me tonight."

"Ah, no problem man," I shrug it off.

"Great," he nods and motions for this guy to join us. His colleague I can only surmise.

The three of us get inside Nikki and Tommy's limo and one of the guys gives an address to the driver and rolls up the partition. I'm not paying much attention because I'm too fascinated with the inside of the limo. I just can't fucking resist pushing buttons and turning knobs. This thing is fucking awesome.

"So what's your name blondie?" The other guy who has been silent up to this point asks me.

"Oh sorry," I extend my hand out to him, "I'm Duff."

"Duff...I like that," he smiles at me.

"Sorry I didn't catch your names," I say.

"We represent Avi Records," the original guy tells me, "we are interested in your band."

"Awesome," I nod.

"Were willing to stick our necks out for you...are you interested?"

"Well yeah, of course," I shrug. I cant help but notice their eyes narrowing as they smile at me and back and forth at each other.

The second guy moves over and sits next to me. "We just need a little something from you as a sign of good faith."

"I'm sorry, I don't have any cash on me at the moment," I say.

They both laugh. "We don't want cash Duff."

I raise an eyebrow, "Well...what do you want then?" I hesitantly ask them.

They just laugh and the other guy comes over and sits next to me as well. I look at them with raised eyebrows not understanding what was so funny. Then with a hand to my inner thigh I figure it out.

"Wait, I'm seeing someone," I say as I get the gist of what kind of payment they seek.

"We will be discrete," the other coos at me and places a hand on the exposed skin of my chest.

"No...I...I cant do this," my words stutter.

"Oh I think you can," one of them says as his hand traces my dick in my skin tight pants. What do I do? I mean they're offering us a shot right? Do I punch them? Do I go along with this? But Slash... We need this for the band. But how far will I really go for this band?
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