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A friendly little wager

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I know that Axl’s mad at me because I got him all worked up in the diner and then turned him down when he wanted to fuck right after that. He was hard and ready to go since I’d been giving him a hand job under the table. He had been right on the verge of cumming when I’d let go; his cock twitching in my hand and his eyes closing with his rapid breathing. Then I had left him high and dry and taken Angela out to buy cat litter and food and left Axl with Erin. If Axl wants to play straight then he can take Erin home at night; especially after doing everything he did to get Slash, Duff, and I to fuck girls and he doesn’t care who he hurt! He doesn’t care that Slash was curled up crying on his bedroom floor because Duff had fucked a girl when he promised Slash that he wouldn’t.
Poor Slash didn’t know that Duff was just trying to protect him.

I was hanging outside with Slash when none other than Tommy Lee walked around the corner. My asshole sort of twinged at the sight of him but my dick also stiffened up a little; Tommy gave me hands down the best orgasm I’ve ever had. Slash and I are both leaning up against the wall smoking weed and are totally drunk off our asses when Tommy walks into our alley.

“Hey, there he is; the best fuck I’ve had in over a year,” Tommy growls with a sexy smile and reaches out to run a finger down my cheek.

“You must not have been getting fucked very much then Tommy because all I did was stand there,” I smirk.

“My cock intimidates people; what can I say? I bet Curly there has the same problem. We all saw it at Nikki's party. Guys afraid of your dick kid?” he asks Slash.

“They might be,” Slash slurs and laughs “if I let more of them see it. I haven’t been fucking dudes for that long; Duff’s the first one, the only one actually.”

“For real? What made you start batting for our team?” Tommy inquires.
“I dunno, he was just hot!" Slash answers. He's so wasted.

“You two in love now? The smile on your face says you are,” Tommy teases. Slash just nods and blushes, ducking back under his hair. “So Izzy, want a repeat performance? You’ve got the tightest ass I’ve ever had and you know I made you cum harder that you ever have in your life. Felt good didn’t it? Might have hurt a little but you sure blew a hell of a load.”

“Shit Tommy I came so hard I thought my head was going to explode but you tore my ass up! I was limping for days and you made me fucking bleed!” I exclaim.

“Like it’s the first time a guy’s made you bleed! Come on, I’ll be gentle this time, please?” Tommy pleads. Before I can answer Duff and Nikki stumble into the alley. We’re about a block or two from the main party because it was a good place for Izzy to make deals.
Duff must have been looking for Slash because he happily says “There you are baby!” when he sees Slash and slides his arm around his waist and kisses the top of his head.

“Mmm Duffy,” Slash mutters and gives him a soft kiss before snuggling into Duff’s body so that his arm is around Duff’s waist and his head is leaning on Duff’s shoulder and chest. Duff smiles and squeezes him; happy to have his boyfriend’s affections back after the horrible fight they’d had. Now that they’ve made up they’re back to not being able to keep their hands off of each other.
As usual it’s cute but painful; Axl’s with Erin again tonight.

He gave me hell for giving him blue balls the other night in the diner. He got me back later though. We had a show before the party tonight and he started sucking my dick before we went onstage; something he did frequently except this time he didn’t finish me off! He sucked me slow and sensuously but when the five minute call came he tucked me back into my leather pants and laced them back up. I thought I was going to fucking die having to go on stage like that with my dick hard and not satisfied; almost made me feel bad for what I'd done to him in the diner. We fucked later backstage but it was rough; a lot of hair pulling and biting and growling; he was nothing like the gentle, sweet, lover he was right after we got back together and I already missed that sweetness between us because I know that it probably won't happen again any time soon. When he was done with me he left me standing in the shower room and didn't answer when I told him I loved him. Fuck him!

So I haven't spoken to him since then; I've just been hanging out with Duff and Curly Sue. Now Nikki and Tommy are added to the mix.“What are you guys up to back here?” Nikki asks with an evil look on his face. I know that look; it means trouble is coming. Nikki has something devious up his sleeve; something fun probably but devious.

“I was trying to talk Izzy into letting me tap that sweet little ass of his again; you’re cock blocking!” Tommy hisses at his bandmate.

“Like you were getting anywhere! Since You guys are standing back here talking about your cocks want to bet on something?” Nikki asks rubbing his hands together.

“What?” I ask barely raising an eyebrow.

“Well first I want to see whose cock is bigger; Tommy’s or Curly’s. Then I want to see which one of ‘em knows how to use those massive things better by seeing who can make their partner cum faster.”

“I suppose I’m Tommy's partner?” I ask.

“Unless you want to let Curly Sue fuck you but I doubt Duff's going to share him,” Nikki suggests.
“Hey, he’s not fucking anybody but me!” Duff informs Nikki. Duff's wasted off his ass too.

“Fine, fine, you stick with your boyfriend, I’ve got no problem with that. I'll give $500 to the guy who’s doing the fucking that makes their partner cum first. What do you say?” Nikki asks with a wicked grin. I’m about to shake my head no when Axl and Erin walk by the alley where we’re lurking. He’s telling her about an empty storage locker with no lock where they could be alone; where they can fuck he means. Asshole! I found that place for him and me; so that we had a secret place to go to be alone during these fucking parties. I didn't find it for him and his bitch-ass girlfriend!

“I’m in,” I say flatly. If Axl’s going to take her to our space then I’m going to do what I want which is cum like I did the night of Nikki’s party. I look at Tommy “But you don’t be so rough this time; I don’t want to be limping for a week again!”

“Don’t worry Stradlin I’ll play nice if it’ll keep you coming back for more.

“Well it’s more likely to bring me back than making me bleed!” I huff. We all look to Duff and Slash to see if they’re in too. Duff seems strangely relaxed in addition to being drunk, I wonder what he’s on?

“I’ll do it, if Slash will,” Duff says.

Slash just shrugs. “It’s $500 and I get to fuck you, why not? Duff starts working on Slash’s belt and then moves on to his own. Tommy drops his pants and I unlace my leathers and slide them down over my hips. All four of us are already hard and eyeing each other; Tommy’s looking at me like I’m his prey. Duff and Slash are giving each other googly eyes. Nikki does his size check and Tommy wins but not by very much. I can’t believe Duff takes that so often and can still fucking walk!

“Here’s the deal,” Nikki says, “you get 10 minutes for prep then Tommy and the kid have to start at the same time. Nobody can stroke anybody’s dick, not even your own; orgasms have to come from being fucked only. Tommy has lube in his pocket because he was hoping to run into Izzy tonight and he’s going to share. Any questions?” Nobody said anything. Ok, ten minutes starts now!" Duff and Slash immediately start making out; hands and mouths everywhere. Jesus they’re hot for each other, I wonder when they sleep if they're like this all the time. I envy the way they know each other's bodies and how intimate the experience is for them even though there are three other people standing around they might as well be the only people in the world when they're together.

I look up at Tommy nervously and he pulls me into him. “Don’t be nervous Izzy; I’ll be nice,” he reassures me. I’m not reassured. He lowers his mouth down to mine and kisses me lightly on the lips. His kisses are soft and easy; I could go for this. When I finally relax a little he slides his hand down over my stomach to my shaft and strokes me a couple of times. I sigh and close my eyes; admittedly it feels good. “You ok?” Tommy asks.

“Yeah, I’m good,” I tell him and thrust into his hand. He smiles and kisses and strokes me a little more before turning me around and having me bend towards the wall and stick my ass out a little so he can start stretching me. I will myself to accept his invading fingers and concentrate on breathing deep and evenly. I hear Duff moan beside me and I turn my head and see that he’s got his head thrown back in pleasure as Slash’s talented fingers play with his prostate. They have an advantage in that they’re familiar with each other’s bodies and where and how to touch each other;Slash didn't even have to feel around to find Duff's spot, he just knew where it was. Tommy searches around a little and then his fingers hit my pleasure zone and I cry out.

“See, I told you I’d make you feel good pretty boy,” he laughs. He stretches me open and continues to pleasure me while he does it. By the time Nikki says that prep time is up I’m so ready to fuck I’d throw Tommy down on the ground right now and sit on him and fuck his brains out! I feel him enter me slowly; trying not to hurt me like he promised. It still hurts but it’s not that burning, tearing pain it was the last time. After a few minutes it starts to feel good and Tommy’s groaning behind me. We’re never going to beat Slash and Duff though, Duff looks like he’s ready to blow any second and I can hear Slash panting beside me and I know he’s just trying to hold out for Duff. Nikki’s just leaning against the wall with his arms crossed and a smirk on his face. After about another 30 seconds Duff whimpers and then groans loudly and shoots his load onto the wall and Slash grips his hips and goes rigid; managing to gasp out the word “Fuck!”

Watching the two of them get each other off pushes me right to the edge and I bite my lip and groan. “Come on Stradlin, you know my dick in your ass feels good,” Tommy growls from behind me. It does feel good and my body spasms a little and he moans quietly. “Hurry up Izzy; you’re so tight I could cum any second.”

“Almost done,” I breathe. Tommy moves a little faster and I lose it; doing my best not to yell but I get off so hard I’m not really sure how successful my effort is. My body goes completely rigid and I feel Tommy’s arm slide around my waist simultaneously holding me up and pulling me to him more tightly as he reaches his own clilmax. I can’t breathe and the blood’s rushing in my ears; this is just as good as the last time I had him only less painful. When I’m finished I collapse back against Tommy; if I fell forward I’d be covered in my own cum. “Well, we didn’t win $500 but fuck was it worth it,” I pant.

“So you’re saying I’m a good fuck?” Tommy chuckles. Bastard knows he’s good; he just wants to hear me say it.

“Guess that’s what I’m saying,” I answer.

“Just remember that the next time your little red-head is being an asshole,” Tommy whispers and bites my ear lightly.

“Don’t ruin it Tommy,” I tell him and he sighs and lets me go to fix his pants. Nikki hands over five $100 bills to Slash who is slightly more sober than Duff and he puts the money in his pocket. We all make our way back to the party; Duff and Slash holding each other up as they stumble drunkenly back down the street. I just hope they don’t forget when we walk into the party that they’re supposed to be straight or we’ll all have to deal with one of Axl’s shitfits. As it is I know I’ll have to deal with one if Axl finds out I’ve been with Tommy. In a way I don’t care though; it hurts me that he’d take Erin some place that was supposed to be for the two of us; hurting him back is my normal way of dealing with his shit but I wasn’t really sure if I wanted him to find out what I’d just done with Tommy; maybe he won’t figure it out. All hopes of that are dashed though when I walk back into the party and Axl’s standing right next to the door with his arm around Erin. He takes one look at me and Tommy and he knows. I don’t know how he knows; maybe it’s the way that I’m walking with a slight limp even though I’m not hurting nearly as bad as last time or maybe it’s that we’re standing closer than we should be. Whatever it is he looks at me and instantly gives me a death glare but behind it I see hurt in his eyes; that’s fine because I know that I’m giving him the exact same look. Looks like we’re right back to where we were at Nikki’s party. Why do we always have to hurt each other?
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