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Motley Screwed

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Nikki and Tommy show up at the party

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Another night with another wild party at the reahersal space after the clubs closed. These parties had become a nightly ritual at Izzy's insistence. I guess they made his job of dealing smack easier. But these parties caused me anxiety. On one hand I keep my eyes on Axl always wondering what he may be plotting against any one of us. What kind of evil games will he force us to play? Then on the other hand I'm constantly worrying if Izzy has had too much to drink? Is he just at the verge of becoming Axl's little puppet? And of course I have to deal with this whole hetero facade Axl is making us go through with. I have to flirt while in agony over watching Slash have to do the same.

"Well well if it isn't my competition," A voice smirks from behind me. I look over my shoulder and see a mass of wild black hair that had met the losing end of a battle with a blow drier. A sideways smirk glints a few teeth at me.

"Nikki, what are you doing here?" I ask. I'm quite surprised to see him in a neighborhood like this, and without bodyguards. This place was going to turn upside down once people realized Nikki Sixx was here.

Nikki shrugs and drags a bottle of Jack to his lips, "Seems my drummer has taken a liking to your rhythm guitarist."

"Izzy?" I ask.

Nikki nods, "Yeah T-Bone doesn't come across many guys willing to fuck him so when he finds one he sinks his fucking claws in."

"I...I don't think Izzy's interested ya know," I lightly scratch my head, "He only fucked Tommy out of spite for Axl...and they've made up, so to speak."

Nikki smirks and takes another drink, "Tommy's not gonna like that very much."

"Where is Tommy?" I ask him.

"Prowling this shit hole for Izzy I assume," he nonchalantly says and gulps down more Jack.

"Is it safe for you guys to be down here like this without your security?" I ask.

"Man Tommy is ten feet tall and I'm bullet proof," he drunkenly chuckles at me and loosely hangs around my shoulder.

"But dont you think some of these people might get...out of hand with two real rock stars in their midst?" I skeptically ask.

"You worry a lot don't you kid?" He snidely replies as his lazy eyes look at me.

If he only fucking knew. Now there is even more anxiety added to my anxiety. Now I have to worry about two completely insane motherfuckers doing some sick and depraved shit to Izzy. Thanks guys for that extra worry, I needed it. Yeah this whole party was screwed. Motley Scrued.

"So where is your little raven haired guitarist?" Nikki asks me noticing that he couldn't find him or Tommy in the place. I mean it is only ten fucking feet wide. It's a goddamn storage unit. If we couldn't see him he could only be outside.

"You didn't see him when you came in?" I ask and feel impending doom creep over me.

"I'm sure Tommy would have sniffed him out like a bitch in heat if he were," he lazily shrugs, "So I'm guessing he wasn't outside."

"Shit, you guys didn't come here in a fucking limo did you?" I ask and grab my head. I knew that since Vince killed Razz, Nikki was pretty strict on them all about driving fucked up. They hardly ever drove anywhere. They were always too fucked up to drive. But where a normal person takes a cab, these two use limos as their personal taxi's. A limo parked out side this shit hole in the middle of the fucking night was like a fucking lighthouse beacon to the fucking LAPD.

"Well how the fuck else were we supposed to get here?" He asks me looking at me like I'm some sort of fucking idiot.

"I just don't think it's very wise to have a limo parked outside. The cops look for that shit and Izzy's a dealer and all so..."

"Jesus man you worry too much," he says shoving his bottle into my chest. I hold it as he starts searching his pockets. "Here," he says holding out three little blue pills in the palm of his hand. I see a hollowed out 'V' in them and know they're Valium.

"Valium?" I ask.

"Yeah man, you need them more than me," he nods sincerely. "Go on, take them and chill the fuck out. This is a fucking party right? So where is that kinky haired motherfucker of yours? Slash is the one who told us where to find your humbled abode."

My eyes scan the room. I didn't see Slash anywhere. I didn't see Izzy. I didn't see Axl. And I had yet to see Tommy. What the fuck was going on here? "He was just here," I say absentmindedly.

Nikki just smirks at me and thrusts the pills at me once more, "Fuck it bro."
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