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He's Gonna Pay For That

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Axl and Izzy on a double date.

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Only Steven and I still remained at the party which was still in full swing around three when Erin and I left to go grab some food. I had gotten her a bit drunk I think. So I tell her I'll take her out to breakfast. Slash has this friend whose parents own a diner. They let us have whatever we want for free.

I open the door for Erin with a smile as she steps inside the diner. When I walk in I automatically look to the back because we usually always sit in the back. I see Izzy at the table smiling and talking to some girl I can only see the back of. He must need money.

"Isn't that Izzy?" Erin asks seeing him as well.

"Yeah," I nod still looking over the back of the girls head.

"He told me he was going to work," she says seeming confused.

I slightly roll my eyes. "He probably is working. Izzy sells drugs."

I don't even give Erin a chance to respond before I'm taking her by the hand and leading her to the back where Izzy is. He looks up and sees my face. His smile diminishes as his posture stiffens.

"Hey man, looks like we both had the same idea huh?" I smile at him then look to the girl. It was that Angela chick.

"Yeah," he sighs, "Angela...this is Axl," Izzy says and gives her an awkward shrug.

From the look on her face I can only guess she knows about us. But it was Izzy who said we shouldn't tell the chicks that shit. I shrug it off and introduce Erin and Angela. "Mind if we join you?" I shrug.

"Free country," Izzy shrugs and motions for Angela to come sit beside him.

I sit at the table across from Izzy. I pick up a menu and pretend to scan it but really I'm just looking at Izzy. He seems a bit nervous. I'm not worried about that though, Izzy won't come off like that to anyone but me. My eyes meet with Izzy's for a split second. Like clockwork we both glance to the chicks next to us. They are silently looking across the table at one another. I can see each of them thinking if the other knows about Izzy and I.

Izzy sighs, "Well this is fucking awkward." Erin shyly smiles at him as Angela and I look at one another. Izzy rests his elbows on the table and drops his head for a minute. He looks back up and meets my eyes. "Look all of us fucking know so let's just lay all the cards on the table. It's not like we won't be running into each other like this all the time."

I shrug and glance to the girls. "Sure," I begin as I light a cigarette, "Yes Izzy and I dated for a really long time. Yes, its over. Yes, we're still friends."

Izzy sparks up a cigarette as well, "Kinda have to be when you're in the same band," he adds. "Also...yeah, I'm a drug dealer on smack, if anyone has a problem with that they should just get up from the table right now." His eyes peer mainly at me.

But no one moves and no one speaks. Erin seems the most surprised by his statement. "Isn't that dangerous?" She asks him.

Izzy smirks, "Yeah well I have a really big gun."

Erin looks at Angela, "You knew about this?"

She nods, "That's how I met Izzy actually."

While the girls are chatting it up Izzy looks at me and licks his lips. Then I feel his foot coming up my leg and finding it's way to my nuts. My eyebrow raises as I stare down at the table. I'm trying to listen to Angela tell the story of how she was traded to Izzy for drugs but Izzy's toes are driving me fucking insane. I can see him nonchalantly drag from his cigarette.

"Lucky for Angela I'm a nice dope dealing junkie," he dryly says. He gently caresses the shaft of my dick as my hand draws into a fist on the table top. His eyes look to Erin. "Dont look so shocked darlin. I'm not so bad once you get to know me," he gives her a wink.

I casually allow one of my hands to slip under the table. I grab Izzy's big toe and twist it because he is obviously flirting with Erin again. He draws in a hiss and looks away. He removes his foot from my lap and sits up leaning across the table towards me. I soon feel his hand under the table grabbing my nuts and slightly twisting them. I don't move but my mouth slightly parts.

"Look," Izzy says looking from me to Erin to Angela. "What I do has caused some problems in the past. I dont want you girls sitting there thinking all those dark depressing and morbid thoughts about me." His hazel eyes meet with mine again. "I'm by no means perfect, but I have good intent." His hand looses and starts to work open my pants. I grab his wrist to try to stop him. "I'd never hurt any of you or let anyone else hurt any of you," he says as he pinches the shit out of my wrist. I quickly remove my hand and place it flat on the table. Izzy smirks at me in victory as he pulls my dick out of my pants and begins to stroke it gently. "We'll be just like a little family. We'll all take care of each other, right Axe?"

I gulp and nod as I give in to how fucking good his hand feels on me right now. I guess it gave the occasion an added element of excitement sitting here with our fake girlfriends. I try to stop thinking about it. "But we need you girls to stay quiet about our past. We are going to make it in this business."

Izzy exhales smoke and switches angles on my dick. "Or die trying."

"We know the right way to market ourselves and being bisexuals is not the way to get it done. So from here on out...that shit never happened, right? Guns is the straightest band in LA, right?" The girls nod at me and Izzy runs his thumb across the head of my dick smearing me down with my own precum. That son of a bitch.

"But you both still want to be with men, right?" Angela questions.

Izzy smiles as his thumb works circles on the head of my dick, "This one asks a fuckload of questions."

"Well thats bisexual, right?" Angela asks, Like you put it to me Izzy, its about the person themselves that you find attractive. Well...say you meet a guy while you're pretending to be straight?"

"It's not a big stretch for us Angela, we fuck girls. We fucked girls when we were together," Izzy shrugs and Erin's eyes pop up at us. I can feel Izzy's hand wrap around my shaft and grip it as he slowly moves his hand up and down while his thumb circles the head of my dick. "She always this surprised about shit?" Izzy motions to her with his free thumb.

I bite the inside of my lip, "No Izz, I think she's just never met anyone who lays it all out on the line like you do."

"Why beat around the bush?" he raises his eyebrow at me and strokes me faster.

I nervously shift in my seat, "Sometimes you come off a bit brash and uncaring."

"Oh I care," he assures us all as he tugs my dick. "As long as it somehow effects me anyway." His eyes look back over to Erin. "I promise you you'll like me eventually." Then he smiles at me knowing he has me right on the brink of blowing my load. "Won't she Axe?" He taunts me just as he moves his hand away and leans back in the booth. Proud of himself for giving me blue balls.

I can feel my face flushing, "Yeah, he grows on you." I frown at him briefly and try to get my hard dick back in my pants without moving around too much.

"You feeling ok Axe?" Izzy asks me like the little bastard he is. "You're sweating." I can't help but see the diabolical smirk that plays on his face for a split second.

"I drank a lot. I'm hot. Isn't anyone else hot?" I ask fanning my shirt a bit.

Izzy can't help but lightly chuckle. "Axl should leave the drinking up to me." He manages to play it off as we both look to one another longingly. I couldn't wait to get him alone.
When the girls aren't looking I motion to the door with my head. I need to get my dark angel alone. I fucking need him. I have to show him who he belongs to. I watch as his brows furrow and he glances over at Angela.

"So Angela's gonna be staying at Duff and Slash's with me for a while," he says.

Now my brows furrow, "She moved in?" I ask feeling a bit shocked.

"Just for a little while," Angela throws inn "Just until I find a job and save up some cash."

My eyes narrow slightly at Izzy as I start to feel a little pissed. "Well the Cathouse is always hiring," I say.

"Fuck you," Izzy softly mutters and looks down at the table.

"You know thats not a bad idea," Angela surprisingly nods, "I mean I've already basically been pimped out for bad could stripping be?"

I sit there and let her words sink in for a moment. She reminded me of Izzy in the way everything seemed to be like water on a ducks back to her. She definately had Izzy's sense of indifference. Plus she didn't much beat around the bush either. But Izzy was mine and even though I knew I had to share him, I fucking didn't want to. I had shared him enough for one night. I just want to get him out of here, break free from our chicks, drag him back to our place, and make love until the fucking sun starts to toy with our Vampire eyes. Again I suggestively stretch and look for the door. Again Izzy just lets his eyes fall to the table as he slightly shakes his head no. Did he really just fucking tell me no?

"It's getting late, I should get Angela home," Izzy sighs refusing to look at me.

"Yeah," I nod and snub out my cigarette, "Erin's probably ready for me to get her away from you anyway you degenerate fucker." I make it sound as if it's a joke but Izzy knows I'm pissed at him for blowing me off for this girl, especially after getting me all hard and leaving me hanging. That little bastard fuck was going to pay for this one.
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