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Fang pt 2

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He's not such a good guard cat

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Duff walks towards me across the room and puts his cigarette out in the ashtray on the bedside table and I still don’t move; I can’t even breathe. My heart pounds in my chest and I’m totally frozen. He sits down on the bed and I scoot back and away from him but strong arms reach out and pull me into a hard chest. I stay stiff and unyielding; refusing to melt into his embrace. I try and pull away but Duff just grips me harder. “Baby boy please,” he begs, his voice quavering, “please just listen to me, I had to keep you safe!”

“Safe from what Duff? Looks like what I needed to be kept safe from was your cheating ass! So if your goal was to keep me safe you did a pretty shitty job! All you did was break my heart!” I tell him and try and squirm out of his arms but Duff holds on.

“Stop baby, let me hold you and tell you this; be still and listen!” Duff says sternly and I stop fighting with him because I’m so surprised by the tone of his voice. “Listen to me if you weren’t going to fuck a chick and I wasn’t going to fuck a chick Axl was going to sell you; he was going to sell both of us! He was going to roofie us and sel l us are you listening to me now?” Duff asks and cups my face in his hands.

“What? Sell us? “Duff what in the hell are you talking about?” I want to know and turn my angry eyes to him,

“Are you going to be still and let me tell you what happened tonight because you need to know!” Duff says and grips my chin in one hand and his other around my waist. “Ok, you ready to listen beautiful?”

“Yeah just get one with it,” I growl and try and maneuver out of his tight grip on my face; he’s starting to hurt me. He sees this and lets go. “Axl came up to talk to me at the party, he looked really friendly and he says to me that if you or I don’t fuck some girl with in the next hour then he’s going to turn you out to Izzy by morning.”

“Izzy? What? Turn me to out? What does that mean?” I ask, totally confused.

Duff sighs impatiently. “Like I said before, slip something into your drink make you pass out and have no memory of what happened when you woke up in the morning. He was going to get Izzy so drunk that he wouldn’t remember either; keep him sober enough to fuck you but drunk enough that he could be talked into it, you know what a mean jerk Izzy turns into when he’s drunk!”

“What!?” I exlaim, “Izzy would never do anything like that”

“I didn’t think so either but you know how it is; whatever Axl wants, Axl gets; he’d find a way,” Duff says looking upset. So I fucked the girl; then you fucked that other gir with Izzy, which made me even more suspicious and upset! After you left I got into it with Izzy at the party and he told me that Axl told him that if you and I didn’t fuck a chick at that party that he was going to roofie us, slip something in our drinks and sell us to the highest bidder and let them fuck us while we were out of it! We wouldn’t remember anything! So I did that first chick because Axl threatened to drug you and give you to Izzy and then Izzy got you to run a train on that girl with him because he heard what I just told you about Axl selling us from one of the Jane’s Addiction guys. He said the bids for you were getting really up there and he knew that pretty soon Axl wouldn’t care about you fucking a girl anymore he’d just care about getting the money from some weirdo who just wanted to do things to you when you couldn’t fight back!

So Izzy was protecting you too in his own little fucked up way; we both were! I’ve been sitting out there in the truck trying not to fall asleep because it’s uncomfortable as hell so that I could make sure no strangers came near the house on the outside; Izzy’s been keeping watch inside the house because he knew that you were upset and shouldn’t be alone.”

“Duff if all of that is true why didn’t he two of you just tell me?!” I ask frustrated and angry that the two of them didn’t trust me enough to let me handle myself!

“Because we both knew you would quit the band, tell Axl off, mae a scene, and he’d do something even worse to you!! I love you too much to let some dirty old man put his dick in you while you’re passed out! I don’t want a young, pretty Izzy doing it either! My baby please don’t be mad at me; I was just trying to protect you! I know I fucked everything up and I probably went about the whole thing wrong but I was drunk too and all I wanted was for it to be over with her and to find you and get out of there!

I’m so sorry baby boy, I’m so sorry that I hurt you! I turned around just as you were leaving and I could tell by the way your whole body drooped when you walked away. I almost threw the girl into the wall and ran after you but the Axl was in my ear telling me it didn’t count if I didn’t cum. I had to pretend she was you to get off and then I practically ran away! She probably thinks I’m a terrible fuck and an asshole but I don’t care; everything I care about is right here in front of me!”

I feel the tears that have been welling up in my eyes start to overflow and then the next thing I’m aware of is Duff’s sweet, soft lips pressed to mine. I’ve been kissed many times tonight by many people and it’s all been a little confusing but this kiss brings clarity and peace. This is the kiss I’ve wanted all day but have been denied; this kiss is perfect because this kiss is from Duff and Duff is my love, Duff holds my heart in his hands.

Both of us are crying but we keep kissing. At one point I back up and say “Duff I’m sorry too an.” But my words are swallowed with more of those soft, sweet, kisses. Eventually our hands start to roam and so do our mouths; fingers and lips and tongues brushing over skin; quiet cries and gasps being drawn out of one another. Then Duff is saying “I love you Curly Sue, and he’s sliding into me while staring directly into my eyes and we both groan as our bodies join together and Duff begins to thrust in and out of me steadily.

Our hands search out each other’s secret, sensitive spots and Duff brings me to a loud, trembling climax by kissing me slowly and deeply, stroking me in the same rhythm and then he reaches down and softly strokes and rubs a soft spot behind my balls. I cum hard; thick jets of white liquid shooting out of me and smearing between us. I hear myself yelling Duff’s name and I’m arching up into his thrusts,; my back arching up into his body and his arms holding me in a death grip as his own climax its him a second or so after mine and he holds me so tightly that I can hardly breathe and I feel his seed filling me with warmth deep inside of my body.

We do this three more times and it is by far the best and most intense sex of my life. We’re so exhausted by the end that can’t even find the energy to smoke; we’re too tired to pick up the cigarettes. I doze off sitting up to turn off the lamp. Duff gently shakes me and chuckles at me. “Here you lay down sweet boy, I’ll get the light,” he says and reaches one long arm over me and turns the switch off. Then he reaches up and pulls me down to lay on his chest and he wraps his arms around me and buries his nose in my curls. I snuggle into him and he strokes my curls as I doze. “I love you my little Curly Sue, and I’m sorry. I’m going to keep you safe too, I promise.”

“I love you too Duffy and I’m sorry for hurting you earlier. Fang will help keep me safe too!” I smile and joke with him.

“I think you had better think again buddy, that furball isn’t keeping up his end of guard duty; he’s passed out asleep in your dirty clothes basket. I look over and sure enough Fang is stretched out on his back in my dirty laundry.

“What can I say, Fang’s a slacker!” I laugh. My eyes start to drift shut and I feel Duff’s lips softly kiss the top of my head again and stroke one of my fingers back and forth over his shoulder in acknowledgement. “Good night Duffy,” I whisper and he snores in response. My heart’s not so broken anymorel
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